Cowardly Lion Costumes

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Did you know that the original Cowardly Lion costume worn by Bert Lahr in the 1939 classic film The Wizard of Oz weighed 60 pounds? And was made from the pelt of an actual lion? And that the mask and facial prosthetics Lahr wore made it impossible for him to eat while in costume? He could only drink liquids through a straw.


Our Cowardly Lion Costumes aren't that cumbersome, and no actual lions were harmed to make them. But they will give you that authentic movie look. We have sizes to fit anyone from toddlers to plus-sized adults. And we even have feminine versions, either demure or sexy.


Get ready to become the King (or Queen) of Beasts in one of our Cowardly Lion costumes. And do brave deeds even though you don't think you're brave at all. At the end of the movie you'll get a medal to prove that you really do have courage!