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Adult Sadistic Scarecrow Costume
Saucy Scarecrow Women's Costume

Saucy Scarecrow Women's Costume

Handheld Sickle
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Handheld Sickle Prop

Scary Scarecrow Mask

Scary Scarecrow Mask

Adult Scary Scarecrow Mask
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Bloody Realistic Pitchfork Accessory
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Scary Scarecrow Child Poncho
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Scarecrow Costume Kit
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Scary Scarecrow Hat
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Swinging Evil Scarecrow Decoration
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Scarecrow Face Makeup
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Scram pesky crows, stay away from the crops! It turns out telling birds to beat it is a huge waste of time since crows are incapable of understanding us (even though they accomplish unbelievable feats like mimicking our speech). Besides, farmers have plenty of other farm duties to fulfill during any given day. Standing in the middle of a field shooing away hungry crows isn't an efficient way to use your time when the cattle need to be fed and the crops need to be watered. Thanks to the Egyptian wheat farmers of yesteryear, modern farmers don't have to stress over nettlesome crows. They invented 'the scary scarecrow,' a wooden frame draped in dark and spooky nets, to ward off potential winged crop-destroyers. (Thanks for the pyramids and the scarecrows, ancient Egyptians!) We've been using their method for approximately 3000 years. 

Over the years, our culture has made alterations to the earliest scarecrow concepts. Instead of wood planks veiled in dark fabric, we've constructed elaborate scarecrows that resemble monsters more than people. The idea of a scary scarecrow who could possibly spring to life and wreak havoc on civilians is both eerie and exciting. Did the scarecrow over yonder move slightly once you looked away? Maybe. Was it positioned differently yesterday? Perhaps. Okay then, who moved it...? No one. Uh, oh!  

Whether you like watching scary movies about possessed scarecrows or you look forward to assembling scarecrow lawn decorations with your family, you'll be (delightfully) scared stiff by our collection of scarecrow costumes. Now people of all ages can look identical to their favorite frightening lawn ornament by picking out a scarecrow costume for themselves. Your whole family can look like they're stuffed with straw from the top of their head down to their toes. 

Men tend to enjoy stomping around in our mega scarecrow costume. Featuring a potato sack fabric costume and a gruesome zombie-like latex mask, this costume creates the illusion that you're an undead decoration with an appetite for guts. Ladies can appear scary while looking fierce by dressing in creepy women's scarecrow costume. It has all the making of a traditional scarecrow costume except it features a stylish dress instead of a burlap sack. Kids will like hiding behind bushes to jump out and scare their playmates while they're wearing a wicked scarecrow costume and holding a handheld sickle prop. 

If you're a creative person who enjoys constructing a unique costume so you'll stand out from the costumed crowd, then pick up a bunch of our accessories. Add a mask, straw kit, and fake blood to your cart and you're well on your way to crafting your own costume. Whatever scarecrow product you decide on, be sure to leave a review on it and upload a picture of yourself wearing it.