Big and Tall Costume Ideas for Men

by |September 24, 2015
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Big and tall costume ideas for men

Some days, being a big or tall guy can seem like a curse. Sure, you can reach the top shelf of the cupboard with no problem, but just try finding a decent pair of pants that fit, let alone a costume for a party. Normally, you get stuck with a poor selection of boring costumes, or you're forced to make something last minute. It's enough to make a guy want to ban Halloween, but we're here to show you that the fall holiday doesn't have to be a tragedy yet again. Here are nearly 50 great costume ideas that come in sizes for all the larger guys out there.

Exclusive Big and Tall HALLOWEEN Costumes & Sizes

exclusive big and tall costumes

Plus Size Grease T-Birds Jacket      Plus Size League of Their Own Coach Jimmy Costume

Plus Size Mat Hatter Costume      Plus Size Prisoner Costume

Plus Size Captain Blackheart Costume      Plus Size Nacho Libre Costume

We've got the largest selection of plus sizes here. Why? Because we want everyone to get the big and tall costumes they want. You shouldn't have to cut holes in your bed sheet just because nothing else fits right (cue sad Charlie Brown music). You can only find characters like Nacho Libre, Jimmy Dugan,  and Danny Zuko here!

Big and Tall Formal Wear

big and tall formal wear.jpg

Plus Size White Suit Costume      Plus Size Dumb and Dumber Lloyd Orange Suit

Plus Size Dumb and Dumber Harry Blue Suit      Men's Pink Plus Size Opposuit

Men's Plus Size Stars and Stripes Opposuit      Mossy Oak Plus Size Formal Tuxedo

When it comes to men's big and tall costumes, a formal suit might not be the first thought that pops into your head. But, for a big and tall guy, just finding some formal wear that fits is amazing enough that you want to wear it as often as you can! These suits come in some crazy styles, so they can pull double-duty as a slightly wild suit for formal occasions or as a cool costume for a party.


Big and Tall Movie Costume Ideas

big and tall movie costumes

Plus Size Back to the Future II Marty McFly Jacket      Plus Size Tin Man Costume

Plus Size Ghostbuster Costume     Plus Size Sulley Costume

Plus Size Running Forrest Gump Costume      Plus Size Saturday Night Fever Costume

Face it guys, without movies, first dates would be a flop. In fact, they might not even happen without the humble movie theater. That's what brings us to our next big and tall Halloween costumes inspiration, the movie costume. This year, we've got some real big hitters. It's 2015, so Back to the Future II is bigger than ever. It just so happens that we have a Marty McFly costume to celebrate! Of course, since we love the 80's in general, Ghostbusters is another no-brainer idea.


Big and Tall Television Costume Ideas

big and tall tv costumes

Plus Size Deluxe Homer Simpson Costume      Plus Size Duffman Costume

Plus Size Bender Costume      Plus Size Breaking Bad Toxic Suit

Plus Size Fred Flintstone Costume      Plus Size Popeye Costume

We shudder to even think about where we'd be without TV. Without TV, there'd be nothing to talk about during those awkward pauses at parties, Halloween or otherwise. That makes your favorite characters a prime choice for a costume! Homer, Bender, and Duffman are some of our favorites, so we made some plus size costumes for them. (Can you tell that we're fans of Matt Groening?)


Big and Tall Superhero Costume Ideas

big and tall superhero costumes

Plus Size Superman Costume      Plus Size Batman Costume

Plus Size Deluxe Joker Costume      Plus Size Deluxe Mr. Incredible Costume

Plus Size Hulk Muscle Costume      Plus Size Iron Man Mark 42 Costume

Most superheroes have a larger-than-life physique, so why shouldn't they also be Halloween costumes for big guys? It's a costume type that makes full use of your larger frame. They SHOULD be for the big and tall before anyone else, really, and it looks much better on you than some of the tiny and skinny guys who put the look to shame. That's why we've brought together the best hero costumes, like Superman, The Incredible Hulk, and Mr. Incredible.


Big and Tall Nintendo Costume Ideas

big and tall nintendo costumes

Plus Size Mario Costume      Plus Size Luigi Costume

Plus Size Deluxe Yoshi Costume       Plus Size Deluxe Bowser Costume

Plus Size Toad Costume      Plus Size Deluxe Link Costume

The cast of Mario Kart knows the perils of being larger than normal. What section of menswear do you think Bowser shops in? (It's a trick question because he spends most of his time in his birthday suit, but, if he did shop for clothes, we doubt that he could fit into most regular sizing). That's what makes a Nintendo costume a great choice for big and tall men. Since many of the characters have a larger body, it only makes sense that they'd make great choices for bigger guys.


Big and Tall Uniform Costume Ideas

big and tall uniform costumes

Plus Size Fireman Costume      Plus Size Authentic Cop Costume

Plus Size Astronaut Costume      Plus Size SWAT Jumpsuit

Plus Size Doctor Scrubs      Plus Size Deluxe Sailor Costume

Do you remember what your answer used to be when someone asked you, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Most people don't end up being the race-car drivers and police officers that they had planned on being, but that doesn't mean you can't relive your old dreams a little now that you're all grown-up. These plus size uniform costumes are designed to help you out with that. Many of these uniform costumes make great Halloween costumes for tall guys because they're a shirt and pants set so you don't have to worry about getting a jumpsuit that fits your torso measurement.


Historic Big and Tall Costume Ideas

big and tall historical costumes

Plus Size Toga Costume      Plus Size Egyptian Pharoah Costume

Plus Size Roman Gladiator Costume       Plus Size Caesar Costume

Plus Size Medieval Tavern Man Costume      Plus Size Knight in Shining Armor Costume

History was way more adventurous than things are today. These days, heading to a new Indian restaurant is about as adventurous as most people get. We sort of wish we could live in a time where dragon-slaying was a real career opportunity, but alas, the best we can do is these costumes mixed with some imagination. If your imagination hungers for an adventure, why not try hopping into a Spartan costume and heading to battle? If you're feeling rather regal, you can always try conquering the world in a Caesar costume. There are so many great historical Halloween costume ideas for big guys that you can't go wrong!

That does it for some of our best big and tall men's Halloween costumes for 2015. So, what do you think of our selections? Is it better than your average line-up, or are there some big and tall costumes missing that you'd like to see? Let us know in the comments! And click here to view our complete selection of big and tall costumes!

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