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Marvel Spider-Man Toddler Costume
Classic Spiderman Costume

Boys Classic Spider-Man Costume

Child Ultimate Black Spider-Man Muscle Chest Costume
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Boys Deluxe Spiderman Costume

Boys Deluxe Spider-Man Costume


Do you ever have a day where you could swear that your kids are climbing the walls? Before you lose your cool, instead consider becoming a cool parent. How does one become a cool parent? Let us explain in our simple 3 step process.

First, tell your child the next time they are acting wild that you are impressed by their super powers and think it is finally time for them to become a true superhero. A kid exhibiting the wall climbing abilities of a spider deserves to wear the Spider-Man uniform.

Next, pull out the Spider-Man costume that you've been saving for just such an occasion and watch their stunned reaction. Toss in a set of web shooters and your nomination for parent of the year will be in the mail. Tell them that with great energy comes great responsibility and then hand them their new superhero stuff!

Finally, relax and let your kids entertain themselves for hours dressed as Spider-Man! You've handled their misfit ways with class and style, and you are now officially a cool parent.