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Cow Costumes

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Our selection of cow costumes for adults and kids offers everything from jumpsuits to onesies. We have spotted cow costumes for the whole family so everyone can become the beloved barnyard animal. Buy one of these cow outfits to moo-ve and groove in style this Halloween!
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Get ready to transform your family's wardrobe into a delightful barnyard bash with our cow-themed costumes that go beyond the pasture of ordinary Halloween attire! From the snug comfort of a cow onesie to the adorable cuteness of our newborn cow costume, there's a spot for everyone in this herd.

The classic cow costume for women and men is farm-tastic for making anyone the life of the party! Imagine stepping into the clever jumpsuit of our adult cow costume, complete with cow spots, playful horns, ears on the hood, and a pink udder front and center. It's the perfect blend of humor and comfort for a night of festive frolics.

For those looking to add a dash of sass to their moo, a sexy cow costume is a show-stopper. The women's cow costume romper has a hooded design featuring fun cow details and a cute tail. Buy it for a look that is both flirty and fun, ideal for standing out at any Halloween event. Be ready to strut your stuff and moo-ve over to the dance floor in this irresistible cow costume!

Not to be outdone, an inflatable cow costume offers a hilariously wide silhouette that's sure to be the center of attention at any event. Choose between standing on two legs or going all out with the four-legged version for a super-sized bovine effect that's bound to get laughs and admiration from everyone you encounter.

Our bull costume offers a chance to channel the powerful presence of the bull, featuring a furry black body and impressive long horns, perfect for making a bold statement. Whether you're looking to stand out at a parade or make a grand entrance at a party, this outfit is sure to command attention.

The adult cow onesie is your go-to for those lazy days when you want to lounge in style or for a fun, relaxed costume party. It's like wearing a hug – cozy, comfortable, and utterly adorable. Imagine curling up on the couch for a movie marathon or hosting a playful pajama party; this onesie is your ticket to chill vibes and good times.

Don't forget about the littlest members of the family! Our toddler and infant bubble cow costume is so charming and fluffy, turning your tiny tots into the cutest calves on the block. The bubble tunic shape is not only adorable but also allows for comfortable movement, making it ideal for those energetic playdates, family get-togethers, or a day out at the zoo.

And for the newest addition to the family, a newborn cow costume wraps your baby in cuddly cuteness. With little udders and an adorable face on the hood, your baby will be the epitome of barnyard charm. This cozy jumpsuit is perfect for newborn photoshoots or baby's first Halloween.

And let's not forget our furry friends. Our dog cow costume lets your pet join in the fun, giving them their own set of black and white cow spots, available in sizes to fit different breeds. It's the perfect way to ensure the whole family is dressed for Halloween success, from the barnyard and beyond! How To

Cow Halloween Costumes

Kids might learn how to meow and woof like cats and dogs before they get to barnyard noises. But once they've found their moo, it becomes their favorite! While countless other words and sounds are added to vocabularies, moo remains one of the most fun. Perhaps that's why dressing up as a cow is such a hit! Not only do kids and adults get to don the spots or horns of their favorite farm animal, but they also get to moo!

Playtime fills with loud shouted moos and silly cow knock-knock jokes with interrupted punchlines. And Halloween sings with "thank moo, very much!" Emphasis on the moo. It's a milk bucket of fun and we're here to ensure you and yours can keep it going! So, whether you're planning an Old McDonald costume for the family or dressing up with your best friends to become the sassiest animals in the barnyard, the following guide will help you pick the cow costume that's udder perfection!

Cow Costumes

What comes to mind when we say cow? A large white and black dairy cow? Maybe a fluffy Highland cow. Those beyond adorable teddy bear-looking cattle are impossible to forget! Then again, you're looking at cow costumes. So, perhaps you hear the word cow and remember the inflatable cow suit from a viral video. Or maybe a plush onesie for your baby's first Halloween trots into view—it'd be a perfect match to your cowboy costume! Whatever you picture, our selection of bovine and bull costumes can get you ready to hoof it to a Halloween party, school program, or playtime!

Inflatable Cow Costumes

Inflatable Cow Costume

You're probably already having a laugh practicing your mooing for Halloween. Ensure you're ready to share the giggle rampage with everyone around when you choose an inflatable cow costume for your next costume party! This plump spotted cow from our inflatable costumes collection makes a perfect choice whether trick-or-treating with the kiddos or attending a funny adult costumes party. And with its full-coverage design, it's an easy costume option that needs no additional accessories!

Bull Costumes

Bull Costume

There are many reasons you might want a bull costume. Maybe the family group costume is a herd of Holsteins, but you want everyone to be a bit unique. We can provide that! You'll look like a full-grown bull in a hooded jumpsuit with large horns, while hornless options are perfect for trick-or-treating calves! Perhaps matador is the Halloween theme; spotted cows won't work! Luckily, we have Toro Bravo costumes with curved horns and made-for-stomping hooves for toddlers, kids, and adults!

Brown Cow Costumes

Brown Cow Costume

Maybe dairy cows and fighting bulls aren't quite the bovine vibes you want. Or perhaps you're simply partial to the solid-colored bulls and heifers filling the fields where you live. In that case, brown cow costumes could be the perfect choice for you and yours! The seemingly plain ensembles from our Made By Us selection are actually some of the most versatile! Go from Dexter to Limousin just by changing your costume's story! Or become a Hereford cow with white makeup for a more unique look!

Highlow Cow Costumes

Highlow Cow Costume

Can't decide between silly and sweet for Halloween? Have a photo album full of cute cows on your phone just in case you need a pick-me-up? Then our Highland cattle costumes are the choice for you! Inspired by the totally huggable-looking, shaggy-haired beasts, we're convinced our Highland costumes could turn even terrifying monsters into precious pals! Try our adult Highland cow paired with a Scottish outfit for a clever couple's costume. Or make our kids' Highland costume the grade-A addition to their school geography project!

Adult Cow Costumes

After a glimpse at our available cow costumes, it's time to focus closer on adult costumes! After all, even when playing with the kiddos, your costume choice is probably going to be a bit different than theirs. The good news is, our adult selection ranges from costume apparel and accessory kits perfect for a quick game of dress-up to cosplay costumes that feel silver-screen ready! And our adult cow costumes are no different! Read along to learn how to be the sassiest cow in the barnyard or ready to sing E-I-E-I-O loud and proud with the following cow costume ideas!

Sexy Cow Costumes

Sexy Cow Costume

It's said brown chickens, brown cows are the sexiest in the barnyard. Okay, that's a dad joke, but it also makes great sexy costume inspiration! After all, sexy costumes don't need to be super serious, and if you're looking for playful adult looks, this sexy dairy cow is for you! It's not brown or what some consider classically sexy with its loose fit. But paired with tights or hot pants and a pair of sleek white shoes, it makes a very daring dairy cow!

Babe the Blue Ox Costumes

Babe the Blue Ox Costume

Though, not technically a cow, we can't ignore Babe the Blue Ox! If nothing else, the American folklore character, is one of the most costume-y cow characters. Aside from Disney darlings like Clarabelle, that is. And if you're looking for a costume to share with a friend or partner, Babe is perfect! After all, the ox's story doesn't exist without Paul Bunyan and that jolly giant can come to life when you pair hunter costume pieces, like toy axes, with our blue ox costumes!

Plus Size Cow Costumes

Plus Size Cow Costume

Have you ever considered what makes cows so endearing? For some, it's a cow's big dark eyes that show way more emotion than seems possible. For others it's their Herculean strength—they can go from gentle to superhero in seconds if needed. But then there's the animal's size. There's just lots to love! So, if you're shopping plus size costumes, consider embracing the charming combo of sturdy figure and hug-ability with plus-size cow costumes!

Cow Mascot Costumes

Cow Mascot Costume

As far as rah-rah, go team! vibes go, a cow might not be on your mascot ideas list. But say sports and cows are important in a rural community, and their high school is the Stampeding Holsteins. Or maybe a dairy store is holding a grand opening, and their logo is a happy cow, not cheese. It could be you want to surprise your cow-obsessed toddler on their birthday. Mascot costumes are the answer! And this cow mascot only needs pom-poms for their cheerful new role!

Kids Cow Costumes

As often as toddlers are seen running around in their Spider-Man costumes three months before and after Halloween, there are few imaginative games as popular as animal make-believe! After all, when the cape has been worn out, or the princess has retired their tiara, all manner of animal still has enough energy to at least let out a hearty moo! And our kids' costumes ensure every child can enjoy their favorites to the fullest! From storybook classics to the following cow costumes, our playful selection will help you, yours, and your pets milk dress-up and Halloween for all its worth!

Dog Cow Costumes

Dog Cow Costume

If you're a pet parent with pups that'll play dress-up, you already know they're paw-sitively adorable in any pet costume. But dogs have been called tiny cows and cows, strange dogs. So, get them dressed for the part! Our exclusive dog cow costume gets your fur baby ready to join family costumes, build a social media presence, or enjoy games of farm with their human kids! And with their big eyes shining from under a horn-adorned hood, they'll be the cutest cow ever!

Toddler Cow Costumes

Toddler Cow Costume

Toddler games are all about make-believe. But when they're not saving their stuffed toys' lives as a nurse or firefighter, they're probably pretending to be their stuffed toys. With a toddler cow costume in their collection of dress-up costumes, they can bring together their favorite games. They'll be moo-ving as the dairy darling, imagining grazing or frolicking. Then with a quick unzip or lift of their costume they can change from cow to cow rancher!

Cow Halloween Costumes

Cow Halloween Costume

When it comes to kids' Halloween costumes, there's really no limit to what's available. Until your kiddo tells you what is and isn't on their list. Your child may have been obsessed with historical costumes after learning about major moments in U.S. history. But now, they want nothing more than to be a cow. Luckily, our country cow kids' costume lets them keep it simple or pair up the look with the included udders that double as a trick-or-treat bag!

Baby Cow Costumes

Baby Cow Costume

While they're small, you get to decide what your baby wears. Newborn photos in a bunting instead of a swaddle are extra precious. Meanwhile, first-year picture themes climb to a whole new level with our selection of baby costumes! Transform your cherub into a dairy calf for a playful birthday at the petting zoo! Or enjoy the sweet suit for Halloween where its attached booties, soft-sculpted hood, and plush udders keep things easy and adorable!

Cow Costume Ideas

We've explored just about everything related to kids and adult cow costumes. You've learned our selection makes becoming every cattle from dairy cows to Babe the blue ox easy. But perhaps you're looking to get more creative with your Halloween ensemble. Instead of an adult brown cow costume, you want to crack a joke and become a cowgirl! Or possibly, your kiddo wants to pair up their costume to ensure their Halloween look is as stylish as their friend dressed as a celebrity. All you need are the right accessories to compose cow costumes unique to you and yours!

White Boots

White Costume Boots

Whether you've chosen to get punny with a cowpoke costume—pairing a women's or men's cow costume with cowboy hats—or you've elected to keep it simple, a pair of white boots could be the polish the ensemble needs! Men's white ankle boots keep the wearer ready to hoof it from costume party to party, while other unique white shoes can add flash to your wacky disco cow idea. Of course, cowboy boots pair nicely with cowpoke costumes too!

Cow Hooves

Cow Hooves Costume

Keeping traditional with your cow costume? Or are you inverting that cowgirl costume to look like a person becoming the cow? We're so excited by both ideas, and our cow hoof gloves and shoe covers are ready to help! Cow costumes without attached black gloves or booties are easily completed with our slip-on hooves and paws. Meanwhile, when they're added to your elaborate scarecrow, queen, or zombie, you become a were-cow of a new degree!

Cow Ears Headband

Cow Ears Headband

Were-cow and cowpoke costumes wouldn't be quite the same without a cow headband and tail! Horns and ears make potential dalmatian misidentification a thing of the past, for one. But those cute cow ear headbands are also fun for more than finishing an inventive costume. Each easy-to-use animal set in our accessory kit selection makes a great addition to dress-up boxes! Plus, the quick-dress accessories make easy last-minute costumes for trick-or-treating tag-alongs!

Cow Costume Accessories

Cow Costume Accessories

Before you giddy up on out of here to enjoy your crowning cow costume achievements, allow us to provide a final parting gift. A barn where you can keep every cow costume essential! From the black and white base paints you'll use for drawing on your dairy spots to the sweet treats your calf will collect around the neighborhood, this exclusive bag is a must-have with any Halloween cow combo! Grab one for yourself, here only! Monster