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Scary Halloween Costumes

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Sure, Halloween can be all about the laughs, cheap thrills, and copious mountains of candy corn, but we think there's another way. Perhaps it's a more classic, traditional way, but no matter: we think Halloween is meant to be SCARY. That's right, you're supposed to scream, shiver, and otherwise nervously sweat your way through the entire night, and we're here to help you inspire such memorable terror with our huge and frighteningly awesome selection of scary Halloween costumes. Whether you're young or old we have scary costumes for kids and adults, some are classic nostalgic items like a wolfman or frankenstein, and others are full of blood and gore that will chill any spectator to the bone. So, if you're looking to make this holiday the scariest most terrifying night of the year, you've come to the right place because we have so many costumes to choose from... it's scary! How To

Scary Costumes

How to Be Scary

Ideas, Tips and Tricks

With SO many Halloweens under your belt, perhaps you have forgotten how to be scary? With all of the funny and pop culturally relevant costumes to choose from, it's all too easy to forget that sometimes the best recipe for fun is to be a little scary. But if this is the year you want to bring the terror back to your town, we are your spot for the scariest costumes available! Check out this illustrated guide for some quick inspiration, and if one of these looks doesn't quite work for your upcoming reign of frightening fun, it's still a sure fire way to get your diabolical ideas flowing.

Scary Clown Costumes

Pennywise Clown

Scary Pennywise Clown Costume

Dark Jester

Scary Dark Jester Costume

Killer Clown

Scary Killer Clown Costume

Killer Clown

Scary Killer Clown Costume

Clowns aren't really intended to cause nightmares, but we suspect that most of them end up creating at least a few. But it wasn't until Hollywood started making clowns the villains in horror movies that people started to fear them day and night! The only question is going to be what kind of clown do you want to be? Pennywise is a movie classic, and will be sure to illicit both laughs and screams of terror. A Dark Jester would be a frightening addition to any medieval themed group or party. To really take the cake, one of our Killer Clown costumes is sure to inspire the most terrifying nightmares. Just remember a makeup kit or mask, and you'll be the clown that nobody wants to meet!

Scary Costume Ideas


Scary Ghost Costume


Scary Skeleton Costume


Scary Zombie Costume


Scary Mummy Costume


Scary Witch Costume

Grim Reaper

Scary Grim Reaper Costume

Of course, the easiest way to be scary is with the true classics of Halloween! Ghosts and skeletons might rule the graveyard, but they'll be ready to take your neighborhood by storm when you go as these perennial favorites. The popularity of zombies is at an all-time high, so create your own zombie look to rise from the dead with some gory makeup. Mummies have been scaring people for thousands of years, so it's a classic go-to for scary fun! Classic looks like a witch or even the Grim Reaper himself ar great styles for anyone who looks good in black. With styles for men and women, these scary ideas are sure to start a fright!

Scary Masks

Chiller Zombie Mask

Scary Chiller Zombie Mask

Scary Monster Mask

Scary Monster Mask

Scary Scarecrow Costume

Scary Scarecrow Mask

In Stitches Ripper Mask

In Stitches Ripper Mask

If you want to really want to terrorize the party—don't try to do it in your own skin! Latex masks are an easy way to get into character and a sure fire way to give other people the heebie-jeebies. We have masks for any type of villain, and with styles ranging from basic to totally custom, there's sure to be a price and look that works for you! Some of our favorites? We’re a fan of the chiller zombie for his mortifying look, the Scary Monster for being an uber realistic Frankenstein, and our super detailed Scary Scarecrow mask to terrorize more than just the crows. To go all-out, go with the In Stitches Ripper mask, it's a truly horrible look complete with ani-motion detail. Whatever your choice, any of these masks are sure to be a scream!

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