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Beverage Costumes and Halloween go hand in hand like a shot and a chaser. Or like a cold beer with snacks. Many Halloween parties tend to have a spirit or two, which is excellent—no judgment here. We think a Drink Costume is the best way to enter any shindig, not only in style but on theme. It's a win-win! Whether you are wearing a Drinking Costume or some other beverage, lift your costume glasses, and make a toast to these Beverage Costumes.
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Adult Foamy Beer Mug Costume
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Kool-Aid Adult Deluxe Costume Update
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Adult Milk Costume
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Adult Pint Of Beer Costume
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Wine and Cheese Costume
Beer Keg Costume
Bud Light Can Costume
Cuddly Cafe Pet Costume
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Budweiser Bottle Costume
Sale - 20%
Child Milk Costume
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Adult Coffee Costume
Adult Beer Can Costume
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Men's Duffman Costume Main UPD
Adult Cuppa Joe Costume
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Icee Blue Adult Costume
Frappuccino Costume
Sale - 43%
Beer Mug Costume
Sale - 13%
Bud Light Can Dog Costume
Sale - 67%
Southern Comfort Bottle Black
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Adult Mojito Costume
Adult Beer Man Costume
Clear/Rose Wine Goblet Eyeglasses
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Wine Goblet Eyeglasses Clear Yellow
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Pumpkin Spice Latte Halloween Sweater for Adults
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Beer Mug Purse
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Beer Mug Purse

Beer Glasses
Sale - 67% Made By Us
Rich Orange Long Wavy Wig
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Women's Bud Light Can Dress Costume
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Pastease Beer Mug Pasties
Clearance  - 70%

There is nothing like a good beverage. There is no occasion where a drink is inappropriate. Sitting at a beach? Boom—tequila. Too much beach sitting, boom—a Bloody Mary with all the fixings the following morning. Of course, there are other things people drink, but we can get to those later.

Drinking Costumes are a great way to enter a function and have a blast while other Halloween goers check out your unique Drink Costume. You can really have a good time by matching your Beverage Costume with your actual beverage. Good times, all around.

A whiskey soda is nice, but sometimes it's nice to drink coke alone. There is nothing like a nice cold soda when you want to cool off on a hot day, and we think our Soda Costumes encapsulate that. When dad smokes ribs at the barbeque, he doesn't ask for water, like he probably should—he calls for a beer. Okay, bad example (he might want a root beer, though). Still, even if you aren't a fan of pop, you have to appreciate its role in the beverage ecosystem. Give some love to the fizzy refresher, and check out Pop Costumes.

Since we are on a booze kick, we might as well let you know about our Mixed Drink Costumes. They're the perfect marriage of Pop Costumes and Drink Costumes. Somewhere in costume land, peace treaties from these two tribes have been signed over a Mojito Costume. All is well in the land of Beverage Costumes. Now you can drink happily, knowing getting a Drinking Costume is going for a good cause. Drinking-land? Sorry, that metaphor got away from us a little.

Speaking of good causes, kids are beautiful causes. We know they want to get in on the Beverage Costume fun, but not all costumes are made equally, and all Drink Costumes are not for all ages. So the kiddos can also have a good time; we also have other drinks outfits for them to wear, like milk, juice, or even a cappuccino costume. These kid costumes also pair great with our adult Drink Costumes for holiday gatherings or even playtime.

Pair costumes have always been a Halloween staple. We have some Beverage Costume pairs that will surely be the talking piece of any function. Who doesn't want to walk into the Halloween party with their best bud while wearing a matching beer costume?

Whether you are a fan of tequila and lime, beer and pretzels, or wine and cheese, we'll have a costume pair that will guarantee a good time, party or not. If you really want to get creative, feel free to mix and match any of these Drink Costumes for the perfect combination. No matter what you decide, we hope you thoroughly enjoy these Beverage Costumes. Monster