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Poison Ivy Costumes

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Dr. Pamela Lillian Insley was unknowingly experimented on by a colleague and ever since has earned a reputation as being one of the world's most prominent eco-terrorists. The attempt to poison her revealed that she has an unusual immunity and endowed her with certain additional strengths. As Poison Ivy she has an immunity to poisons, viruses, bacteria and fungi as well as Joker venom. She can kill with a kiss or touch because of the toxins in her blood stream.

Poison Ivy is known for her green swimsuit and light green tights as well as being wrapped in vines and leaves wherever she goes. If you want to replicate this organic looking super-villain then our collection of Poison Ivy costumes should be to your liking. You are sure to get the attention of Batman and Robin as well gain an instant friend in Harley Quinn. Not bad for a costume.

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Poison Ivy Costume Makeup Tutorial

Poison Ivy is one of the dangerous and beautiful villains Batman has to face. Make sure you live up to her legend by following our quick and easy makeup tutorial for Halloween night. Dark and light teal colors are used for your eyelid color, pink for blush, and a bright red lipstick rounds out this look. Add a wig to your costume to complete her siren look. Batman won’t know what hit him.