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Women's Car Hop Costume
Made By Us Exclusive

Women's Car Hop Costume

Adult Hot Dog Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Girl's 50's Car Hop Costume
Made By Us Exclusive

Girl's 50s Car Hop Costume

Boy's 50s Car Hop Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Kids Car Hop Girl Costume Update1 Main

Kids Car Hop Girl Costume

Women's Plus Car Hop Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Womens Car Hop Girl Costume
Kid's 1950's Diner Darling Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
50s Black Frame Glasses Update Main

50s Black Frame Glasses

Poodle Socks

Poodle Socks

White Dorothy Socks

White Ankle Socks

Men's 50s Car Hop Costume
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Made By Us Exclusive
Adult Cheeseburger Costume
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During the 1950's, drive-in restaurants were for greasers, jocks, and everyone in between. It was the place to go and be seen. It was also the cool spot to show off your ride. Young drivers drove up to prime parking spots to order strawberry milkshakes and cheeseburgers while showing off their freshly washed and polished automobiles. Car hops were all about celebrating your vehicle while stuffing as many fries as possible into your mouth. It was also the place to go to learn the latest gossip and pass out gossip. Everyone from cheerleaders to jocks to dweebs and greasers hung out at car hops to socialize.

If you're looking for a cute and unique 50's themed costume, then you'll love our selection of car hop costumes. They depict one of the most coveted jobs for teens back then. We have car hop costumes that are expertly tailored to fit all body types so ladies can feel comfortable and while getting a cute vintage look. Women of all ages and all shapes and sizes will fall in love with these costumes because they feature preppy pinstripes and darling aprons. Any costume you choose will make you feel like the cool cat in the room. (Isn't that what all the cool kids said back in the day?) 

No matter what your style is, we have a car hop costume that you'll fall in love with. We've even designed and created our own. Our exclusive costume comes with a modest pinstripe dress featuring buttons, a large collar, an included apron, and matching hat. We have this costume in plus sizes too! Ladies who want to show off a little more leg will find our other costumes just dandy. Some car hop dresses feature a checkered print while others come with a snazzy neck scarf. 

You can also create an adorable 50's themed couple's costumes with the other costumes found in this category. Women can wear the car hop costume while walking into the party hand-in-hand with a giant cheeseburger. Guys will get a real hoot out of wearing a printed burger tunic. Youngsters can also feel what it's like to step inside a time machine because we have car hop costumes for them too. Whether they need it because they're starring in a school play or they just want to wear it around the house for imaginary play, they'll fall in love with our children's car hop costumes. Give your costume some by adding coordinating accessories to your look. We recommend a pair of white bobby socks and some cat-eye sunglasses. Oh, and you can never go wrong with saddle shoes! 

Once you have your car hop costume all picked out, send us a picture of yourself wearing it. We love seeing our products and accessories put to good use Finally, be sure to leave a review on whatever costume that you choose. We're always trying to improve our costumes and customer reviews help us to do that. No matter which costume you choose, we know you'll be the coolest cat in the room!