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If you'd like to revisit the pioneer times of American history, you've stopped at the right spot, because we've got a great selection of pioneer costumes to get you looking like a true frontiersman or a tough pioneer woman. With styles for kids and adults, we'll get you all set up to hit the trail out west!
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Historical themes are perennially one of the top costume choices for Halloween. And when it comes to American history, costume shoppers invariably prefer one time period to all other. That, of course, would be the pioneer times when brave folks were opening up the American frontier for settlement. Pioneer costumes make for a great choice for Halloween, and obviously, they're pretty handy for school plays and historical re-enactments, too. If you're thinking a pioneer costume might be just what you need for any or all of the above, well, we're happy to let you know that we've got the goods. Yup, that's right, we're fully stocked on costume recreations of the clothing styles that would have been worn when crossing the Appalachians, settling on the prairie, or heading out west on the Oregon Trail.

Explorers played an important part in the pioneer times of America and, of course, there's one famous explorer who stands out in the pages of history. And that would be none other than Davy Crockett! Hearing legendary stories of the frontiersman has sparked the imagination of young boys for generations, so it's no surprise that Davy Crockett Costumes are supremely popular with both kids and adults. After all, who could forget that coonskin hat? Fortunately, we've got guys covered with the perfect costume choices for playing Davy Crockett. Our Men's Davy Crockett Costume is a Made by Us exclusive, crafted in-house by our own excellent team of artists, designers, and developers. We're sure you'll find that it's up for costume duty! It has a fringe faux leather top, red scarf, and notably, a faux raccoon hat. Any chap will be able to instantly transform into the legendary hero with this exclusive costume. We have several styles of kid's Davy Crockett costumes available, and we have a women's version to put a different spin on the character. No matter whose choosing to dress as this historical figure, one of our costumes is going to make sure they have a great time!

Pioneers setting out for a new life on the westward expansion trails had a perilous journey in covered wagons in store for them. They would have only brought along the bare minimum when it came to articles of clothing, so they were sure to make sure each piece was a versatile choice in the style of the day. And, if you're thinking you'd like to be a homesteader heading west for Halloween, we've got great recreations of those simple styles! Our top choice for women and girls is our exclusively Made by Us Prairie Pioneer Costume. This costume comes in both adult and kids sizes and captures the simple dress style that would have been typical for female pioneers. It's got a calico printed skirt and blouse upper along with a self-tie apron and bonnet. With a simple elegance suited for the life of a pioneer woman, it will be a great choice for your historical themed event. And when picking out a pioneer costume for men and boys, you'll want to look at our Pioneer Man costume. It's also available it both kids and adult sizes and is a great recreation of the men's fashion of the day. The striped red shirt pairs with brown pants and suspenders for a tough frontier style that would be ready for farming, hunting, or building a cabin. After you've chosen your costume styles for your pioneer party, be sure to shop our accessories to complete the theme. A bonnet, straw hat, or toy rifle might be the perfect way to complete your theme!