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Judy Jetson is your typical teenage girl. She is 16 years old, likes talking on the telephone, shopping for clothes and recording her daily happenings in a diary. She's typical except that she lives about 50 years in the future. (Did we mention that her diary is a floating robot named DiDi and that she is a huge Jet Screamer fan?)

Since we've seen on the Jetsons that living in the future isn't too different than how we live today, there are only a few things needed to enjoy a futuristic lifestyle. First, you'll need to move with your family to an apartment suspended high in the sky, kind of like the Seattle Space needle. Next trade in your car for a flying space craft for your daily commute. Finally, get a new wardrobe that has sleek lines. If this all seems like a bit much, maybe you should start with some small changes first. Put on a Judy Jetson costume and see how it suits you. If you're feeling inspired after that, the sky's the limit!