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Dinosaur Costumes

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1 - 60 of 78

Dinosaurs roamed the Earth millions of years ago. They were the kings of land. No one told them to go to bed, or be nice to their sister or to have that report done by Friday afternoon. Just imagine your boss telling a Tyrannosaurus Rex that he's not going to pay him overtime! That's probably why everyone, from the tiniest toddler to the most serious of adults, keeps a soft spot in their heart for those giant lizards who once dominated the food chain. That's also probably the reason why dinosaur costumes are one of the coolest things you can wear for Halloween, play time, or goofing around.

Now that you remember just how awesome those prehistoric titans are, it's time to get you, or your child, geared up in one of our dinosaur costumes. We got all the big name dinosaurs, like stegosaurus, t-rex, raptor and triceratops. We even have a snorkasaurus costume or two. All it really takes, is one of these outfits, a primal attitude and some imagination, and you can party like it's 199 million b.c.

And don't forget fido! Even your dog secretly wishes that he was born a vicious dinosaur, and we have the costume for him too. Check them all out and get your whole family doing a dino dance.