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Do you believe in magic? How about DC Comics and superheroes? It's time to bring the two of them together in epic style. Say the magic word, "Halloween," and you and yours can soon be transformed into the magically empowered Shazam! We have a variety of Shazam! looks to help you look electrifying this season.
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Black Adam Deluxe Kids Costume
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Shazam! Deluxe Child Costume
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Shazam! Toddler Costume
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Shazam Fury of the Gods Child Shazam Costume
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Shazam! Deluxe Adult Costume
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DC Classic Adult Shazam Costume
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Comic book superheroes are for kids

Well, hold up. First off... No. We couldn't be the place that we are if we believed that the most awesome stuff out there was only for children. So, let's go ahead and dismiss that claim right away. Superheroes are the stuff of legends, the inspiration that makes us want to be better people and help to change the world in spectacular, amazing, and lasting ways. (Plus, they are a fantastic escape for that long day, week, or year at work when it's time to let loose and let that inner hero outside!) 

That said, a ton of us grew up with those inspiring heroes, so we're pretty happy to admit that comic book heroes are definitely for kids also... and maybe even especially. But, in a world of great young adult and children fiction that shows kiddos tackling threats and helping to make everything of their world, why are all of the superheroes adults!? 

Well, we'd like to introduce you to Billy Batson, a youngster that has a really good heart even if his situation isn't always ideal. When Billy was summoned to the mysterious Rock of Eternity, he met an ancient wizard who recognized that the boy had everything that was required to make a superhero: imagination, motivation, and that pure heart of his. He bestowed upon Billy the magical word: SHAZAM! When he spoke it, a thunderbolt would crash around him and transform him into an adult... but one with the blessings of six different legendary heroes and gods! 

If that's not wish-fulfillment fantasy, we don't know what is! Kiddos always want to feel strong and safe and they wouldn't mind skipping those growing years and going right to adulthood, either. (Remember those days, adults!? Wish you could tap into that young energy instead?) 

Well, that is where Shazam is the perfect answer for all of us. With one word, kids and adults alike can transform into a magically-empowered version of Superman but, honestly, with way better powers! Super strength? Check! Speed? Got it in spades! Flight? Shazam can fly like lightning. Invulnerability? Heck yeah (and he's even resistant to magic, unlike a certain flying Boy Scout). Add to that the ability to chuck lightning bolts, magical clairvoyance that lets him sense danger all over, and even the ability to speak all languages and you've got superhero gifts that just keep giving! 

To make Shazam even better, some version of the story allow him to share his powers with other kids that make up his friends and family. Bestow powers to your best buddy Freddy and get him flying around in no time. Mary can be trusted to help solve all the biggest problems in the world, too. And, in the recent film, Billy has an entire team of great allies to help save the world. 

So, whether your tyke wants to feel like a superhero, you want to go flying on your Halloween party, or you both want to share in the power at once, our Shazam costumes are just the thing to put a little magic in your lives! Monster