Cold Weather Costumes for Trick-or-Treating

by |October 7, 2018
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Cold Weather Costumes for Trick or Treating

While a fairy princess might have sounded like a good idea in the beginning of the month, now the cold weather has hit and there is no way your kiddos will get through the whole night trick-or-treating without shivering! Don’t worry, we’ve got some great cold weather alternatives for trick-or-treating! Get a cold weather Halloween costume like these and your little ones can have an awesome costume and be warm all night!

Animal Costumes

Animal Costumes for Cold Weather

DalmatianFoxLion Koala Red Panda

Your little animal can be their own animal for Halloween! Our animal costumes are soft and warm, purr-fect for colder weather trick-or-treating. The best part, we have tons of animals to choose from at! You can go the classic cat or dog route or spice it up with the adorable red panda or sloth. No matter which costume you purchase, your kiddo is going to be nice and toasty!

Dinosaur Costumes

Dinosaur Costumes for Cold Weather

Wooly T-RexFossil TriceratopsSpiny StegosaurusTiny DinosaurTilly T-Rex
Dino JumpsuitInfant TriceratopsToddler TriceratopsRavenous RaptorChild T-Rex

It's a well-established fact that kids love dinosaurs. So why not buy one of our many dino costumes available online? Your little one can pick their favorite and practice their best dino roar while being warm and comfy all night! Most of our dinosaur costumes come with cozy head pieces and boot covers. So layering underneath is easy!

Witch and Wizard Costumes

Witch and Wizard Costumes for Cold Weather

Kid's WizardHocus Pocus WitchGryffindor RobeToddler WizardMagic Wizard
Classic WitchGlamour WitchClassic GandalfSalem WitchDeluxe Witch

When it comes to Halloween is there anything more traditional than a spooky witch costume? We don’t think so! Witches and wizards are a great choice for cold weather trick-or-treating. With long robes and pointy hats, these are great costumes for cooler weather! Add some fingerless gloves as a fun accessory with some added warmth!

Astronaut Costumes

Astronaut Costumes for Cold Weather

JumpsuitDeluxe JumpsuitOrange JumpsuitSpace JumpsuitWhite Jumpsuit

Is your kiddo obsessed with space? Do they dream of walking on the moon or exploring Mars? Well suit them up in one of their very own astronaut suits for a trick-or-treating adventure! Our astronaut costumes are great for cold weather, and even having matching helmets!

Medieval and Renaissance Costumes

Renaissance Costumes for Cold Weather

Blue QueenChild KnightMedieval WarriorNoble ManKing Arthur
Noble KnightValiant KnightPurple QueenRobin HoodRenaissance Princess

Don’t worry! Princess and knight are still an option for colder weather! We have tons of great renaissance costumes for kids to live out their childhood dream of being a king or queen. And our favorite part? These costumes make it easy to layer! Add a pair of leggings and a long sleeve shirt to your favorite renaissance dress or knight costume and you’ll be cozy all night long. Feel like going a little more rogue? Try one of our Robin Hood costumes. The hood keeps your kiddo's ears warm all night long!

Superhero Costumes

Superhero Costumes for Cold Weather

Justice League SupermanCat-BoyGirls' BatmanCaptain AmericaHarley Quinn
BatgirlSpider-ManBeast BoySuperman Dash

Kids love superheroes! And we have plenty of cozy crime fighting costumes to choose from! From Supergirl to Batman, there’s a variety of styles with extra padding to help keep your hero warm! Add a cape or some boots for added layers and protect the neighborhood from candy stealing villains!


Cold Weather Costumes for Adults

Cold Weather Costumes for Adults

Cruella DeVil CoatSecret Agent Trench CoatWomen's 80s Ski Suit CostumeMen's 80s Tracksuit Costume
Doctor Who 10th Doctor CoatTina Goldstein Coat CostumeNewt Scamander CoatBlue Mary Poppins Costume

While it's important for the kids to stay warm as they trick-or-treat on Halloween, we don't want you to forget about yourself either! (After all, you're probably going to be there with them helping your kids walk around the block and scoping out the best candy houses.) You can find a variety of fun costume coats to help you keep warm, as well as a few 80s-themed ski suits. You'll look ready for some vintage Olympics in no time.


Did you find something warm and cozy for your trick-or-treaters? Let us know your favorite costume for cold weather trick-or-treating in the comments! Some of our favorite costumes for chilly days are animal costumes, which also make great costumes for your kids to play pretend in after Halloween is all over. However, we're sure you can find plenty of other great cold-weather costume ideas at!

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