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Man's best friend. What's not to love? Our dog costumes for adults will be a sure delight! From pugs to sheepdogs, you can pick out your favorite! Have a Dalmation-loving kiddo in your life? They're sure to find the right look in our dog costumes for kids. Any toddler dog costume will inspire plenty of oohing and awwing. And until you say yes to your kid's begging the puppy costumes for kids might stave off getting a real one. Who knows!
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Dogs have always been man's best friend. They're always helping out around the house by fetching the paper, sitting by your feet at the recliner or by slobbering all over your mother in law. Okay, maybe dogs aren't your best friend ALL the time. Like when they try to bite the mailman or when they ruin your brand new designer shoes, or when jump on the furniture, but we love them just the same. You can be just like man's best friend by dressing up in one of our many dog costumes.

There are plenty of reasons to dress up as a canine! Whether you want to trick your kids into thinking that you finally got them that family dog they've been crying about all this time, or if it's been a dream of yours to be a dog ever since you've been a kid, or if you just want a reason to chase after cars while barking like a maniac, you'll find the perfect look right here. We have costumes for adults, kids and babies. From Dalmatians to bulldogs, your look is right here on this page. You can also find the right accessories, like bones, dog ears and more, just to make your doggy experience the best.

What's that you say? You don't want to be just any old dog? You want to be a famous dog! Well, we've got plenty of those dogs hanging around here too! We've got costumes based on Jake the Dog, Clifford, Scooby Doo and even Odie from Garfield. Those are enough big named pooches to get any human barking like a mutt. Just make sure you actually put one of the dog costumes on before you start barking, otherwise you might look kind of weird.