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Fairytales aren’t just about the godmothers, dragons, and princesses. Who do you think those knights riding in to save the day really are? Princes, of course! So, complete your group fairytale costume with prince Halloween costumes from us! From prince costumes for adults to dream in to luxurious Renaissance costumes for kids, you and yours are sure to look charming!
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Royal Prince Costume
Noble King Costume
Elite Prince Charming Costume
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Forest Prince Costume
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Everyone dreams of being a member of royalty from time to time. You get to rule your kingdom as you see fit. You get to have servants who will wait on you hand and foot, if you so choose. You also get to valiantly jump to the rescue of many a princess in distress (you know, like in all those fairy tales). Unfortunately, most of us are just average guys, born into the life of peasantry. Well, through the power of costume, you can change all of that!

Our vast collection of prince costumes will help you transform into the royal figure you’ve always dreamed of becoming, even if you don’t come from a royal bloodline. We carry a wide variety of prince costumes, ranging from the classic Prince Charming type, to some of the dashing Disney Princes and even some more fringe prince types. With a look this regal, you might even be able to convince a few of your friends to become your royal retainers! Just make sure to remain a kind and gentle prince, lest you turn into one of those dastardly princes that ends up meeting an untimely end at the hands of some common rogue (just ask Prince John about his dealings with Robin Hood on that account). How To

Prince Costume Ideas

It could be one of the most important days of a young royal’s life. Their coronation as a Crown Prince! Perhaps they are mere tykes, toddling around the castle in fancy apparel that they can only hope they’ll grow into. Maybe it is a fairytale story about a child who is going to be named King long before they are ready. Still, others are fully grown, setting out on adventures, saving neighboring kingdoms, or searching for a Disney Princess to call their own. Either way, you can guarantee that some frantic servant is pulling their hair out, trying their best to come up with the perfect coat to help their prince look their best for whatever event they’re trying to avoid!

Well, we are here to help you dodge all of that distress and get right to the look that makes you smile. Our collection of Prince outfits and costumes will have you feeling like you’ve stepped right off the biographies of famous figures and into your own fantasy-made real! Of course, there are many different types of princes out there. We can’t have you moving into a kingdom that isn’t perfect for you! So, take a scroll through our prince attire and find the look destined to be the best bit of your royal wardrobe.

Prince Halloween Costumes

If you’re planning on being crowned the king of the Halloween costume contest, you’re going to need some truly princely provisions. Some folks work all year to conjure up a witch costume that will make them seem like a genuine manufacturing magician! The key to earning your votes in the secret ballot (or likes on your Instagram) may be to pick a look that folks are going to recognize. Celebrities are always popular. Epic Star Wars characters will get one side of the room jumping while your D&D fans are probably more interested in the latest in fantastic cosplay. But when you choose a beloved Prince character costume, you’re guaranteed to impress the whole court!

Prince Charming Costumes

Prince Charming Costume

He’s among the most iconic princes out there. Who wouldn’t want to take a spin around the ballroom in his shoes!? You’re from a far-away kingdom, dashing as the day is long, and you even get to solve mysteries with clues left behind at the scene of the celebration. Heck, even if you aren’t in a Disney story, Prince Charming is the go-to name for the archetypical fairytale prince, making this the perfect look for tiny tykes to full-grown princes!

Prince Eric Costumes

Prince Eric Costume

Not all princes just hang around the palace, waiting for adventure to find them. Some are out there on the seas, living like a veritable pirate alongside their chums. Of course, when they happen upon a mermaid or two, their lives are bound to get even more interesting. Whether you have Ariel by your side or you’re enjoying a night out with your mateys, a Prince Eric costume is an iconic, exciting, and fairly unique take on a men’s prince costume!

Arabian Prince Costumes

Arabian Prince Costume

You’ve heard the tale of the Prince and the Pauper, no doubt. A duo of unlikely doppelgangers walking a mile in each other’s shoes? Well, add a bit of genie magic to the mix and you’ve got the story of Aladdin and his quest for fame, riches… and the girl. Sure, the sultan look is pretty great, but when you dress up in Aladdin’s street rat garb, everyone is still going to recognize that you’re a true diamond in the rough. Now that’s a whole new world of fun!

Fairytale Prince Costumes

Disney Prince Costume

We’ll always remember the first prince we ever saw. For many of us, that was seeing the unexpected hero arrive to revive Snow White. Many have wondered about the name of the Snow White prince. Of course, when you buy an iconic royal prince outfit like these, you’ll be able to give this hero a name! Give your cape an epic flourish and flash a grin that is worthy of a Disney hero because it is time for you to tell the next chapter of the tale.

Roguish Prince Costumes

Prince Costumes for Adults

It never fails that our favorite princes aren’t the ones who started in the castle. They’re the ones who are far more likely to be stirring up some trouble at the local tavern or going on rapscallion adventures that their royal parents would hate! Of course, the best way to bring out the rogue in the royal prince is to have them start as one. That’s why we think Flynn Rider may be one of our favorite potential princes. That smoldering stare and rascal wit get us every time.

Cursed Prince Costumes

Prince Costume

Most princes can kick up their heels in their decked-out castle. Some are free to wander the world on grand adventures. Not every prince has such an easy life. A couple of curses or some spurned sorceresses can really make things hairy! If you prefer your princes to walk a bit on the wild side, we suggest you buy a Beauty and the Beast costume. We’re sure that you’ll let out quite the howl the first time you strike a ferocious pose and fluff out your fur!

Prince Outfits

If you want to take a few steps away from fictional lands, you can look into our own history to find medieval prince outfits that will capture hearts for all time! These are the kinds of noble garments that will serve you perfectly at a Renaissance festival or when stepping on stage for your favorite Shakespearean performance. Team up with a froggy friend to tell the before-and-after story of classic storybook tales or take a stroll through your neighborhood in a timely disguise on a hunt for the Doctor and that errant TARDIS.

Toddler Prince Costumes

Toddler Prince Costume

If you’ve got a tiny tyke in your life that is the perfect portrait of a kindly king, you’ll want to deck them out in some finery! You might be looking at how to make a child’s prince costume and, fortunately, we have plenty of prince costumes kids are certain to love. Choose a Disney prince costume for toddlers if you have a kiddo that loves their animated adventures or tell the tale of the child prince with a historical look!

Medieval Prince Outfit

Medieval Prince Outfit

When you’re hopping back through time, there’s only one place that you’d want to be. The Renaissance world, of course! And, if you’re going to be in a century where wild adventure and exciting tavern banter are to be found, what could be better than being the wandering prince of the kingdom, too? Channel one of the more charismatic of would-be kings when you wear a Renaissance Prince costume and blend medieval times with modern day!

Royal Prince Costumes

Royal Prince Costume

It is easy to think that princes were from a time long gone. But there are still plenty of modern princes out there, too. Sure, they aren’t usually wearing crowns or commanding military might, but they are still figureheads and stellar celebrities, too. If you would like to channel the look of modern royalty, see what happens when elaborate suits blend with royal regalia. Become the Prince of England or the famous leader of an imagined modern realm.

Men's Prince Costumes

Men's Prince Costume

Some princes of history were in command of all sorts of stately affairs. They might lead the courts and distribute justice or appear to hear the needs of their people. (Of course, other historic princes just wanted to look as fancy as can be.) Give yourself a chalky makeover with a powdered wig and a 16th-century look when you wear a prince costume inspired by our own royal history. From Louis, Henry, and Phillipe and more, it’s good to be the prince!

Prince Attire

Of course, an expertly tailored suit or a charming smile may not be enough to earn you the crown you’re looking for. If there’s one thing that our costume designers know it is that accessorizing is what truly makes a prince from a pauper. And that’s where you can really put some unique twists on your noble look. Add some of our prince accessories to your everyday wear to give yourself a hint of royal authority or mix and match our costumes with some of these related products to really make a look that is all your own.

Then again, you can even create a DIY prince costume that nobody would expect by combing our accessories with really unexpected styles. Ever heard of the Prince of Yautja Prime? Well, toss a crown onto your Predator costume and you’ve got an aristocratic alien! No matter what style you’re aiming to create, you’re sure to love the riches we have to share.

Prince Hats

Prince Hat Costume

What does a prince wear when they are out on the town or taking on their big adventure? They can hardly equip their crown, after all. All the shining gems and brilliant gold might draw the attention of any would-be villains. (Plus, if you want to disguise yourself and dodge all of the folks fawning over you, it can be useful to keep the shinies at home.) That’s why a fancy looking noble’s hat is perfect! Stay classy without the pomp with a prince hat!

Prince Crowns

Prince Crown

When it is time to be recognized, it is all about the crown. The key is to find the one that speaks to your particular flavor of nobility. If you are the prince of a forested kingdom, you might want one with a couple of antlers or a leaf motif. How about a prince of a dwarven realm? Gold is the answer. All things that glitter and gleam! An elvish prince might have a wooden style whereas the prince of a warring nation might prefer a helmed crown.

Prince Swords and Scepters

Prince Scepter

Some folks can forget the importance of a ceremonial sword. These faux weapons can be critical to a convincing costume! If you need to honor your fellow friends, a couple of taps on the shoulder evolve them from a regular warrior to a noble knight! When you are off on your own adventure, you may need to ward off the would-be villain, too. But don’t think swords are the only way. A wise ruler needs a splendid scepter to pass their royal decrees.

Prince Capes

Prince Cape

Folks. If there is one thing we have to make sure you have for your princely look, it is this. Remember the flourish. You’re a fancy and noble character, so entering or leaving any room should be an event. That means you need a bit of extra pomp at your back. With an elaborate prince cloak, you’ll have all you need. Flip the fabric over your shoulder and give a charming smile or let the trail of your cape follow you down the red carpet! Monster