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Alligator/Crocodile Costumes

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Are you a frequent user of the phrase, "see ya later alligator, after-while crocodile?" Wouldn't it be awesome to say that cute phrase in a lovable alligator or crocodile costume? We think so too! Now the whole family can dress in cool green scales. Babies will look precious in a goofy gator costume which features a plush character headpiece and an extra soft tail. Toddlers will will love feeling ferocious in a comfortable crocodile tunic. Adults can even get in on the reptilian fun! Our adult alligator costumes will give you a great 'gator swagger! The soft zip up suits are cozy and warm so you'll be representing the bayou comfortably and in style! Just pick out the croc costume that's best for you and you'll be ready to take a bite out of Halloween this year.