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When Easter arrives you're probably perpetually on the lookout for the Easter bunny to make an appearance. But if you don't get yourself or one of your kiddos into an Easter bunny costume for kids and adults, he might not even show! With sizes and styles for all ages, one of our Easter costumes is sure to be just the thing to ensure a ton of Easter fun. Find yourself a fun bunny suit this Easter for a good time!
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Toddler Rabbit Costume

Rabbit Costume for Toddlers

Child Sheep Costume Update Main
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Kids Woolly Sheep Costume

Toddler Sheep Costume
Made By Us Exclusive

Toddler Woolly Sheep Costume

Child Yellow Duck Onesie
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Baby Fluffy Pink Bunny Costume
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Easter Bunny Mascot Costume Main UPD
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Easter Bunny Mascot Costume for Adults

Rent: $124.99
Kids White Bunny Costume
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Infant Flower Costume Update
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Adult Jesus Costume

Jesus Costume for Adults

Child Grey Bunny Costume
Made By Us Exclusive

Grey Bunny Costume for Kids

Adult Sheep Costume
Made By Us Exclusive

Adult Sheep Costume

Toddler Grey Bunny Costume
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Adult Carrot Costume
Adult White Bunny Costume
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Adult Yellow Duck Onesie
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Adult Yellow Duck Onesie

Mascot Happy Easter Bunny Costume Update
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Adult Funny Bunny Onesie
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Chicken Costume

Toddler Chicken Costume

Girl's Fuzzy White Rabbit Costume
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Baby Fluffy Blue Bunny Costume
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Child Brown Bunny Costume
Sale - 13% Made By Us Exclusive

Brown Bunny Costume for Kids

Women's Fuzzy White Rabbit
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Toddler Brown Bunny Costume
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Adult Easter Bunny Mascot Costume
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Infant Hatching Chicken Costume
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Adult Sweet Easter Bunny Costume
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Plus Size Mascot Easter Bunny Costume
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White Rabbit Adult Costume cc
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White Rabbit Costume for Adults

Rent: $37.49
Women's Fuzzy Pink Bunny Costume-update1
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Flower Costume for Toddlers
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Plus Size Jesus Costume

Jesus Plus Size Costume

Womens Mary Costume
Sale - 20%

Women's Mary Costume

Child Yellow Rooster Costume
Sale - 29%
Child Shepherd Costume

Boys Shepherd Costume

Baby Blue Bunny Costume

Baby Blue Bunny Costume for Infants

Child Mary Costume

Girls Mary Costume

Mary Plus Size Costume

Plus Size Mary Costume

Infant Brown Bunny
Made By Us Exclusive
Plus Size White Bunny Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Mascot Easter Bunny Costume

Mascot Easter Bunny Costume

Rent: $199.99
Child Feed Me Bunny Costume
Sale - 14%

Kid Feed Me Bunny Costume


Easter Costume Ideas

Easter is the most important celebration of the year for most Christians. It commemorates Jesus Christ's resurrection from the dead to absolve humans of original sin. While over the two millennia since the event it celebrates, many different Easter customs have arisen.

One of the most common Western customs is that of Easter eggs, delivered by the Easter Bunny. Eggs symbolize new life and are dyed in bright colors for joy. For early Christians, eggs were forbidden food during the 40 penitential days of Lent before Easter.  (A few modern Christians in some parts of the world still observe this.) On Easter, they are once again allowed, and churches in some places bless them.

So where does the Easter Bunny come in? Rabbits don't lay eggs, chickens do! The Easter Bunny (or if you prefer Easter Rabbit or Easter Hare) is a tradition older than Christianity. To pre-Christian pagans, rabbits were a fertility symbol. When the first Christians couldn't stamp out the rabbit symbol, they adopted it and re-purposed it. Along with eggs, lambs and baby chicks, the bunny also symbolizes new life.

We have Easter costumes for bunnies, lambs, and chicks in sizes from infant through adult plus. Find the perfect Easter bunny costume or suit to take pictures with everyone around! Whether you need a bunny suit for scattering eggs or just snapping a few pictures, we have the something for you! Choose from a wide range of bunny outfits priced from economy to deluxe to fit your needs. We also have biblical costumes if you're staging a Passion Play. Whether your Easter celebration is religious, secular or both, we can help make it more fun! 


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Easter Bunny Suits

Are you looking to make this Easter a 'hoppy' one? Paint eggs, go on a hunt, and devour some chocolate all while looking like Peter Cottontail. He is the best dressed bunny around and we can help make you look exactly like the radiant rabbit. No matter what type of bunny budget you are on, we have a costume that's perfect for you. Whether you are willing to drop a lot of dough or just some, we have a bevy of bunny costumes that'll have you looking 'egg-cellent.'

Economy: Adult White Bunny Costume

Adult White Bunny Costume

This Adult White Bunny Costume will surely tickle your whiskers. It’s our economy bunny costume so you won't have to fork over a lot of carrots in order to look cute. It has a super fluffy chest and the headpiece will let you stuff your face with as many chocolate eggs as you want! The interior of the rabbit ears are pink so they will look perfect with your pink nose.

Deluxe: Adult Deluxe Bunny Costume

Adult Deluxe Bunny Costume

Question: Is there anything cuter than a bunny with a polka dot bow tie? Answer: A bunny with a polka dot bow tie AND a matching vest. This Adult Deluxe Bunny costume definitely takes the cake...carrot cake that is!

Mascot: Easter Bunny Mascot Costume

Easter Bunny Mascot Costume

If you are in need of a 'hare-raising' costume this Easter Bunny Mascot costume will certainly do the trick. Judging by the giant smile on his face, this bunny is in a perpetual state of 'hopp-iness.' This costume is perfect for photo opportunities. Sit the little ones on this bunny's lap and start snapping pictures so one day you can look back and say, 'that was an awesome Easter.'

Premium: Mascot Easter Bunny Costume

Mascot Easter Bunny Costume

You may have thought Little Bunny Foo Foo was the top bunny in the briar, but you're wrong. Wear this mascot Easter bunny costume and you'll be the rabbit to reckon with. There'll be no more bopping field mice on the head while you're the head bunny in charge.

Women's Easter Bunny Costume Ideas

Bunnies are not just furry and chubby little critters. Bunnies can also be fashionable, trendy, and...hot! We're not talking about bunnies of the Playboy variety either. We have plenty of cute bunny costumes that will wiggle your tail. From furry dresses to pink satin ears, we have cute costumes that will put some extra bounce in your step.

Women's Blushing Bunny Costume

Women's Bunny Costume

If you think having long hair is fun then you'll love having long ears. You'll feel as luscious as ever as you throw your two long ears behind your shoulder. Tie them in a knot or tie them in a bow, either way you'll be looking adorable in this Women's Blushing Bunny costume.

Women's Cute Bunny Kit

Women's Easter Bunny Costume

If you hop down the bunny trail in this flirty combo you are going to turn a few heads. This Cute Bunny Kit includes the pink bow tie choker, bunny ears and a fluffy tail. Add it to our white tutu dress with a pink tulle petticoat and some white and pink bow stockings and you'll definitely be the greatest one in the Easter parade!

Easter Bunny Accessories

What if you took away a bunny's twitchy pink nose, round fuzzy tail, and adorable little paws? You basically just have a ball of fluff. It's a very cute ball of fluff, however, but still just a ball of fluff. In order to be a full-fledged rabbit you need ears, paws, and a tail. Make sure you add these accessories if you want to dress up as a successful Easter Bunny.

Bunny Ears Accessory

Bunny Ears

Have you ever heard the saying about bunny ears? It goes: the longer the ears, the happier the bunny. It's safe to say that you'll be one jolly rabbit while you wear these cute bunny ears. These big ears stay on your head just like a headband, so they're pretty comfy too. You may also be able to hear people chit chatting from across the room; just another perk of having long ears!

Bunny Nose Accessory

Bunny Nose

If you suddenly get a craving for a handful of carrots and some lettuce, don't panic. You are not turning into a giant rabbit. You can blame your keen sense of smell on this bunny nose accessory. This accessory has whiskers, a pink nose, and large teeth - all the bunny essentials in one little mask.

Bunny Tail Accessory

Bunny Tail

You may have thought dancing the Bunny Hop at parties was fun, but imagine all the fun you'd have if you had a tail. The tail bounces when you bounce and wiggles when you wiggle. You'll find that this cute bunny tail is the perfect touch to add to any costume. The tail will change your Bunny Hop experience for the better.

Jumbo White Bunny Accessory Kit

Easter Bunny Kit

This jumbo white bunny kit will give you the perfect cartoon bunny look! It comes with the ears, gloves, and tail. When you are wearing these accessories you'll be ready to blissfully bounce off with your basket of dyed eggs. Roger and Jessica Rabbit will be so impressed by your cartoon bunny look that they'll beg you to come live in Toontown.

Did You Know? Easter Bunny Candy Facts

Easter Candy Facts