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Child Glinda Costumes

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Glinda was the most beautiful lady Dorothy, and lots of other girls, had ever seen. If you, like them, wanted to look just like Glinda and be that beautiful, we can help! Our selection of Child Glinda Costumes includes sizes from toddler to tween. They have all the sparkle and glitter a little girl could want! And don't forget to add a crown and a wand. Or a wig, for those long blonde curls.


The wand is important. That's how Glinda transfers the Ruby Slippers from the witch's feet to Dorothy's. That's how she sends the snow to cover the field of poppies and awaken Dorothy and her friends. And finally, that's how she sends Dorothy back to Kansas.


Now all you need to do is practice Glinda's lines, in Billie Burke's high-pitched voice.