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When you’re a teenager, everything matters in the biggest way – which iPhone case you picked up for your gold 5S, which style of Toms you’re rocking, and, of course, subtweets, subtweets, subtweets – but around this time of year, one very important question is looming for any fashionable and up-to-date tween: what are you going to be for Halloween? The last thing you want to be on October 31st is embarrassed. (Remember Cady’s scary witch costume in Mean Girls and how that worked out?) Here are some awesome costume ideas for the teen and tween who wants to get it right this Halloween.



Costumes For Teen Girls


Sully Shrug Set

Teen Sully Costume

Sully Shrug Set - Shop


I don’t care what age you are – Monsters University was a great movie. This shrug set is the perfect option for any fan of Sulley, Mike, and the gang. Plus, since it’s a shrug-and-boot set, the possibilities are endless for what you wear under it. For a tomboy? A simple tank and shorts would be perfect. Are you more girly? Try matching the costume up with a cute purple dress and tights.



Dark Alice

Dark Alice Halloween Costume

Teen Dark Alice Costume - Shop         White Stockings - Shop

Black Mary Jane Heels - Shop         Alice Key Necklace - Shop


Alright, so Monsters University was a little too baby-ish for you? How about you goth it up with this Dark Alice costume instead. Pair it with some thigh-highs and black chunky heels, and your spooky Alice get-up will definitely get the attention of anyone, just hopefully not Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum…



Furrocious Frankie Monster

Furry Frankie Teen Costume Idea

Furrocious Franky Costume - Shop

Purple Furry Boot Covers - Shop       Purple Petticoat - Shop


It’s hard to think of anything cuter than a neon and fluffy monster dress to dance around in this October. ‘Tis the season to go all out and look fabulous while doing so. While you get decked out in your Frankie Monster outfit – don’t forget the petticoat and boot covers! – your friends can join in with more monster costumes for a super-adorable and not-so-scary group costume. You can find all of our monster costumes here!



Katy Perry "Roar" Idea

Katy Perry Roar Costume Idea

Girls Boxer Costume - Shop           Blue Wig - Shop           Teen Tiger - Shop


‘Cause you got the eye of the tiger! Katy’s California Gurl look was mega-popular a few years ago, so it’d be a pretty safe bet that you’ll be a costume champion in this boxer outfit to match her song “Roar.” And if you really miss her sugary sweet past, you can really drive the costume home with a bright blue wig, with hair-heart included. There was also a tiger featured in the music video (go figure!) so grab a gal pal and make it a group affair!



Sassy Werewolf

Awesome Girls Werewolf Costume

Sassy Werewolf - Shop


Teen party animals, listen up – there is no better way to show off your wild side by, well, dressing up like an actual wild animal. If you liked Jacob about a hundred times more than Edward (or Alcide more than Bill, if you’re more of a True Blood gal), then this werewolf costume is definitely the best choice!



Costumes For teen Guys


Teen Wolf

Werewolf Costume Idea Teenage

Teen Wolf Costume - Shop


Wanting to tear up the town at the sight of the full moon is not just for girls – this comfy and easy-to-wear costume is a great idea for any guy who wants to get a little crazy on Halloween. And going back to the Twilight reference, did any dude actually like Edward more than Jacob? Didn’t think so.



Jungle Gorilla With Sound

Gorilla Costume the Makes Sound

Teen Gorilla With Sound - Shop


Let’s be honest here. A good portion of teenaged boys that dress up for Halloween are most likely doing it to get a girl’s attention. What better way to get her to notice you than … a talking gorilla mask?! It’s memorable, it’s funny, it’s, well, hard to ignore.



What Does the Fox Say? Fox

Official What does the fox say costume

Full Instructions In Our Blog Post HERE!


There’s nothing that a teen guy loves more than funny videos on the internet, and pop culture references are always a crowd favorite. Especially ones that come with dance moves and weird noises already built in. A-woo-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-ooo!



Rick Grimes

Rick Grimes teen costume

Rick Grimes Costume - Shop


Dressing up as a zombie is on the verge of being played out. Don’t get us wrong, zombies are still pretty sweet, but it’s easy. What’s even cooler right now, then? Zombie hunter. Rick Grimes is a total stud, too – any girl who is a fan of The Walking Dead will definitely trust you with her survival on Halloween.



Gamer Guy and Matching Gal

Video Game and Fairy Teen Cotsume Idea

Teen Elf Warrior - Shop                    Pretty Pixie Costume - Shop


Hey! Listen! Follow Navi to the Deku Tree and dress up as Link this October. If your girlfriend is having a hard time with the fact that you want to, ahem, cosplay this Halloween, you can convince her that’s it’s toootaallyyy ok, because she gets to dress up as a super-cute fairy! Right?! Sweet couples costume? Check! You get to dress up as a video game character? Check! You both get your way.


If you didn't find your dream costume in this list of ideas, no worries! We have hundreds more to choose from. You can browse all of our teen styles HERE.

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