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by |October 1, 2013
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Yeah, yeah, yeah, "trick-or-treating is about the kids," we know. But what if your whole family wants to join in the on costume fun? Should they be punished?! HECK NO! Dressing in a united costume theme is a great way to show how close knit you are while simultaneously making the neighbors jealous they didn't think of it first! #TwoBirds. Here are some super stinkin' cute ideas for themes ranging from a family of traditional breakfast offerings to whimsical garden gnomes. Take a moment to do some facial stretches so you don't pull a cheek muscle...because you're going to be doing a lot of smiling over these cutie patootie options.

Despicable Me and Minions Costumes

The Despicable Me sequel was one of the biggest box office hits of 2013, and the little yellow Minions stole the show yet again. It just so happens that these guys make adorable costume choices for the whole fam. (There's even one for your DOG!) Plus, Minions are known for having little to no self-control. Sound like someone else you know? Perhaps you? On Halloween? With that bag of candy...?

Minion Family Costume

Minion Costumes - Shop


Under The Big Top

There are so many options within this theme. Any combination of circus animals, lion tamers, or clowns will do. You can even perform fun circus routines to earn your candy! Sometimes being literal is the most fun route, though, so why not dress your little peanut as a little peanut?

Circus Family costumes

Adult Elephant - Shop             Womens Ringmaster - Shop           Baby Peanut - Shop


Monsters Inc Costumes

You can never go wrong by dressing as characters from one of the year's most popular new movies...especially when the costumes are as warm and fuzzy as these are! Monsters Inc University dominated at the box office in 2013 and this group costume choice is sure to similarly dominate at any Halloween celebration.

 Monsters Inc U Group Costume

Monster's Inc University Costumes - Shop


Best of the West

Put some giddyup in your family costume theme by choosing classic characters from the wild west. You're guaranteed a rootin' tootin' time if you choose costumes like sherrifs, saloon gals, cowgirls and boys, and even fuzzy little ponies! Plus the accessories are tons of fun - ten gallon hats, sherrif stars, and toy guns. Yeehaw!

Western Themed Family Costume

Mens Plus Size Cowboy - Shop       Womens Rhinestone Cowgirl - Shop       Toddler Corduray Horse - Shop


Fairytale Fun

There's no way your Little Red Riding Hood can be afraid of The Big Bad Wolf, if said wolf is mom and she looks this fabulous! Add to your cast with a heroic woodsman costume and you've got the perfect riding hood crew. With this costume theme, you'll make precious Halloween memories that will last you happily ever after. You could also go as Goldilocks and bears, Little Miss Muffet and spiders, or Little Bo Peep and some cuddly sheep! Browse all our fairytale costumes for more ideas.

Red Riding Hood Group Costume

Mens Exclusive Lumberjack - Shop         Womens Wolf - Shop            Toddler Red Riding Hood - Shop


The Most Important Meal

Breakfast is usually the star of your morning, but these funny costumes can be the stars of your Halloween night. Show everyone how 'well-balanced' your family is with these breakfast favorites. Doctors may not recomment bacon on a strict diet, but this baby bacon bunting is so cute that people will definitely ask for seconds!

Funny Food Family Costume

Adult Egg Tunic - Shop                Adult Pancakes Tunic - Shop             Bacon Bunting - Shop


From Another Galaxy: Star Wars Costumes

A long time ago, a galaxy far, far, away provided us with awesome costume inspiration for THIS galaxy! Classics are designated as such for a reason and it doesn't get any more classic than Star Wars. Show off the infinite wisdom of your little tot with a toddler Yoda costume. Other ideas include Jabba the Hutt, Ewoks, Vader, and Stormtroopers.

Cute Star Wars Family Costume

Star Wars Costumes - Shop


Garden Dwellers

What's Halloween without a little fantasy? Gnome costumes are whimsical, friendly, brightly-colored, and sure to spark conversation! We also carry a zombie gnome costume in case your green thumb ain't what it used to be and things in your garden tend to...not be living for long.

Gnome Group Costume Idea

Gnome Costumes - Shop


Law Breakers and Law Makers

Your little guy or gal is probably the one that most-often breaks the rules around the house...but why not have a little fun and reverse the roles for a night? Throw on your horizontal stripes and serve your time while this pint-sized sheriff is busy laying down the law. "You're under arrest for handing out black licorice instead of chocolate! You are sentenced to change dirty diapers for a week." (Of course we have adult troopers and baby convicts if you prefer the other route.)

Prisoner Group Costume Idea

Mens Prisoner - Shop                Womens Prisoner - Shop                   Infant State Trooper - Shop


Plunderin' Pirates

You know when kids get tired and dads put them on their shoulders? How super duper cute would it be if your shoulder perch was a mini parrot?! Polly want a cookie! Have fun choosing the pirate looks that best fit your sassy personalities; We have lots to choose from. Arghhhhhh mateys, hand over your candy booty or we'll make ye swab the poop deck.

Pirate Costumes for your Family

Mens Pirate Costumes - Shop          Womens Pirate Costumes - Shop          Kids Parrot Costumes - Shop


It's Alive!

My's alive! It would be quite appropriate to dress up your child as Frankenstein's Monster because...he IS your creation! Tehehe. Round out the look with an eerie Bride Of Frankenstein costume and a mad sceintist and you've got yourself a clever and classic theme with an adorable little twist. Don't you just want to squeeze those chubby little monster cheeks? 

Frankenstein Costumes for your Family

Mad Scientist - Shop                Bride of Frankenstein - Shop                Infant Monster - Shop


Fairest Family of them All

No need to ask a mirror, mirror. This family costume idea is definitely one of the best of them all. If you've found your Prince Charming and you want to show him off, go as a Snow White themed group complete with your favorite little hard working dwarf by your side, and it's off to trick-or-treat you go! 

Snow White Costume Idea for Families

Snow White Costumes - Shop



Zombie costumes aren't for every family but if you're a fun-loving bunch who delights in getting gory for a good cause, then this sports themed zombie hoarde is the crew for you! "Go long, son! Oops...I lost my arm." This creepy bunch is sure to score a touchdown at any Halloween gathering you attend. 

Zombie Football Costume Idea

Adult Zombie Football Player - Shop        Zombie Cheerleader - Shop        Child Zombie Fottball Player - Shop

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