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Minnie Mouse Costume

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The Walt Disney Company may be "the house the mouse built," but the mouse didn't build it alone. Mickey had help! His true love, Minnie Mouse, joined him in 68 films, both short and feature-length. She's been in countless TV episodes as well.


Minnie and Mickey have flirted their way into the hearts of generations of kids (and their parents) since their debut in 1928. Mickey himself calls Minnie his "sweetie down in the chicken house, neither fat nor skinny, she's the horse's whinny, she's my little Minnie Mouse!" Minnie often played the role of damsel in distress, giving Mickey the chance to rescue her and be a hero. But on at least one occasion, the tables were turned and Minnie did the rescuing. In other films she's a happy and carefree dancer or social butterfly.


If you want to become Minnie, you'll need to develop a liking for the color red and for polka dots. And maybe find a pair of over-sized pumps for shoes. Oh, and don't forget the mouse ears and big hair bow. We have Minnie costumes in sizes from infant to women's plus, in styles from traditional to cute to sexy. And we have plenty of accessories, too, for the perfect finishing touch.


So go ahead, plan a picnic with Mickey, or a shopping expedition with Daisy Duck. You'll step out in true Disney style! How To

Minnie Mouse Costumes

Minnie Mouse Costumes: How To Be The Character

Minnie Mouse Costume Ideas

Minnie Mouse costumes come in lots of different sizes and styles so that all fans can wear exactly what they like. They all have plenty of polka dots and cute mouse ears, but the different skirts, colors, ruffles and other details can help personalize and set your look apart from the rest. Whether you're looking for the ultimate date night look, or the perfect jammies for a night in, there is a Minnie costume to give you that look.

Classic Minnie Mouse Costume Idea

You can't go wrong with a classic Minnie Mouse costume. The bright red and white polka dot dress and the coordinating mouse ear headband with a bow are sweet and instantly recognizable. It will be obvious why you're Mickey's favorite!

Sexy Minnie Mouse Costume

Maybe you are looking for a dress with an updated style, but still want to have plenty of classic Minnie to show off. With this halter style dress, you can be a little more flirty while out with Mickey!

Minnie Mouse Pajama Costume

If comfort is your number one consideration for a costume, this Minnie Mouse pajama costume is perfect. It is still sporting Minnie's polka dots but over a soft and comfortable hooded bodysuit.

Pink Minnie Mouse Costume

You love Minnie, but you also love pink and want a costume that combines both? This pink Minnie Mouse dress was made for you! Don't worry, everyone will still know which cartoon mouse you're supposed to be!

Girls Minnie Mouse Costumes

Young Minnie Mouse fans will love the fun costume options available. The cozy Minnie Mouse pajama costume will look sweet and feel so good! The cute dress looks girly and is sure to put a smile on her face once she slips on the mouse ears headband.

Minnie Mouse Couples Costume Ideas

Minnie is too cute to go solo all the time! If you find others are inspired to join in on the fun, here's some ideas for how to make your Mickey and Minnie duo stand out. From short and sweet skirts and dresses to super comfortable pajama options there's no reason to waste another minute no dressed as your favorite Disney duo!

Classic Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse Couples Costume

These are classic Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse costumes and will transform you into a handsome Disney couple instantly. It this sweet polka dot dress it will be easy to see why you're Mickey's best gal.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Couples Costume Idea

These Mickey and Minnie costumes give the characters a more grown up look, and signal to everyone around you that although you may be considered entertainers for youngsters you know how to take your style up a notch when you head out to party!

Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse Pajama Costumes

If you thought the only way to look cute was to dress up in tuxedo tails and high heels, these super cute Mickey and Minnie pajama costumes are about to prove your wrong! If anything these two will get more compliments than the others tugging at ties and rubbing feet that have been making the rounds in high heels. The charm of Mickey and Minnie has always been their ability to enjoy each other's company and have fun. And if you're comfortable, it's so much easier to mimic that kind of enthusiasm!

Romantic Mickey and Minnie Couples Costume

Put your own spin on these characters with coordinating glasses, and soft mouse ears hoodie hats and show that Mickey and Minnie know how to be relevant no matter what year it is. Bonus points if Mickey spends the whole night trying to woo Minnie, she's not to be taken for granted!

Mickey Mouse Club Couples Costume

Become a pair of Mouseketeers and party like you are on the set of The Mickey Mouse Club. These two are dressed like cast members from the original 1950s series.

Kids Minnie and Mickey Mouse Costumes

She's going to look terrific in her Minnie Mouse dress either way, but you have to admit that she looks even happier when she gets to pair up with Mickey. So find a fellow fan to put on this Mickey Mouse suit and prepare for cuteness overload!

Mother and Daughter Minnie Mouse Costumes

Does your little Minnie Mouse fan love to do everything like you? Fortunately in this case, the shared experience of wearing matching costumes is going to be extremely comfortable thanks to these pajama costumes.

Minnie Mouse Quotes

Minnie Mouse Quotes