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Star Wars Robes

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Robes are kind of a big deal in the Star Wars universe. A Jedi strolling down the streets of Coruscant just wouldn't look right without the proper robe. A Jedi robe were worn to fit their monastic lifestyle. Simple, comfortable and free flowing, a Jedi robe represents a lack of needs and desire. In addition, the loose material provides freedom and flexible movement in case they get themselves into trouble!

The Sith were want to always be concealed by a dark flowing robe. The look inspired mystery and fear, and made them look as though they were creatures of the night. While these robes were more functional in nature there are certainly those who knew how to make a robe look pretty darn good. Padme Amidala was no stranger to a simple hooded cloak and you can choose one of ours to make your own Nabooian fashion statement!

Whether you're planning on being good or evil, pick one of our robes to create your signature Star Wars look! Monster