Halloween Costumes for Work

by |July 31, 2019
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2019 Update: We've updated to include our new Halloween sweaters as a work outfit idea.

There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who LOVE Halloween festivities at work … and those who (gasp) don’t. If you’re in the “pro” column, it’s likely because you dig the camaraderie and change of pace. Or you’re like us: You are a Halloween freak. We love All Hallow’s Eve and celebrate it anywhere we can … ESPECIALLY at work. We’re a costume company, after all – it’s not just welcomed, it’s expected! The other side of the coin isn’t just for buzzkills and party-poopers, though. It’s where stockbrokers, doctors, and other “important types” reside. Frankly, you’re right. We took a poll at HC’s headquarters and only two people said they’d be okay with a clown driving their ambulance. Still, it’s not an open and shut case. Whether you’re an accountant, big-time sales manager, or Kindergarten teacher, we believe that you can infuse a little trick or treat flair into your ensemble on October 31st. Read on to find out the best costume for your job type!

Outfit Inspirations


Hardworking Lady CostumeWaldo CostumeGiraffe Ears
Cat KitGrease CostumeDoctor Who Costume

Best for which professions: Upper management (you’re still “fun,” but also authoritative), anyone who is conducting a board meeting in the afternoon, grade school teachers (wardrobe malfunctions are often frowned upon at this level), moms, sales reps, and administrative support staff.

What is it? Picking out clothing pieces straight from your closet, and coordinating everyday accessories to capture the essence of your favorite character. Of course, you can find important accessories like ear kits and jumpsuits right here at HalloweenCostumes.com.

Examples: YES WE CAN put together a Rosie the Riveter costume with a pair of jeans, a denim shirt, a classic red bandana and a head full of pin curls! And of course, a gal never goes wrong with a black cat (or mouse, or bunny or any other cuddly creature) look – all it takes is head to toe black basics and ears. “I’m a mouse, duh.”

Why it’s great: You are presentable, comfortable, and can still perform all of your job functions. No one is going to accuse you of being a stick-in-the-mud, but you also save yourself from any costume mishaps.

T-Shirt Costumes

 Costume T-shirts

Superman with CapeSally Costume TeeHarry Potter
ChuckyToy Story JessieGhostbusters

Best for which professions: EVERY profession, but especially daycare workers, nurses (pediatric nurses get the most attention in costume), cashiers, waiters/waitresses, bank tellers, hairstylists, mail carriers, dental assistants. and real estate agents.

What is it? Character-printed t-shirts with basic/optional accessories.

Examples: The “Secret of the Ooze” only mutated a chosen few, so pick your favorite hero in a half shell and buy the coordinating eye mask … or not! Either way, you’ll fit right in with Master Splinter’s rat pack. Superheroes are not born, they’re made! You could slip into some of Superman’s signature spandex OR you could pull on a comfy Superman T-shirt with attached cape – the choice seems pretty clear for those standing on their feet all day. (Hint: get the Superman shirt.) Maybe you are looking for intergalactic action instead. You’d be guaranteed a place on the Starship Enterprise with an officially licensed Starfleet uniform shirt – Are you ready to get beamed up?

Why it’s great: Cozy, cotton construction, character authenticity and they look great with a simple pair of jeans … The real question is, what’s NOT great about a T-shirt costume? In fact, we have found that they are a surefire way to get a reluctant costume-wearer to join the festivities. Sorry fellas, no more excuses.

Halloween Sweaters for Work

Halloween Sweaters

Vintage CatWitch SpellcraftFreddy vs Jason
Sugar SkullBeetlejuiceSkeleton

Best for which professions: EVERY profession!

What is it? They may be called “Ugly Halloween Sweaters” but they are anything but ugly.

Examples: Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! Show your love for the show with either a Beetlejuice or Lydia sweater. If Beetlejuice wasn’t scary enough for you, there’s always Jason and Freddy. All your favorite traditional Halloween figures are represented in some fashion and they're all available to order online.

Why it’s great: Halloween sweaters are the latest craze. These cozy and warm sweaters featuring different Halloween themes look great and usually don’t go against any dress policies. These were made for those not wanting to dress up but still show Halloween spirit.

Full-On Costumes for Work


Marty McFlyBlack Suit CostumeHousewife Costume
Lumberjack CostumeStormtrooper CostumeGorilla Costume

Best for which professions: Office workers, haunted house operators, creative types (marketing, designers/writers, art directors, actors, etc.), and HalloweenCostumes.com employees.

What is it? Costume, accessories, makeup – the whole shebang! The more elaborate, the better.

Examples: You haven’t been growing out that beard because you follow hipster fashion. It’s manly! Put those whiskers to work in a lumberjack ensemble. An axe prop is required, a blue ox is recommended. Speaking of retro, you could also go Back to the Future with a totally legit Marty McFly costume. Puffer vests, layered shirts, aviators, hoverboards, and even some Jennifer Parker arm candy are all only a click away. This would also be a fun opportunity to poke fun at other offices (that are obviously less cool than your office). The Office is full of characters, sure, but we are particularly fond of Mad Men.

Why it’s great: Hosting a celebration that allows complete costume freedom means everyone has a chance to show off his/her creativity. You didn’t know that Bob in accounts payable was a closet Simpsons fan? Now you do! Strike up a meaningful conversation, and maybe next time you’ll get your expense check back faster – win-win!

Workplace Costume Dos and Don'ts

  • DO participate in sanctioned activities if Halloween registers on your company’s radar. Not only does it show you are a team player, but it sure beats those Six Sigma spirit animal classes you are sometimes forced to take.
  • DON’T be controversial. No one will giggle at your insensitive costume choice … especially at work.
  • DO be modest. Undergarments, tights, undershirts, and sweaters can help you steer clear of being the topic of water-cooler conversation come November 1st.
  • DON’T bring real weapons. Plastic swords are cool, but real swords will grant you a trip to HR.
  • DO fully immerse yourself in character. Learn catchphrases and backstories to really sell the persona!
  • DON’T be afraid to take chances. Pun costumes, pop culture references, and anything else that will showcase your cleverness are completely encouraged.

Tell us: Does your office encourage Halloween costumes for work? What is your work-appropriate costume go-to? Do you love celebrating at the office, or not so much? Comment below with your favorite pictures and be sure to check out more of our casual costume apparel!