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Group Costume Ideas

So many costumes! So many choices!! How does one begin to choose, especially when trying to outfit an entire group? Having so many options for your upcoming party is great, until it isn't. If only you could see some examples of some hypothetical groups and... hey wait. We have those examples right here and they feature some of this year's most popular movie and TV characters. This year, be the gang that everyone wishes they were a part of!

Frozen Group Costume

Do you want to dress like Elsa? Her sparkling blue gown is going to get noticed wherever you go. And if you have a couple of little ones to dress up as Anna and Olaf you three will be a hit! Just remember, you do not have a giant ice monster for crowd control, so stick together to avoid being overwhelmed by all of the Frozen fans you meet! The costumes we have shown may be it for officially licensed characters but we're pretty sure no one would object if you let someone in a reindeer costume join in the fun, or maybe a handsome blonde-haired companion for the reindeer too?

Maleficent Group Costume

Maleficent was the movie that gave one of the most infamous Disney villains ever a new backstory and had audiences rooting for her to triumph over the king who tried to destroy her and the faerie realm. You might think a group would be difficult since there are only two main characters: Maleficent and Aurora. But you could get some Renaissance costumes and add a king and queen to your group. Another possibility would be to dress someone in a black crow or raven costume to be Maleficent's trusted companion, Diaval.

Transfomers Group Costume

Of course dad wants to be a Transformer, he grew up playing with those things! And if he's been raising a young Transformers fan then the only one who really needs convincing is mom. But thanks to the fab new female Transformers costumes, that might not be as difficult as one might think. Remember, the family that dresses as popular children's toys together stays together. Pretty sure that's a thing.

Dumb and Dumber Group Costume Ideas

So your kid probably (hopefully) hasn't actually seen the movie that featured a couple of screw-ups dressed in orange and blue tuxedos for a black tie event, but that doesn't mean he can't ham it up dressed as them! Do you know what the most brilliant part of the trio is? Mom gets to look amazing and the boys get to be as silly as they want!

Hunger Games Group Costume Idea

Did she really just volunteer as tribute? It's okay to indulge her interest in this popular book and movie series, after all dressing like her favorite character is completely safe! Want to get in on the fun? Become members of the supporting cast of characters and join the revolution along with her!

Teen Beach Movie vs Grease Group Costume

Which generation had a better musical? It's the battle of Grease vs Teen Beach Movie! Let's meet the contenders. First up we have beauty school drop-out Frenchie with a fab pink hairstyle and Danny in a classic greaser jacket. They look pretty confident, but will they be able to beat the popularity of McKenzie and Lela? The Teen Beach Movie stars not only sang and danced, they surfed too! When you head out in these dueling looks, you can see who gets recognized the most and settle the score once and for all!

Power Rangers Group Costume

When evil aliens from outer space attack, only the Power Rangers can save us from certain doom! Outfit your group in the latest Power Range costumes and get ready to be champions of good. We have so many costumes to choose from, whether you want a classic uniform or a brand new Mega Force costume, and there are plenty of toy weapons to arm you properly for battle. 

Peter Pan Group Costume

There are some classics that never go out of style. A Peter Pan group is sure to be instantly recognized wherever you go. Our Tinker Bell costumes for women and girls are dazzling, and the Peter Pan and pirate costumes are perfect for mischief making! Looking for more characters to ad to the group? A crocodile, Smee, or Wendy Darling costume would be amazing!

Captain America Group Costume

Captain America and Black Widow sure did make an interesting duo in Captain America Winter Soldier. After all, he's always done things by the book and she usually does the opposite. But (SPOLIERS!) when it's discovered that S.H.I.E.L.D. has become infiltrated by the evil Hydra organization they fight together to bring down their enemies. If you are a family of superhero fans, this is the look for you!

Vigilante Group Costume Idea

Looking for an idea that borrows from the popularity of superheroes, but is a little more non-conformist? How about a group of vigilantes? Not only do you and your friends get to dress up as a bunch of trouble makers (always fun) but this is a group that could be expanded to include as many people as needed. Best of all, if you have another event to attend solo you'll have a great costume that also makes sense on its own.

TMNT Group Costume

Turtle power! There are plenty of options for being your favorite ninja turtle this year, from t-shirts and hoodies to sassy dresses and full coverage body suits. Pick your favorite character, add their signature weapon, and you'll be ready to save NYC from the Foot Clan! If you saw the latest TMNT movie this summer, we know you're ready to try these costumes out for yourselves!