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They said you could be anything and you believed them. You know what they didn’t tell you? You can also be a sexy version of anything out there! Unlike before, when people were just telling you about the professions waiting out there for you, we’re really talking about anything this time! Sexy zebra is not out of your reach for a wild after-hours zoo party. Or you can rule the universe as a sexy Darth Vader. Whether your personality makes you want to dress sugary sweet, powerful and dangerous, or silly yet scandalous, you won’t be disappointed with our rich collection of characters. When we say you can be whoever you want to be it’s truer than it’s ever been!

Masquerades are irresistible. Humankind has liked the transformation from everyday clothes to aria-inducing, breath-taking ensembles ever since we had the resources to put costumes together. Whatever people might say, sexy costumes are to make you feel special. You decide what look puts that confidence into motion! You might wear a power suit to work or sweats on a daily basis but throwing your inhibitions aside to wear something totally different for the night will give you memories that you can savor for years.

Now, the sexy costume phenomenon is famous when it comes to Halloween. If you want to be a fairy tale character you can also become a sexy fairytale character like a ruffled and shiny Goldilocks or a tough, forest-savvy Red Riding hood. Then there are the many traditional costumes like the timeless schoolgirl, French maid, and nurse costumes. Or, think literally inside your box, get your girls together, and head out as a rainbow of Crayola crayons. Now that’s what we call a colorful party! You’re not limited to Halloween when it comes to dressing in sexy costumes, though.

There are so many events that call for costumes! Let’s look at Mardi Gras parties for instance. You can be whoever you want at Mardi Gras, as long as you’re up for having fun. Rock your parade route in a peacock costume or toss out beads in a jester costume. Speaking of sparkling holidays, you’ll have a blast dressing in one of our many flapper costumes. There’s no better costume to wear while sipping on some bubbly! If you keep your eyes and ears open you’ll find opportunities around every corner. Saint Patty’s Day is great for a leprechaun look. You’ll feel sassy at any Christmas party in a Santa costume. Or get in the spirit of Oktoberfest while raising a stein in a dirndl! You can wear boring jeans any day when it’s time to celebrate, you might as jump into the spirit!

And here’s the thing, while you might be lucky enough to live in a place where the sun always shines, in most areas of the world it gets chilly sooner or later. While rolling through our costumes, you’ll find plenty that are easy to layer up both under and over the costume which makes them great for brisk outdoor festivals or that mid-March pub crawl. There’s no reason to be uncomfortable, that’s what tights are for. Stepping out in a sexy Santa dress? No need to shiver, thigh-high stockings and long satiny gloves are there for you! You see, no matter who you want to be or whatever time of year it is you can be whoever you want to be!

There are many reasons to rock a sexy look and so many ways to wear them! So, if you find something you like, leave a review and let us know. We always love to hear from fellow costume enthusiasts!

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