Hauntings and Spooky Tales for Halloween

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It is human nature to be inquisitive and curious about the unknown. One of the most common things we often wonder about are ghosts. We are not just talking about the ghosts you might see as Halloween costumes: Across the globe, there are many locations that have been labeled as haunted. These locations have become known far and wide for their ghost sightings. For instance, many former battle sites and historic buildings in America are said to be haunted. The country has known many wars, including the Civil War and the Revolutionary War. Many fought bravely, but many also lost their lives, and their spirits are said to linger on. Check out these scary tales below!

The Ghosts of Waverly Hills

In the late 1800s, tuberculosis took the lives of many. There was no cure, but those plagued by the disease were kept at the Waverly Hills Sanatorium until they died, and many of their souls still linger on.

Arabella Stuart Haunting the Tower of London

After a lifetime of control and despair, Arabella Stuart was imprisoned in the Tower of London, where she became sick with despair and gave up on life, refusing food and slowly killing herself. She died a prisoner and can still be seen roaming throughout the tower.

The Ram Inn

A witch burned at the stake in the 1500s is said to haunt one of the rooms at the ancient Ram Inn. The grounds are also believed to be a portal to another, darker dimension.

The Ghosts of Fort George

Deemed "the most haunted place in Canada's most haunted town," Fort George was once a headquarters for the British military and is now a hotspot for ghosts.

Borgvattnet (The Haunted Vicarage)

This haunted house, located in Sweden, has become widely known for the many ghosts that appear on the grounds and throughout the home.

The Haunted Island of Poveglia

The island was once a popular dumping ground for the dead, dying, and diseased. Later, it became the grounds of an asylum, where brutal experiments were performed on patients. Today, the entire island is abandoned by human beings, but the spirits still linger.

The Island of the Dolls

Isla de las Muñecas, or the Island of the Dolls, is a site covered in dolls that is dedicated to a young girl who lost her life. It is rumored that the dolls now house the young girl's spirit and occasionally move their heads and arms around if you watch closely.

11 Spooky Places to Visit in Scotland

Scotland is a very haunted place, with as many as 11 haunted locations to see, like the spookiest street in Edinburgh, where the spirit of a young girl roams the streets, or Roslyn Chapel, where ghostly flames flicker.

Old Changi Hospital

Declared one of the most haunted places in Singapore, Changi was once a military base where a number of people lost their lives. The location later became a hospital, which ceased operations after a merger and has remained abandoned ever since.

Moon River Brewery: Watch Out for Ghosts Throwing Bottles

A Savannah, GA, brew pub is said to be haunted by many ghosts.

A Look Inside the RMS Queen Mary

Encounter the "lady in white" or witness the pool where many a child drowned aboard the Queen Mary, one of the most famous ships in America's history.

White House Ghost Stories

The White House isn't just the home of the president. There are many historic secrets trapped within the walls, including ghosts!

The Legend of the Bell Witch of Tennessee

Visit the grounds that were once home to the Bell family in Adams, Tennessee, where the family was attacked by a witch who still haunts the area.

Ghostly History of Ohio State Reformatory

The Ohio State Reformatory was once a prison that housed the most violent of criminals. Many prisoners lost their lives there and have been seen by many tourists who dare to tour the grounds.

Gray Ghosts Trail

Jesse James, William Quantrill, and "Bloody Bill" Anderson are among the ghosts who haunt the trails of Missouri's Little Dixie. Wander down this historic path to relive the Civil War days.

Graves and Ghosts at Valley Forge

Whether or not Revolutionary War heroes were buried on the grounds of Valley Forge remains a chilling mystery, but these grounds have become known for their fair share of apparitions.

George Washington's Ghost

Once George Washington's home, it is no surprise that his spirit lingers on atop Mount Vernon.

The Ghosts of Concord Colonial Inn

The Colonial Inn has become widely known for the gray, shadowy mass that appears in Room 24. Paranormal activity continues to occur in this area, particularly those brave enough to spend a night in the mysterious Room 24.

Redmill and its Haunted House

This historic mill farm is where ghosts, ghouls, and goblins are rumored to linger.

Mad Anthony Wayne's Bones

Revolutionary Gen. Anthony Wayne died and was buried in Erie, Pennsylvania, a long distance from his home. Years after his burial, Wayne's family had him exhumed to be reburied at home, but when his body was dug up, the excavators found the body surprisingly intact, making it harder to transport, so they scraped and boiled off the flesh to produce a clean skeleton. Then, they poured the remnants back into the grave, and his bones were taken home, but it is said that many of the bones were lost along the way. Wayne's disgruntled spirit is said to roam the country searching for the remainder of his bones.

The Ghosts of Alexandria

Spirits from Revolutionary times haunt the grounds of Alexandria, where many were captured and imprisoned during the war.

Spy House: The Ghosts of Ohio

This house, which was used during the war to house spies, is rumored to be the home of many Revolutionary War spirits.

Guide to Haunted Libraries

The United States is home to many haunted libraries. Some are historic locations, while others are places where terrible things occurred. Discover them for yourself, if you dare!

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