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We know you are becoming curioser and curioser about Alice costumes, her character is so intriguing and so are the variety of looks available to portray her! We offer a wide variety from child costumes to sexy costumes so that everyone can be their own special version of Alice.

If you think you are ready to leap down the rabbit hole, select the style and size that's right for you. No need to drink special potions or nibble on mushrooms to make a costume fit, let our size selector help with that! With our extensive collection of Alice accessories you can customize any look to be just as sweet or as stunning as you want to be.

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Alice in Wonderland Styles Banner

When you think of Alice in Wonderland, does the classic storybook image of a girl in a cute blue dress and a white apron come to mind? This timeless look makes for a charming costume, but there are many other ways to be Alice and be unique at the same time. Alice visited a whimsical place where things were anything but ordinary, so when you dress up as this beloved character, you are only limited by your imagination. Be sweet, or scary... or something in between.

Classic Alice in Wonderland Costume

This Alice dress is straight out of the storybook and will ensure that you are instantly recognized as the heroine of Wonderland. The whole look achieves the childhood innocence that Alice had, from the sweet apron in front down to the black Mary Janes on her feet.

Burton Alice in Wonderland Costume

If you'd rather look like Alice Kingsleigh from Tim Burton's Alice, this costume will have you ready to take some tea with the Mad Hatter. This movie portrayed Alice as an older, wiser version of the storybook character and her look, from clothing to hairstyles, was updated accordingly.

Sexy Alice in Wonderland Costume

You can be a not-so-innocent version of Alice in this sexy dress. The buttons, bows and other details create a sophisticated look that transforms the storybook character into a grown up. You'll be so popular in Wonderland that the Mad Hatter will have to take a number!

Steampunk Alice in Wonderland Costume

It's Alice... with attitude! By adding some classic steampunk accessories such as a top hat, goggles, lace gloves and striped stockings we've created an original look that still will easily pass as Alice. A fun twist on the original!

Goth Alice in Wonderland Costume

There's something not quite right in Wonderland. Here Alice goes goth and shows us a darker side of her character. We've traded innocence for intrigue by adding dark makeup, a pale white wig with black lowlights and a bold dress featuring storybook drawings with sinister details.

Zombie Alice in Wonderland Costume

Brains!!! Alice is the latest victim of the zombie apocalypse and no one in Wonderland will be safe. This Alice dress comes already blood-stained and tattered. Pair it with our blood-splattered thigh-high stockings and some gruesome makeup to turn this storybook darling to a walking nightmare!

Alice in Wonderland Illustrations Banner

Rather than step out of the pages of a storybook, we're inviting you to step inside! These images created by Alice's Adventures in Wonderland illustrator John Tenniel offer a glimpse of the remarkable things that Alice encountered during the story. Alice was first published in 1865, was instantly popular and, amazingly, has never been out of print. Here are a few of the illustrations that helped turn this timeless story into a classic.

Alice in Wonderland Tenniel Drink Me Illustration

This illustration comes from the beginning of the tale just after Alice has followed the White Rabbit down a rabbit hole. She would soon after discover that drinking the potion inside caused her to shrink.

Alice in Wonderland Tenniel Cheshire Cat and Alice Image

In the scene where Alice encounters the Cheshire Cat perched in the branches of a tree, he proceeds to appear and disappear at will while engaging her in a philosophical conversation that Alice finds both amusing and annoying.

Alice in Wonderland Tenniel Caterpillar and Alice Image

Here Alice receives advice from a blue caterpillar smoking a hookah. He explains that eating from one side of the mushroom he is perched on will cause her to grow and eating from the other side will cause her to shrink. She uses this information to adjust her size, nibbling from a piece broken off of each side until she reaches the proper height to continue on her journey.

Alice in Wonderland Tenniel Tea Party with Alice Image

Alice became the guest of a Mad Tea Party along with the March Hare, the Hatter and a Dormouse who kept falling asleep. She endured repeated riddles and confusing behavior by the other guests until finally she could take no more. When she left she remarked that it was the stupidest tea party she had ever been to. This famous tea party would go on to inspire countless fans to create their own 'mad' tea parties for special occasions.

Sexy Alice in Wonderland Costume Makeup Tutorial

Looking to add a little extra pizzazz to your Alice in Wonderland costume? This makeup application will give you a fresh quick look that goes well with any of our Alice costumes. Start with a light blue and sliver eye shadows for a lid color that will be highlighted with white underneath the eyebrows and in the corners of the eye. Next add black eyeliner and mascara for full black lashes. Then add pink blush and hot pink lipstick for extra flair to the application. Lastly, add one of our blonde Alice wigs to complete this look for your costume.


Alice in Wonderland Cinematic Banner

In 2010 Tim Burton directed Alice in Wonderland starring Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter and Mia Wasikowska as Alice Kingsleigh. Alice again travels to a magical realm, renamed Underland, and meets many familiar characters from the original storybook. She befriends the Hatter, enrages the Red Queen and battles the fierce Jabberwocky. Also, she doesn't remain in a light blue dress the entire time. She dresses in a curious ensemble while visiting the Red Queen and dons a suit of armor while on the battlefield. This cinematic Alice shows everyone in the end that she has not lost her 'muchness'.

Tim Burton's Alice Battles the Jabberwocky

Alice suited up in armor and faced off against a fierce dragon known as the Jabberwocky. In the above quote the dragon is not referring to Alice as being his old foe, rather the Vorpal Sword that she wields against him. A female knight costume, paired with a blonde Alice wig and a shiny sword will put you in the middle of the action! When first called upon by the residents of Underland to defend them against the Jabberwocky, Alice initially refuses but eventually finds her courage and is victorious. She ultimately uses a vial of the slain dragon to return home.

Alice in Wonderland Visiting the Red Queen

Alice visited the Red Queen and introduced herself as 'Um from Umbridge' as she proceeded to inquire as to whether the Queen might have something for her to wear. Having out grown her own clothes due to growing and shrinking, she was in need of new attire. The Red Queen's solution was to use materials found in her palace to create something very close to the outfit pictured above. Eventually, Alice and the Queen's relationship would sour but for a brief time in the film they were on good terms.

Alice in Wonderland Couples Ideas Banner

The only thing better than dressing up as Alice is getting to spend time with all of the incredible friends she made! She meets so many interesting characters during her stay in Wonderland, it's almost too difficult to decide who would make the best partner for her. Our exclusive Alice in Wonderland costumes give you the option to choose your favorite. Whether she is spending time with the Mad Hatter, March Hare, Cheshire Cat or the White Rabbit she seems happily entertained with them all. Who do you think would make the best date for Alice?

Alice and the Mad Hatter Couples Costume

The Mad Hatter kept Alice intrigued with his curious way of hosting a tea party and by telling several unique riddles. He may have been perplexing at times but did his best to be a good host.

Alice and the March Hare Couples Costume

The March Hare was a bit unpredictable and his manners were rough, but Alice could count on him to keep her on her toes! You'll never be bored with this hare at your side!

Alice and the Cheshire Cat Couples Costume

Who can resist that grin? Alice's journey would not have been the same had she not met the Cheshire Cat. He disappeared and reappeared at will, making it a bit difficult to carry on a conversation, but he was helpful none the less.

Alice and the White Rabbit Couples Costume

Alice's adventure began by following after the White Rabbit. She didn't know where he was going or why he was late, but seeing this unique creature made her curious. And her curiosity brought her to Wonderland!

Alice in Wonderland Accessories Banner

Getting an authentic Alice in Wonderland look is easier than you think! When you add just a few details you can achieve a perfect likeness as well as set your costume apart from the rest! There are a few classic pieces that can make your costume instantly recognizable, such as a blonde wig and a black hair bow. From there, check out our many options to personalize such as printed stockings, themed handbags and more.

Alice in Wonderland Costume Wig

A blonde wig is the first essential piece for creating an authentic Alice look. Getting a high quality blonde wig makes achieving the perfect color and length simple. For a flawless look, tuck your own hair into a wig cap before adding the wig.

Alice in Wonderland Costume Headband

Alice is regularly shown wearing a black bow in her hair. If the idea of tying a picture-perfect ribbon bow makes your nervous, we have an excellent alternative. This black bow accessory comes pre-tied and secured to a headband. It is easy to put on and will stay put for hours of tea partying.

Alice in Wonderland Rabbit Purse

Keeping your valuable safe while maintaining your storybook image is no longer an issue thanks to this cute bunny purse! It is plush and cuddly on the outside, but practical when you unzip the back to reveal a pocket for your personal items.

Alice in Wonderland Clock Purse

There's more than one way to carry your essential items through Wonderland! This unique clock purse features a convenient shoulder strap and a larger compartment for holding your things. Alice's trip to Wonderland was an unpredictable adventure, but your next night out doesn't have to be.

Alice in Wonderland Can Koozie

Looking for a unique way to stay in character? When you add this Drink Me can koozie to your beverage of choice you'll be adding an essential storybook element to your partying. Fortunately it won't make you grow or shrink, it will just make your costume more fun!

Alice in Wonderland Tea Cup Stockings

When you add a unique detail such as these thigh-high tea cup stockings to your costume, you won't have to worry about copy-cats! You'll look unique and add an interesting twist on this classic look.

Alice in Wonderland Quotes Banner Alice Quotes Alice in Wonderland