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From the pages of Lewis Carroll's famous Alice's Adventures in Wonderland storybook, to the beloved Disney movie, Alice in Wonderland, the Mad Hatter has made his mark amongst children all over the world. With one of our many Mad Hatter costumes, you too can be the kooky tea party host of Wonderland. Choose from a wide variety of styles and sizes. Pair this costume with one of our other Alice in Wonderland costumes for a great group theme!

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Mad Hatter Costumes Pose Like a Hatter

There are so many options for portraying the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. In addition to the many styles of costumes, there are lots of ways to pose while in character that will enhance whichever option you choose. From the sophisticated charm of the being the original storybook version, to the whimsical look and mannerisms of the cinematic Hatter played by Johnny Depp, no matter your personality there is a version of the Mad Hatter that is sure to appeal to your own unique self.

Storybook Mad Hatter Costume

The Mad Hatter in the storybook Alice's Adventures in Wonderland was unable to ever escape tea time. He made the best of it by entertaining his guests with clever riddles and keeping things lively. Raise a tea cup, pinkie finger out and toast your guests.

Animated Mad Hatter Costume

The animated version of the Hatter was an over-the-top adaptation of the popular storybook character. All of your movements can be more outrageous and excited than you'd normally do. In this brightly colored costume, you'll certainly get your tea party guests' attention!

Cinematic Mad Hatter Costume

Perhaps when you think of the Mad Hatter, the image made famous by Johnny Depp in Tim Burton's live action adaptation is what comes to mind. To take your elaborate costume to the next level, make sure to behave as someone on the verge of going mad.

Dark Mad Hatter Costume

Maybe you'd prefer to show the more sinister side of this fairytale character. To pull off this dark Mad Hatter look, the key is your facial expressions. Stick with scowls and a furrowed brow to convey a bit more angst than one would normally expect from the Hatter.

Womens Sweet Mad Hatter Costume

The Mad Hatter is such a popular character that womens costumes have become best sellers too! This whimsical tea party themed Mad Hatter costume is covered in tea cups and is perfect for portraying a playful version of the Hatter.

Womens Sexy Mad Hatter Costume

If you prefer a more sophisticated Mad Hatter look, this Marvelous Mad Hatter costume has more vintage inspired pieces and paired with our exclusive bandolier accessory it really pops. Be serious, or flirty, this outfit lets you add your own personality.

Steampunk Mad Hatter Costume Idea

Did you know that the Mad Hatter is also one of the bad guys that Batman has encountered in Gotham? You read that right: Batman! In the comics he is an insane neuroscientist who is obsessed with the Lewis Carroll story and thinks he's the actual Hatter. He develops technology to control people's brains and even did a stint in Arkham Asylum after having one of his plots foiled by the Dark Knight. This steampunk version of the Hatter captures his darker, villainous side and would make a great addition to either an Alice in Wonderland group or a Batman group.

Mad Hatter Costume Accessories

Making the most of your Mad Hatter look is all about paying attention to the details. Whether you are choosing to portray a traditional, storybook version of the Hatter or want to look more like the cinematic version, make sure to include these essential pieces for a polished sheen of madness! Not only do accessories enhance your costume, they serve as a way to set your look apart from the rest.

Mad Hatter Bowtie Accessory

Sometimes making a statement can be as easy as replacing one detail of your costume with a different, more noticeable piece. This oversized bowtie is covered in a wild print that is more in keeping with the character's whimsical style.

Mad Hatter Storybook Green Hat

Since the Mad Hatter's hat is such an essential piece of the costume, why not wear one that's jumbo sized? This accessory comes with the "In This Style 10/6" tag already attached to it and makes your costume look especially authentic.

Mad Hatter Orange Wig

If you are a Tim Burton fan, then you'll understand that this curly orange wig is essential to achieving a true Mad Hatter look based on his hit Alice movie. Be sure to do your makeup first, then add the wig to top it off.

Mad Hatter Replica Hat

For the live-action look, having an oversized top hat that's styled to look like you found it in a local vintage shop is ideal. Sure you could try digging through piles of dusty old trunks in grandma's attic looking for a unique hat, but it's much easier to get this one: it can be delivered right to your door!

Mad Hatter Thread Spool Bandolier

This exclusive thread spool bandolier accessory adds just the right amount of detail to complete your look. It can be added to men's, women's and children's costumes!

Mad Hatter Hat Pins

Want to go all out? Add a set of officially licensed Mad Hatter hat pins to your hat! If you are someone who likes to get your costume correct down to the last detail, these are essential for your Hatter look.

Mad Hatter Couples Costume Ideas

Wearing a great costume is always twice as fun when you have someone to wear one with you! Just like there is more than one way to look like a Hatter, there is definitely more than one way to look like the perfect Alice in Wonderland couple. You can create a fairytale look inspired by Lewis Carroll's story. Or go goth with our dark Mad Hatter and dark Alice costumes. And let's not forget what a magical couple the Hatter and Alice made in Tim Burton's adaptation. Choose the style that fits your personality or mood!

Storybook Mad Hatter and Alice Couples Costume

If you are looking for a quintessential Mad Hatter and Alice combo, these exclusive costumes are the way to go. This handsome Hatter look includes the paisley vest, plaid pants and oversized green top hat for a complete look. Both costumes come in many sizes, including plus sizes, so everyone can bring this fairytale look to life.

Dark Mad Hatter and Alice Couples Costume

Maybe you don't believe in happy endings. Or maybe you're just not in the mood to smile at your next tea party. Either way, you don't really need a reason to justify this dark Mad Hatter and Alice couples look. It's a bold take on these classic characters that will make you the hit of any party.

Tim Burton Mad Hatter and Alice Couples Costume

Perhaps one of the most popular and stylish, ways to portray this Alice in Wonderland duo is with the costumes inspired by Tim Burton's Alice movie. This film took liberties to update the looks of these iconic characters and the costumes became instant classics. We maybe didn't always understand exactly what the Hatter was thinking or doing in this film, but it was clear that he was friendly and motivated to help others avoid suffering. No wonder Alice cared for him so much!

Popular Mad Hatter QuotesMad Hatter Quotes
Hosting a Mad Hatter Tea Party

One of the most fun things you can do while dressed as the Mad Hatter is to host your own tea party! Gather up some tea cups, cover your table with a wildly patterned cloth, and set out cakes and tea! Then settle in to enjoy a fun afternoon with your friends, ideally dressed as other popular Alice in Wonderland characters as well! Here is a guide on how to host your friends at the perfect tea party and create unforgettable memories. We set up our table with items around the house, some thrift store dishes and linens as well as inexpensive baked treats... all for under $50.

Tea Party Tips: Every Guest is an Honored Guest

Even the smallest creatures deserve to be treated with the same dignity and graciousness that you'd show the rest of your human guests. Plus younger guests will be delighted that you remembered to invite their stuffed animal friends and made sure to save them special seats. Attention to these types of details is going to make your tea party a memorable occasion.

Tea Party Tips: Share With Alice

Alice is new to Wonderland and has a hard time fitting in, if the storybook account is to be believed. Be sure to offer her, or any other guests that could use some special attention, a sweet treat and along with a warm smile. You can use homemade treats, store-bought cupcakes and cookies, or even some pastel colored candies.

Tea Party Tips: Engage Guests in Coverstaion

Now that everyone has been offered a bit to eat, you can engage them in some friendly conversation. Ask if they've read Alice's Adventures in Wonderland or seen any of the movies. Inquire whether they made their costume or purchased one. Or you could ask whether they have an opinion about red jelly beans. Whatever you decide to talk about, just make sure you take the initiative to get people chatting, this will help everyone feel more at ease.

Tea Party Tips: Ensure Everyone is Having Fun

Hey, you may be excited to spend some quality time with your best friend at the party, but don't neglect the rest of your guests! Be sure to make everyone feel included. This means you might need to explore some different topics of discussion other than you and your best friend's favorite movie of all time, but we're sure you can figure it out.

Tea Party Tips: Keep Things Cheerful

Turning that frown upside down isn't hard, you're at a party! Offer some more tea, ask about their hobbies or just compliment their clever costume. Seeing a smile on each of your guests' faces is worth the extra effort.

Tea Party Tips: Tell Some Clever Riddles

Once everyone has had a chance to get to know each other, you can move on to the entertainment. The Mad Hatter is famous for telling riddles, so write some down and have them handy to entertain you guests with. See if you can stump them! Everyone will have fun guessing the answers.

Tea Party Tips: Change Places for a Clean Cup

The Mad Hatter is famous for deciding to change places at the table in order to have a 'clean' cup to use. If you notice guests looking a bit bored, mix things up by declaring it time to change places! This might cause a little confusion and A LOT of mayhem but this is a party! If you're truly mad, you will keep calm during the chaos and continue as if everything is going perfectly smoothly.

Tea Party Tips: A Scene Out of the Storybook

This last activity is for people who are advanced in their tea party hosting skills. This is the game where you expertly recreate a scene from the storybook based on one of John Tenniel's sketches. It takes a clever and charismatic host to get everyone to cooperate for this one, but with some planning and patience we know you're up for the task. Have someone snap a picture of your storybook moment and include the photo with your thank you cards!

Mad Hatter Makeup

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