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Snow White Costumes

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"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is fairest of them all?" Why, Snow White, of course! 

Plenty of fairy tales have come and gone, but few have touched the imagination like Snow White. Walt Disney brought the world the very first feature-length animated film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, in 1937. Besides that, it was also the first American movie to have a soundtrack album made and released along with it. While the project was in production, competitors referred to it as "Disney's folly." Even Walt's brother, Roy, and his wife, Lillian, tried to talk him out of it. Nobody thought it could possibly succeed or make any money. Walt laughed all the way to the bank, and to the Academy Awards podium. He received an honorary award in 1939--one full-size Oscar statuette and seven miniature ones. Its inscription read, "For Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, recognized as a significant screen innovation which has charmed millions and pioneered a great new entertainment field." 

If you like to whistle while you work, and dream of some day when your prince will come, be the original Disney Princess in one of our Snow White costumes. We have them in sizes ranging from infant to women's plus. Of course there's the classic Disneyfied yellow-blue-red color scheme. But we also have licensed costumes from the 2012 movie Snow White and the Huntsman that starred Kristen Stewart. 

Your little girl will love choosing between a long skirt or a short, tutu-style one. She'll also love choosing shoes, a wig, a tiara, and a wand to complete her outfit.  

Women have choices, too. You can choose the traditional full-length style, or any of several short and sexy versions. Aside from skirt length, there are also variations in fabrics: satin, crushed velvet, organza. Some have printed graphics, others have appliquéd glitter and braid. So, there's a costume to fit your budget as well as your body! 

If you think Snow White is just TOO sweet, you could be the evil Queen Grimhilde, Prince Charming or one of the dwarfs. We have several exclusive dwarf costumes, for children or adults. Dwarfs will want to add a false beard and a pickaxe. As for the wicked queen, we have several versions ranging from full-coverage to sexy and revealing. Some of them include the horned headpiece, but we have one that's sold separately to go with the costumes that don't include it. Be the animated Grimhilde, or be the mayor of a fictional small town in Maine. Even men can get into the fairytale theme, in one of our Prince Charming costumes. 

If you want to avoid the Disney theme altogether, go for one of our Snow White and the Huntsman costumes. We have Snow White and Queen Ravenna costumes for tweens and women, and a Huntsman costume for men 

Choose the light-hearted Disney animated version or the dark live-action adventure, then make it a couple's or family theme. A couple can be Snow White and either Prince Charming or the Huntsman. Kids can be Snow White or a dwarf. You can use our costumes and accessories to create a magical costume party! How To

Snow White Costumes

How to Be Snow White

Ideas, Tips and Tricks

Fairy tales can certainly happen to you! We bet at one point Snow White didn't think she would meet her Prince, but just look at the girl now; she's a certified Disney Princess. You could follow in the footsteps of Snow White and bite into a poisonous apple only to be awakened by your true love's kiss, but that's a lot of work! It’s also not necessary since you can become Snow White without ever being comatose. Sweet deal! We'll hook you up with an adorable costume fit for a princess, suggest appropriate costumes for your date, and recommend cute poses. Just promise us you'll stay away from any creepy old lady in a cloak carrying a suspiciously shiny apple. If you can manage to avoid tainted fruit at all costs, you'll be in for an enchanted evening!

How to Pose for Pictures in Your Snow White Costume

Polite Princess

Snow White Polite Princess Pose

Swing Your Skirt

Snow White Swing Your Skirt Pose

Sing to Your Animal Friends

Snow White Sing to Your Animal Friends Pose

Take a Bite

Snow White Take a Bite Pose

Snow White is not only the fairest of them all, she also is a very well-mannered young lady. Get the camera to capture your sweet side with one hand out and the other bent with your fingers resting near your neck. Since Snow White is known for having a blast in the forest with her furry friends you can also have fun swinging your skirt for the camera too.

There's no denying, Snow White has a special way with critters. She's basically the original animal whisperer, so you have to pay some homage to that with the next picture. Pose like you're singing to your favorite blue bird by holding out your hand as if a tiny bird was perched upon it. This pose requires imagination but you could also use a prop. Finally, we know that we warned you to stay away from apples, but you're going to need one for this classic picture. Just make sure you don't grab one from a straggly-haired peddler lady! Hold an apple with both hands and look at it with wonder.

Couples Costume Ideas to Pair With Snow White

Snow White and Dwarf

Snow White and Dwarf Couples Costumes

Snow White and Prince

Snow White and Prince Couples Costumes

You have to admit, Snow White and her seven dwarfs go together like peas and carrots. If you feel the same way about your date for the evening, why not have him dress as an adorable dwarf?! This costume is anything but 'dopey' so you and your date will look like the perfect couple. Suggest that he brings you a nice big rock to wear on your finger. After all, he's been mining all day for jewels and precious metals!

It's impossible to not fall for Prince Charming. He's so heroic and dreamy, sigh. Plus he makes excellent arm candy which is exactly what you’ll need for the evening. Dress your date as the Prince from the beloved fairy tale and you two will be the couple that everyone is talking about. His white tailcoat with gold detailing will compliment your divine royal blue and gold dress perfectly. You and your prince will have a whimsical night.

How to Talk Like Snow White

Snow White Quotes

Snow White Costume Makeup Application

Start with a thin light white powder base across the face to get Snow White’s porcelain appearance. Create a round shape with your light eyelid color for more of a cartoon look. Highlight this shape with white underneath the eyebrow, along the bottom of the lid and in the corner of the eye. Add black eyeliner and then use mascara to create bold eyelashes. Finish with a bright red lip color.