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Go for a dip in the ocean with any of our mermaid costumes. At Halloween we offer a great selection of mermaid costumes from adult to child sizes. Your little girl will enjoy dressing like her favorite Disney princess in our Ariel costume from the movie The Little Mermaid. Or, dress yourself as the Disney princess in a sexy version of the costume. Feel the magic under the sea this Halloween season with any of our mermaid costumes!

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Mermaid Poses

Learn how to pose just like a real mermaid when you finally trade your legs for a tail! When you decide to become the mystical creature you've always wanted to be, you'll want to know all the right moves to be extra convincing in your mermaid costume. After all, what good is having a tail if you don't know what to do with it?

Mermaid Stretch Out the Tail

Put your tail on full display by sitting with your legs stretched out to the side. If your costume has a realistic tail like this one, you'll want to make sure everyone can see it in all its glittery glory.

Mermaid Thinking Pose

Mermaids are mysterious and we don't know a lot about them. Likewise, they probably spend a fair amount of time trying to imagine what the world is like on dry land. Spending some time thinking about their perspective will help you get into character.

Mermaid Perch Above the Waves Pose

When not swimming around looking for fish and sunken treasures, mermaids do occasionally like to perch on the shore and enjoy some sun. This is another great pose for showing off your amazing tail.

Pinup Mermaid Pose

Another way to look alluring in your mermaid costume is to assume a pinup style pose. Smile sweetly and tuck your feet under you for a classic and sexy look.

Womens Mermaid Costume Ideas

There are lots of different mermaid costumes to choose from so that you can give yourself an unforgettable underwater makeover! Do you imagine yourself as mermaid royalty? A popular Disney character? Do you want to show a little skin or a lot? These different costumes walk you through some possibilities so that you can find the perfect look that expresses who you are.

Womens Afforadable Mermaid Costume

If you're after a look with a lot of bling, but don't want to break your budget this shimmering mermaid dress is a great choice. It's detailed and flattering and will make for an enchanting experience.

Womens Little Mermaid Costume

Is this the mermaid you watched as a little girl, the reason you wanted to be a mermaid while growing up and the character that began your search for the perfect mermaid costume? Don't deny yourself for another second, you need this officially licensed Ariel costume!

Mermaid with Covered Tummy Panel

A classic mermaid look with the bikini top and matching tail is what you get with this beautiful costume, but as a bonus it comes as one piece attached by a flesh toned belly panel. This gives you the look you're after without leaving you over exposed.

Mermaid Costume with Realistic Tail

If you're ready to splurge, this beautiful mermaid costume deserves a closer look. The sequin covered corset top provides plenty of shaping and support. The realistic tail gives it a 'wow' factor that you don't find very often.

Girls Mermaid Costume Ideas

If your little girl dreams of being a mermaid, then the only thing left to do is find out what color tail she wants! There are so many girls mermaid costumes to choose from! Which colors does she like? Does she love sequins or pearls? Get her a magical costume shows off her own uniqueness.

Girls Mermaid Princess Costume

This little sea princess is clearly in command of her kingdom. She may not be holding her father's trident, but that doesn't mean she's not the one calling the shots!

Girls Ariel Costume Idea

Does your little mermaid want to look just like her favorite movie character? A sparkling costume and a red wig ought to do the trick!

H2O Mermaid Costume for Girls

Is she a fan of the hit show H20: Just Add Water? This officially licensed costume from the series will let her be a part of the drama. She'll look as magical as her favorite characters.

Girls Tween Purple Mermaid Costume

This shimmering purple mermaid costume for tweens is super glamorous and is guaranteed to get noticed. If she's looking for a way to make a 'splash' at her next costume party, this is it!

Mermaid Costume Makeup Application

Our resident makeup expert returns to show you a new look for the mythical mermaid. Teal shadows are used for the eyelid color (a common color found in mermaid costumes) along with purple and magenta eyeliner for an accent. Pink is added into the blush and lips to round this pastel color palette.  As an added step, take a pair of fishnets over you forehead and use the same color shadows to create a fish scale effect. Add our red siren wig to complete this makeup application for your mermaid costume.


Mermaid Couples Costume Idea

Looking for some unique couples costume ideas to complete your enchanted mermaid experience? There are a number of different ways to have the perfect partner costume, it all depends on what kind of characters you want to portray. Deep sea divers and sailors make sense, but you could also create your own underwater sea king or team up with a fairytale prince.

Deep Sea Diver and Mermaid Couples Costume Idea

A deep sea diver finds the most amazing underwater creature ever! This mermaid goddess will change everything he thinks he knows about the sea. He will introduce her to the idea of life existing beyond ocean floor. Together they will be a mesmerizing couple.

Sea King and Mermaid Queen Couples Costume

Rule an underwater kingdom as King and Queen of the sea! Watch as all of the dolphins, whales and fish obey your commands. The waves are under your control and you offer your protection to the sailors who honor the majesty of the ocean.

Ariel and Prince Eric Couples Costume

Ariel and Prince Eric had a special relationship and now you can too! These two proved in the story of the Little Mermaid that against all odds, true love can find a way. If you want to enjoy a fairytale evening with your special someone then these costumes are perfect!

Mermaid and Sailor Couples Costume Idea

This sailor is ready to sail off into the sunset with the catch of a lifetime! His days of hard work aboard a ship with his fellow sailors are about to come to an end because all he wants now is to spend time with the beautiful mermaid he's fallen in love with. Hey, when you're in costume you can pretend that this is a completely reasonable plan.

Family Mermaid Costume Ideas

If one mermaid is good, then a whole family of mermaids is going to be amazing! Taking time to enjoy some fun costumes all together is a great idea, and will definitely get the attention of all your friends at your next party. Browse through these colorful suggestions and decide what kind of mermaid group is right for you!

A Royal Mermaid Family Costume Idea

This royal mermaid family commands a kingdom hidden far below the waves. Letting your little princess be a part of your costume group will make her feel special, especially since she gets to be the center of attention. These shimmering mermaid costumes look extra dazzling in a group and were sure that dad will make a very handsome sea king.

Mother and Daughter Mermaid Costume Ideas

These two mermaids are out exploring together! Wearing coordinating mermaid costumes with your best girl is going to be a blast. You'll be complimented everywhere you go for looking so sweet.

Ariel, Eric and a Little Mermaid Family Costume

This fairytale family shows how Ariel and Eric lived happily ever after! In the lesser known Little Mermaid II movie these two characters did indeed start a family and had a little girl named Melody. She may not have had bright red hair just like Ariel in the movie, but we think it makes more sense that the daughter of a fiery red head would have the same. We don't think it'll be a problem that we put our own spin on the character, after all how many people actually saw that sequel?

Mermaid Accessories Banner

Add these wonderful mermaid accessories to your costume for the ultimate mermaid look. We're guessing you're not going to have the chance to be a mermaid every day, so it's important to take advantage of the time you have and get the full experience. Blue hair and a sea weed boa? Yes, please!

Long Colorful Wig

This high quality wig from our Fever collection feels soft and luxurious will adding the perfect splash of color that's sure to get you endless compliments.

Sea Weed Boa

This sea weed boa is a great detail to add to your mermaid costume. It's soft and is specially designed to look like something you'd find underwater.

Sparkling Shoes

We know you don't want to draw too much attention to your feet since you'll be pretending to not have them anymore. But obviously you'll still have feet and in the event that someone does notice them, wouldn't you like to have some dazzling shoes on?

Sea Shell Purse

Keep you personal items at your side without breaking character with this clever sea shell purse. It's the preferred handbag of mermaids everywhere.

Learn to Talk Like a Mermaid

Mermaid Quotes