Costume Ideas for Women With Short Hair [Costume Guide]

Costume Ideas for Women With Short Hair

Have you ever wanted to dress in a Halloween character costume that looked like you? This can be a great option if you're not fond of fussing with wigs. But how many female characters have short hair? We're not talking about characters that look like they have short hair because it's in a bun or a tight updo, but characters with hair that is barely shoulder-length or shorter. (We're also avoiding gender-bent male characters for this one.) Keep reading for a list of short-haired female characters who would make excellent Halloween costumes!


1. Velma Costume

Velma Costume

Adult Velma Costume

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Velma had to be our #1. She's smart, cute, and always wears a brown bob haircut. Velma Dinkley is the most iconic woman cartoon character with short hair! We don't know how she manages to rock an orange and red outfit, but she has been doing so for decades with no signs of stopping. You can find Velma costumes for girls and women, but she's easy enough to DIY if you can find the right pieces. Jinkies!


2. Coraline Costume

Coraline Costume

Adult Coraline Costume

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If you're one of those people who needs a scary costume for Halloween, why not give Coraline a chance? She wears her hair in a short blue bob, often in her bright yellow raincoat and boots. While blue isn't a natural color, you may leave your hair as-is or get some temporary blue dye to look more like the character. (Although if you already have your hair dyed blue, you're all set!) You'll be all ready to confront the Other Mother in no time.


3. Raven Costume

Raven Costume

Adult Raven Costume

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Are you looking for a women's superhero character with short hair? Raven is an excellent option for you! She has a unique hairstyle with long bangs and a sharp, inverted bob. (Not to mention that her hair is purple.) If you're going for authenticity, you can make your hair purple, but she usually wears her hood up and will be perfectly recognizable for Halloween.


4. Snow White Costume

Snow White Costume

Adult Snow White Costume

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While there aren't many Disney Princesses with short hair, there are a few! Snow White was the very first Disney Princess, and she sported short, curly black hair. Wear a Snow White dress, and you can feel like the fairest of them all! (Watch out for old women going door-to-door with free apples.)


5. Black Widow Costume

Black Widow Costume

Adult Black Widow Costume

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Some characters, like Black Widow, may switch between short and long hair. She had long red hair in some movies, but in others, her hair was short and red, or even a short blond haircut. Unless you're wearing a Black Widow cosplay, you can arguably get away with nearly any hair color or cut for Black Widow. She is a super spy, after all!


6. Rapunzel Costume

Rapunzel Costume

Adult Rapunzel Costume

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You might wonder why Rapunzel, the Disney Princess with the longest hair of all time, is on a list of costume ideas for women with short hair. If you're unfamiliar with Tangled, Rapunzel's hair gets the big chop at the finale, ending Mother Gothel's immortality. So far, she's the only Disney Princess with short brown hair, but hopefully, we get more short-haired Princesses in the future!


7. Flapper Costume

Flapper Costume

Adult Flapper Costume

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If you like historical costumes, you'll love wearing a flapper costume to accompany your short hair. (And it looks great no matter your hair color!) In a break from the norm, flappers wore scandalously short dresses and cut their hair short to protest the ideals of traditional femininity. Their hair was usually bobbed, either in a straight bob or with curls. Some popular characters also fall into the flapper style, such as characters from Chicago and The Great Gatsby.


8. Cruella Costume

Cruella Costume

Adult Cruella Costume

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So, you want to dress like a Disney character but prefer villains to princesses. Luckily, you have characters like Cruella De Vil at your disposal. The puppy-napping fashion designer is among the worst, but she's a classic villain with her split-dyed hair and long fur coat. Don't forget red gloves and shoes to make your outfit pop!


9. Lydia Deetz Costume

Lydia Deetz Costume

Adult Lydia Deetz Costume

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It doesn't matter whether you prefer the Broadway musical or the 80s movie because Lydia Deetz has short black hair in both versions. Our favorite goth teen is such an iconic Halloween costume because of the comedy horror sensation that is Beetlejuice. Her all-black outfit with a wide-brimmed hat is a great choice, but she also has the famous red wedding dress. Are you feeling strange and unusual?


10. Squid Game Costumes

Squid Game Costumes

Kang Sae-byeok CostumeRed Light Green Light Doll Costume

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Do you love costumes from movies or television? Squid Game was a viral Netflix sensation that pitted desperate contestants in a game to the death for a massive amount of money. The Squid Game contestant tracksuit is a great costume that allows you to be your own character, or you could dress as Kang Sae-byeok. We're also fans of the red-light-green-light doll and her short pigtails from one of the most iconic challenges in the game.


11. Rosie the Riveter Costume

Rosie the Riveter Costume

Adult Rosie the Riveter Costume

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We can do it! This iconic women's costume idea from WWII is instantly recognizable when you wear jean coveralls and put your hair up in a bandana. Don't forget to strike a pose for the camera! You'll need to have a lot of hairpins ready to put your hair up, but the results are worth it.


12. Mia Wallace Costume

Mia Wallace Costume

Adult Mia Wallace Costume

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Do you love Quentin Tarantino movies? You could dress as Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction, the wife of crime boss Marcellus Wallace. She proves to be quite a handful as she forces Vincent Vega to dance with her at Jack Rabbit Slim's twist contest. If there's any dancing at your Halloween party, you'll be expected to hit the dance floor dressed as Mia Wallace!


13. Edna Mode Costume

Edna Mode Costume

Adult Edna Mode Costume

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Did you realize that Disney has quite a few women characters with short hair? Supersuit designer Edna Mode has an exaggerated black bob haircut with incredibly straight-cut bangs and comically oversized glasses. She also has some of the best lines in the movie, and we love her dearly. Pull yourself together, and wear an Edna Mode costume for Halloween!


14. Marilyn Monroe Costume

Marilyn Monroe Costume

Adult Marilyn Monroe Costume

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Are you looking for a costume for a blond woman with short hair? It's tough to get more iconic than blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe. Wear a white halter dress and white heels, and you're ready for the set of The Seven Year Itch. You'll probably feel the itch to recreate her iconic scene.


15. Mavis Costume

Mavis Costume

Adult Mavis Costume

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Who is your favorite friendly vampire? Mavis is a great costume idea for women with short black hair. While you may not want to cut your bangs to look exactly like her hair, her outfit with red and black striped tights should do the trick. Mavis costumes are incredibly easy to wear and very comfortable if you plan to be in costume for most of the day.


16. Buttercup Costume

Buttercup Costume

Adult Buttercup Costume

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Are you the short-haired girl in your friend group? Grab your besties and dress as the Powerpuff Girls! Tomboy Buttercup wears her hair in a short black bob, and her outfit is a green dress with a black sash. She's also the bravest sister of the trio, willing to do whatever it takes to save the day!


17. Leeloo Costume

Leeloo Costume

Adult Leeloo Costume

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Do you want to wear something more daring? Red-headed Leeloo from The Fifth Element may be perfect for you. This sci-fi movie is well-known for some of its crazy costumes, including Leeloo's thermal bandage outfit. It's definitely a sexy costume, but we believe that you can pull it off!


18. Betty Rubble Costume

Betty Rubble Costume

Adult Betty Rubble Costume

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Fans of classic cartoons have a short-haired costume idea for women in Betty Rubble. As the wife of Barney Rubble, she's a neighbor to Fred and Wilma Flintstone. Betty is a great costume idea for besties or couples if your plus one attends as Wilma or Barney. You can always get the kiddo involved as Bamm Bamm, too!


19. Sandy Costume

Sandy Costume

Adult Bad Sandy Costume

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As a blond woman with short, curly hair, you might think, "You're the one that I want". The ending of Grease can feel controversial to some as Sandy adopted the bad girl lifestyle, but it's still an iconic scene. (Not to mention a great song.) You only need a tight black outfit and a black leather jacket, and you can be a baddie like Sandy.


20. Sadness Costume

Sadness Costume

Adult Plus Size Sadness Costume

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It's okay not to feel okay sometimes. Sadness was one of Riley's emotions in Pixar's Inside Out. Being sad may not be one of our favorite feelings, but she was one of our favorite emotions in the movie. She wears a cute, chunky knit sweater and oversized blue glasses complimenting her short blue hair. If you expect a chilly fall this Halloween, you'll be extra cozy in a Sadness costume.


21. Sakura Costume

Sakura Costume

Adult Sakura Costume

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You can also find short-haired costume ideas for anime fans! Sakura from Naruto has short pink hair and a fun ninja outfit that fits in at any anime convention or Halloween party. If you don't have pink hair, you can always color it temporarily or leave it as-is and simply style your hair like Sakura. Whether you attend alone or with friends dressed as the other members of Team 7, you'll have a blast as Sakura!


22. Sailor Mercury Costume

Sailor Mercury Costume

Adult Sailor Mercury Costume

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There are tons of other options for anime characters with short hair. If you love the classics, Sailor Mercury might be the perfect fit for you. Even if you don't have short blue hair, we're sure you can find something that works for you. (Although if you have short blue hair, that's even better!) Don't forget to shout, "Mercury power!"


23. Mrs. Incredible Costume

Mrs. Incredible Costume

Adult Mrs. Incredible Costume

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The Incredibles features two short-haired women, Edna Mode and Helen Parr. Mrs. Incredible rocks her short brown haircut, all while keeping her kids in line and saving the day. She's a super mom, for sure! Pick up an Incredibles costume, and you will feel super, too!


24. Korra Costume

Korra Costume

Adult Korra Costume

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Korra is another character who once had long hair, but she chopped it off in book four of the series. She had lost confidence in herself and her abilities and identity and shed the water tribe ornaments in her hair after the cut. She then underwent a period of regrowth and rediscovery, which was a critical moment for her as a character. Avatar Korra is a great costume idea if you're a woman with short brown hair!


25. Joy Costume

Joy Costume

Adult Joy Costume

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Why are there so many female characters with short blue hair? We're not sure, but it looks great! Joy is another character from Inside Out who has short hair. She cares very much for Riley's well-being, and we love watching her caring for her person. Even if you decide not to color your hair for a Joy costume, her dress is instantly recognizable to Disney and Pixar fans.


26. Uhura Costume

Uhura Costume

Adult Uhura Costume

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Do you love science fiction? Uhura is an iconic character from the first generation of Star Trek. As a translator and communications officer on the ship, Uhura played an essential role as the crew met with alien species as they boldly went where no one had gone before. All you need is a red Star Trek dress, and you're ready to explore the galaxy!


27. Betty Boop Costume

Betty Boop Costume

Adult Betty Boop Costume

We have seen a lot of women with short black hair on this costume list already, but we couldn't possibly pass up Betty Boop! This iconic character appeared in the cartoon scene way back in 1930. She has short black hair, oversized hoop earrings, a little red dress, and a garter on one leg. In contrast to many of the day's cartoons, she stood out as a sexy cartoon character, giving her lasting staying power.


28. Trinity Costume

Trinity Costume

Adult Trinity Costume

Trinity is one of the coolest female characters with short hair. She wears a long leather jacket, she has sunglasses, and she's an expert hacker and computer programmer. Trinity also has many other skills as she fights to exist outside The Matrix, including martial arts combat, firearms expertise, and handling vehicles. You'll certainly look the part with your short hair!


29. Jacqueline Kennedy Costume

Jackie Kennedy Costume

Jacqueline Kennedy Costume

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Did you know that short-haired women can claim one of the most fashionable first ladies as their own? Before Michelle Obama, there was Jacqueline Kennedy. As one of the youngest first ladies, she was incredibly fashion-forward while also keeping it classy. Rock the best 60s fashion of the day with a fabulous First Lady costume!


30. Uravity Costume

Uravity Costume

Adult Uravity Costume

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Uravity is the superhero name for Ochaco Uraraka, a hero student with the zero gravity quirk. She can make anything she touches float and also cancel zero gravity float. While Ochaco can also use this power on herself, it makes her feel nauseous, so she doesn't like to use that ability.


We hope you enjoyed this look at Halloween costume ideas for women with short hair. Sure, you could be an animal or wear a food costume, but these are great costumes if you like to look like a character! What other short-haired women characters would you like to see available as costumes? Do we already have one of your favorites? Let us know in the comments! Don't forget to check out our other TV and movie character costumes for even more Halloween costume ideas.

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