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There are so many different kinds of zombies out there. We're not just talking about different versions of movie zombies! If you're looking for a zombie costume, you can try your hand at a really rotted one or a particularly pretty one, too! Whether you're looking for a kid's zombie costume or zombie costumes for adults, you're bound to find an entire horde just waiting to head to your home. Take a look and find the zombie stuck in your braaains!
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1 - 60 of 321
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Child's Zombie Football Player Costume
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Miss Dead Receptionist Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Made By Us Exclusive
Kid's The Stalking Dead Zombie Costume
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Girl's Zombie Cheerleader Costume
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Men's Sheriff Costume
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Hocus Pocus Billy Butcherson Adult Costume-0
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Plus Size Adult Hocus Pocus Billy Butcherson Costume-0
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Sheriff Toddler Costume
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Girls Zombie Costume
Boy Zombie Costume
Kids Zombie School Girl Costume
Child Zombie Girl Costume
Toddler Goofy Zombie Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Plus Size Men's Sheriff Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Child Zombie Hunter Costume
Child's Worm Wishes From The Grave Costume
Sale - 20%
Zombie Nurse Costume
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Zombie Princess Costume
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Kids Zombie Pirate Costume
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Child Dr Deranged Zombie Doctor
Sale - 33% Made By Us
Zombie Astronaut Costume
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Kids Ghoulish Zombie Costume
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Sexy Zombie Bride Costume
Women's Zombie Cheerleader Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Made By Us Exclusive
Zombie School Girl Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Adult Zombie Costume
Kid's Zombie Soccer Player Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Infant Goofy Zombie Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Child Zombie Doctor Costume
School Girl Zombie Costume
Girls Zombie Queen Costume
Sale - 14% Made By Us
Teen Zombie Costume
Child's Hazardous Waste Costume
Kids Zombie Girl Costume
Sale - 17%
Boy's Zombie Hunter Costume

If you're a fan of zombies, then you've probably thought about where you would be and what you would be doing if a zombie outbreak happened. All of us at have been there! If this is the case, then you probably know what you're looking for when it comes to picking out your zombie costume! 

Some of our favorite zombie costumes are the ones that have a little back story. For instance, a zombie doctor costume would make you seem like someone who was just trying to help when the outbreak first happened. Zombie nurses and doctors are featured in most zombie apocalypse movies, it's a classic costume that's easy to appreciate. 

Wait, are we just talking modern zombies here? Because there are many more styles to cover than that! It used to be that undead stories focused on zombies crawling out of their graves, mindlessly searching for flesh. If you want to dress up as the classic undead, choosing a zombie costume like the "Worm Wishes from the Grave" look is a great idea. Unlike some of the other zombie costumes in our selection, this costume shows a zombie in a late stage of disrepair. It's face is rotting away and worms are falling out. The clothes are tattered as if the zombie has spent the better part of a year under the ground. While this undead look is super scary for kids, it also avoids some of the gore popular in some of these zombie costumes!

Whether you decide to be an undead baseball player or a zombie prom queen, you still have some decision-making to do once you choose your zombie costume. For instance, in your world are the undead fast or slow? Are they smart enough to track prey down or will they get stuck in the same corner for eternity if lead the right way. These are important questions that zombie fans will have a lot of fun pondering. 

Secondly, do you want to go out alone or curate a zombie horde? There's nothing scarier on Halloween night than watching a group of undead saunter toward your house. The best part of putting together a zombie group costume is watching everyone pick out their own style. Maybe your friend wants to go the tragic route and dress as a zombie bride. The next friend might want to go the opposite route and dress as a zombie football player. The thing is, everyone can choose their own style and still hang out together. That's just the beauty of zombie costumes! 

The last part of putting together your perfect zombie costume is making sure the makeup is just right. This can be the part that's the most fun as well! Be sure and equip yourself with plenty of fake blood. Don't just do your face. Get it on your hands, your neck, even your clothes! A zombie takedown is a messy business so have fun with it. Think about how you became a zombie, and go ahead and put one of our prosthetic wounds or tattoo scratches at the infection point. However you do your makeup and whatever zombie costume you choose, go ahead and have fun with it. You only get to be one of the undead so many times in your life! How To

How to Be A Zombie

WARNING: in the event of a zombie apocalypse, you will be left with two options—you can either beat them or you can join them. If you try to beat them, there will be so. much. running. (According to the movie, Zombieland, the first rule of staying alive in an undead world is: Cardio... and lots of it!) You will also notice a significant uptick in your gunfire participation (Rule #2: Always employ the "double tap" killing method when dealing with supernatural forces). Rule #17: Don't be a hero. You can beat the zombies at their own game by simply blending in (after all, it worked for Bill Murray). This handy "how to" guide is ESSENTIAL for any zombie race "joiner." We've compiled all of the must-knows before you get your mingle on with the shamble squad—how to walk, how to talk, and even how to look the part.

Zombie Couples Costumes

Who says that romance is dead? If there's one thing the movie, Warm Bodies, taught us, it's that LOVE is what keeps a zombie alive. Maybe, as a member of the undead, you'll find that it's hard to make these types of connections—maintaining the position that relationships are human business. But there's also safety in numbers. A living, breathing human always has the upper hand against one zombie. Get two or more zombies together, and the tables turn. No matter your reasoning, choose an ally or be destined to shuffle around the battlegrounds of World War Z alone.


Zombies Couple Costumes

Not everyone gets the life of a zombie. It's more than just brains (though that's a HUGE component) or slowly meandering through the ruins of formerly vibrant cities. Once infected with a zombie virus, there's only one thing you have to do: Decompose. Hair today, gone tomorrow. It's only a matter of time before you lose a limb or a part of your face. While not exactly glamorous, pairing up with another zombie could make you feel a little more comfortable in your own skin (what's left of it, anyway).

Zombie and Zombie Hunter

Zombie and Zombie Hunter Couples Costumes

Survival Rule #29: The buddy system. Opposites attract, there's no doubt about it. On the surface, partnering up with a kids' zombie hunter may seem like a conflict of interest. However, since you aren't ACTUALLY a zombie, we think this match is a safe bet. If you recall, there were two choices at the start of the zombie apocalypse: Beat 'em or join 'em. When these two get together, it's the best of both worlds. You're strong suit is getting in on the ground floor of all the zombie action, and his is using found objects to annihilate the zombie population.

How to Pose for Pictures

Mr. DeMille won't be asking for your close-up anytime soon, but if you fully commit to looking your most gruesome, it's likely other people will request to take photos of you. A word of advice: Proceed with caution! A big toothy grin and a peace sign are not zombie actions. Once you're tagged on Facebook, that image will live on your profile forever. Years of future embarrassment can be avoided if you get to know your role. In short: Zombies don't smile. Hey, we don't make the rules of the undead, but we'll help you stick to them.


Zombie Undead Pose

There's really nothing like that new, "fresh from the grave" smell. This, for the record, is your body decaying. Don't worry decaying is completely normal when you're a zombie. You'll do it all day, every day. After a while, you won't even notice. The Undead pose sets you up for shambling, which is the slow, mechanical walk of a zombie. That reminds us... you'll want to leave the house a little earlier whenever you have to be somewhere on time. Running down the street in a world filled with zombies is going to blow your cover. Remember: There's a reason the show is called, The WALKING Dead.


Zombie Hungry Pose

It's time to face facts: you're undead. Which isn't the same as being dead-dead. That's WAY more permanent. In this reanimated state, you'll still be able to do everything you were able to do before... you'll just have a freaky hunger for brains while you're at it! Catching a matinee? Add a big bucket of brains! Hanging out at the mall with your friends? Don't forget to stop by the brain court! You're basically insatiable. Of course, you don't have to go all Night of the Living Dead on every human you see if you're just playing along. But for the real character actors out there, this is a zombie's sole motivation: Hunger for brains.

Awkward Angles

Zombie Awkward Angles Pose

Outside of the open, oozing wounds, an unhealthy obsession with human brain attainment and an overall sense of dread, zombies are just like us! Okay, not JUST like us, but they do possess a human form. That's why our internal creepy meters are cranked to eleven whenever we see them contort their bodies into unnatural positions. A wayward arm here, a broken, dragging leg there... Awkward Angles looks great in a snapshot, and really captures the zombie essence of fear. Next level bonus points are awarded to those creatures of the night that are double-jointed.

Arms Forward

Zombie Arms Forward Pose

This is the universal sign of attack, and when you're a zombie, it screams: "Watch out, I'm a brainiac maniac and you look pretty delicious!" From Frankenstein to the scary "Rage" victims in 28 Days Later (and all the famous zombies in between), the Arms Forward pose is a go-to at feeding time. We know, we know, you're not actually seeking a brain snack. That's okay, it's convincing to the horde AND it will be useful if you happen to find yourself playing the part of "zombie" in one of those fun runs (or chasing mischievous trick-or-treaters this Halloween, whichever).

Zombie Makeup Tutorials

Red-rimmed eyes, sunken cheeks and lifeless lips—these are the telltale signs of a reanimated corpse. Our in-house makeup artist captured all these traits and more in her woman's zombie makeup tutorial. Not only will Krissi help you achieve an authentic appearance, but she also makes it totally attainable by using products you likely already have in your makeup bag! Pro-tip: Pay particularly close attention to the way she creates zombie "blood tears" with stage blood. It may take you a minute to master the skill, but the effect is really worth it!

For the a more gory Zombie look, check out this DIY makeup tutorial to see how to create a pin-up zombie makeup look! In this video tutorial, we created the gore part of our zombie makeup. You can see how we created a gash in our zombie’s side, a cut throat, and a sliced cheek from the corner of the mouth. Feel free to apply these basic special effects techniques to create similar wounds for your drop-dead gorgeous zombie girl!

Zombie Warning Sign Printables

Have you ever gone to a Halloween party and thought, "[the party host] is SO creative! Where does she come up with this stuff?" Maybe your pal really is the hostess with the most-est, but there's no reason you can't bring the same polish to your festivities. Our FREE Zombie Warning Sign Printables look great on doors you'd like people to steer clear of (like to bedrooms and the garage) OR just to add ambiance... pure, rotting flesh ambiance. Simply print them off and put them up – it's like having a graphic designer right at your fingertips!


Zombie Keep Out Printable

You don't have to second guess what's going on behind these doors, the KEEP OUT sign offers fair warning right up front: "Zombies present: Dangerous, infectious, and highly irritable reanimated corpses in this area. Enter at your own risk." Naturally, you'll have to watch out for the rebel-types. They're always going places they shouldn't go. In horror movies, these are the people you are yelling at the screen about. "Why are you going up the stairs? You never go up the stairs!" Still, for legal liability issues, this sign has you covered (not really, but you may want to keep the zombies out of your house entirely if you're worried about lawsuits).


Zombie Zone Printable

We created this sign for those operating a zombie theme park or petting zoo. You think you have zombies contained one minute and the next they are eating a paying customer's brain. Our ZOMBIE ZONE sign reads: "DO NOT ENTER – Zombies are present! Be alert, and do not approach zombies. Those passing through, please make sure your brain is fully contained within your skull and does not go misplaced." As a responsible zombie business owner, this all seems like common sense, but it's easy for tourists to lose their heads when fear strikes.


Quarantine Printable

We've shown you how blend into zombie life and assimilate to their culture, but if you happen to get bitten by a zombie, you become one (no more pretending). As you may have guessed, acquiring the zombie virus does not make you popular with the non-infected crowd. That's why we created the QUARANTNE SIGN – it really lays down the law! "Do not enter this area if you have come into contact with the undead in the last 24 hours. If you appear bitten and attempt to enter, you will be issued a fine of at least $50.00 (with a possible maximum fine of $100.00) and you will be imprisoned until further notice!"

Choose Your Weapon

The CDC issued a tongue-in-cheek "zombie apocalypse" preparedness pack a few years ago. Of course, it's all fun and games until someone gets bitten—that's how epidemics start. Basically, if a zombie sinks its teeth into you, you're as good as gone. To avoid becoming a chew toy, you have a couple of options: First, you can try avoiding zombies at all costs. Move to the mountains (zombies struggle with steep climbs), or maybe even a bomb shelter, and wait things out. Second, you can choose to eradicate the problem. Select your weapon and don't forget to aim for the head... because to fully kill a zombie, you must attack the brain. Everything else will merely slow them down.

Ninja Weapons

Ninja Weapon Kit

Despite what some kung fu movies may suggest you don't actually have to be a trained ninja to slay zombies. This ninja weapons kit, however, sets you up to be ready for any situation that may arise. Throwing stars immediately stop zombies in their tracks, while a sword works well for slicing, dicing and chopping brains up into tiny, little pieces—which is effective, but totally not necessary.

Fake Dynamite

Fake Dynamite Accessory

For one zombie, this method results in total overkill (and you're not crazy, just on a mission). But let's say you find yourself in a room filled with zombies—a few sticks of dynamite will buy you some time to escape! Light the fuse, toss the explosives their way and run. The zombies won’t know what hit them and you will have already reached safety.

Pirate Pistol

Pirate Pistol

A bullet to the head is 100% effective in killing a zombie. Damaging the motor cortex halts all control of their movement, while severing the synapse to their hypothalamus gland completely diminishes the desire to devour human flesh. Packing heat also allows some distance between you and the walking dead, making it easier to execute quick moves or avoid danger all together. Plus, a pirate pistol just makes you look cool.

Freddy Krueger Glove

Replica Freddy Krueger Glove

Here's a piece of obscure horror movie trivia: In Nightmare on Elm Street, character Nancy falls asleep while watching Evil Dead. Sam Raimi later repaid the sign of respect to fellow director, Wes Craven, with a subtle shot of Freddy's glove in Evil Dead II. Of course, in the season finale of Raimi's successful television series, Ash vs. Evil Dead (2015), perceptive fans once again saw Freddy's glove hanging in the door way. Carving up zombies is going to look wicked with this thing.


Tin Woodsman Axe

A gun is quick and effective, but zombie hunters who have been in the game awhile know that an axe is the greatest of all the weapons in your zombie survival pack. Everyone from "Tallahassee" (Woody Harrelson's character in Zombieland) to the crew in Shaun of the Dead has put an axe to good use. Blades don't require reloading, and they're noise-free (unlike a shot) so you don't draw attention to yourself.


Deluxe Animated Chainsaw with Sound

Rick Grimes is undoubtedly a solid zombie hunter, but he primarily sticks to using a rifle. Ash Williams (played by Bruce Campbell) killed the medieval zombie horde in Army of Darkness with style. Even the movie poster art is aspirational! For what it's worth, Ash also straps a gun to his back, but choosing the rotating teeth of a chainsaw is frightening, deafening and leaves no one questioning your intentions. (And, you guessed it, the thing just looks cool).

Love Your Look as a Deadite

Okay, so we're not sure if a Deadite from the Evil Dead franchise is actually a true zombie, but we're going to say it's close enough! Demonic possession aside, they still look like every other zombie we've ever seen. They still have that whole hive mind thing going on, they can talk a bit more than your usual undead, and boy are they menacing. So, if you're looking to have a more unique take on a zombie, you can't go wrong with a Deadite.

Freaky Deadite

Freaky Deadite

Whether you're looking for Ash or you're just out on a bloody stroll through the tulips, you'll look like one freaky Deadite when you follow this look. Don't forget to pose in a twisted way, with limbs sort of crooked and unnatural looking. Add lots of blood to your shirt (white works well) and if you can afford to put some tears and holes in your clothing, then that will make you look all the more zombified!

Bloody Deadite

Bloody Deadite

Need more makeup ideas? One word... blood. Lots of it! Be sure to have lots of both bright red (fresh) and dark red (old) blood. It adds depth to your look, and is extra creepy. If extra creepy is something you want even more of, you should get some contact lenses that fog up your pupils which makes your gaze even more unsettling.

Scary Deadite

Scary Deadite

Alright, time for the perfect photo, and it's all about the best pose to show off your transformation. Put those claws up, the more twisted your body is, the better, and if you can make big scary eyes with big scary teeth showing, you might just scare away the photographer. If you can find some red lighting to make you look even more hellish, go for it. Now that you have some fantastic ideas for your look, you won't have any trouble convincing people you're truly possessed by a demon, as well as a creative costume sense.