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Whether your mind is full of Tin Man costume ideas or as empty as Scarecrow’s, you’re sure to discover what you need to bring the iconic character to life! Grab a Tin Man mask for a DIY look. Get your kiddo ready to trick-or-treat the yellow brick road in a toddler Tin Man costume. Or complete a Wizard of Oz group look with a Tin Man dog costume that puts Toto in a leading role. Whichever Tin Man costume you pick, Halloween will be full of heart!
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Child Tin Man Costume

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Latex Tin Man Mask

Latex Tin Man Mask

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Tin Man Heart
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Tin Man Heart


The Tin Man is known in the Wizard of Oz story for his lack of heart, but that doesn't prevent him from helping Dorothy on her way to the Emerald City. Join Dorothy along with the Scarecrow and Cowardly Lion on their quest to meet the great and powerful Wizard of Oz in one of our adult, child, or teen Tin Man Halloween costumes.