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Evil Clown Costumes

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If you're looking for a terrifying costume, look no further than this scary clown costumes category. These killer clown costumes and outfits aren't for the faint of heart. With one evil, toothy grin, you'll have kids screaming for their mommy! You'll find scary clown masks, wigs, and costumes for adults and kids!
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Womens Plus Psycho Jester Costume
Adult Killer Clown Costume
Women's Sinister Circus Clown Costume
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Adult Captain Spaulding Costume
Women's Twisted Clown Plus Costume
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Womens Twisted Clown Costume_update
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Frightful Clown Womens Costume
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Womens Malicious Clown Costume--2
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Women's Let's Play a Game Clown Costume
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Women's Sadistic Clown Costume
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Adult Evil Jester Costume
Adult Dark Jester Costume
Deluxe Pennywise Costume
Womens Sexy Plus Size Killer Clown Costume
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Women's Classic Horror Clown Costume
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Classic Horror Clown Costume
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Adult Scary Laughing Man Costume
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Adult Black Fishnet Stockings
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Adult Premium Carnevil Clown Costume
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Miss Mischief the Clown Costume Update1
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Giggles the Clown Creature Reacher Costume
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Womens Heartbroken Clown Costume
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Women's Evil Clown Costume
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Mens Green Scary Jester Costume
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Adult Two Headed Clown Costume
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So some folks have a fear of clowns and think they are all scary. There are another group of folks with a real fascination with serial killers. When they combine, they become the killer clowns from your childhood nightmares! They might be clown killers with a power that's mysterious and strange. Sometimes they're spooky demons that choose to send in the clowns as a spooky surprise. But if you want to identify with the killer clowns, themselves, we've got just the thing. 

If you'd like to be a scary clown of ill reputation, you can be assigned to a serial killer costume that'll put a terrified smile on everyone's face. Identify with the killer within by enhancing a traditional costume with toy weapons and frightening makeup. (After all, what is a clown without his makeup!?) A person dressed as a clown can become a truly dark character and you're sure to have a frighteningly fun Halloween with these killer clown costume ideas! From evil jesters and the biggest selection of evil clown masks on the web, you'll be able to create a customized appearance that will have you standing out at your next party. Our adult evil clown costumes look like they're straight from the seventh level of circus heck, so these scary clowns are sure to send shivers down your spine and are helpful in terrifying anyone during the spooky season! Monster