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Egyptian Armband

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Egyptian Armband
Egyptian Armband
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Items Included
  • Armband
  • Stretchy arm band wraps around upper arm
  • Snake has bejeweled eyes

What is so entrancing about ancient Egypt? A land so mysterious and beautiful that archaeologists are still trying to understand it now. Everything from the stories of Pharaohs and the building of the pyramids fascinate scientists and great story tellers alike. The Egyptian people have inspired such stories as Raiders of the Lost Ark, and The Mummy.

We think the real appeal is the jewelry and clothes. The flowing dresses, arm bands, and elaborate headdresses. The way the Egyptian royalty held themselves. Slip on this Egyptian Armband and take the throne. You can choose if you want to be a benevolent Queen or if you'd rather workers fanning you with palm leaves and feeding you grapes. We'er sure that in 100 years archaeologists are going to be just as fascinated with your reign. Songs and stories will be told of your beauty and grand palace.

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Five Stars
     By LongJohnSilver29 / September 30, 2019
great armband
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No!! Do not buy
     By Candace BEASLEY / October 12, 2016
I just tried this on with my outfit. It will NOT stay on your arm. It kept falling down and now I have to rush order another from another site. The snake isn't worth your time money or patience. I am highly disappointed.
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