SkiFree Snow Monster Attacks Olympic Skiiers

Thanks to social media, tales of stray dogs wandering around various Sochi Winter Olympic arenas traveled far and wide this year. But a few extra pooches pale in comparison to the issues that 1992 Olympians faced. World class skiers not only faught for world records that year...they also faught for their lives!

Perhaps because of cover-up attempts, or perhaps because Twitter wasn't around as a means to spread the madness, many of us still remain unaware of the 16-bit SkiFree Snow Monster attacks that wreaked havoc during the Albertville, France games. We won't be in the dark any longer:


Olympic SkiFree Monster gif

Stunned onlookers appear to be applauding as the SkiFree Monster gobbles up one Olympian!



The Chaos Continues

Hopefully you realize we're just having some good old fashioned fun, and that no 1992 Olympians were harmed (at least not at the hands claws of a famous cartoon monster.) If you have caught RETRO fever like we clearly have, and have a large soft spot for the nineties game SkiFree, then you're in luck: our Custom Mask Creator will allow you to easily make a Snow Monster mask of your very own!


DIY SkiFree Monster Mask

Visit our Custom Mask Creator HERE


Why Stop There?

Chances are, once you receive your custom mask you're going to want an entire costume to go along with it! Unleash your creativity and DIY the heck out of it, like this guy did:


SkiFree Snow Monster Costume

Image Source


It's still winter, it's still cold, and the snow isn't showing any signs of slowing as we coast into March. That means there's plenty of time to whip up a SkiFree Abominable Snow Monster mask for yourself and have some 16-bit fun. What are you waiting for? Get out there and terrorize some skiers!**

**You didn't hear that from us.

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