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Play games. Win big cash. It seems like a good deal, right? Well, the players in the South Korean drama quickly found out it isn't that easy! Now, you can dress up like your favorite characters from the show when you wear our Squid Game Halloween costumes. We have Squid Game Masks and matching tracksuits so you can craft a group outfit based on the hit Netflix series from 2021.
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Red light. Green light. Are you ready to put your name in the hat for the next round of the Squid Game? If you've watched the amazing Netflix series, then you may not be so eager to join the games, but then again, maybe the immediate danger and chance to win big is exhilarating enough to make you want to take the plunge. Do you have a team you can trust? A group that can bring you successfully to the conclusion?

Or maybe there is a safer way to go about joining in this international fad. Instead of risking your skin, if you're feeling ready to join the game, how about you just team up with your group by picking up a few of these glorious Squid Game costumes, instead! That way you get all the look with none of the danger. And nobody says you can't play all the inspired kid games along the way. We're getting ahead of ourselves.

So, how do you put together your very own costume based on the series? It's easy! We have all of the pieces you need to start running for your life... or for your Squid Game group costume. For starters, we carry plenty of masks to suit your needs. In the series, they have a variety of different masks to denote the overseers of the game, so we have the Squid Game Square Mask, along with the matching triangle and circle counterparts.

The masks are just the start! If you plan on dressing up like one of the overseers from the series, then you're going to need an eye-catching tracksuit. In the show, they have a strict uniform that consists of a bring pinkish-red jumpsuit to make them easily discernable from the players. We have the Squid Game red suit for anyone looking to transform into one of the overseers! Just pair it up with a Squid Game black mask and you're ready to go!

Okay, but what if you're more into playing the game? Then you're going to need to dress up like one of the players. Our Squid Game Halloween costumes include outfits designed to turn anyone into a brand-new contestant for the twisted game show. If you plan on dressing up like then, then you'll need a Squid Game Track Suit, which comes in the light green hue seen in the series.

Of course, the best reason to buy one of our Squid Game costumes is to create a group costume with your friends. These outfits all lend quite well to customization and fit a number of different body types. That means you can gather together with a large group and recreate the cast of the series! Just make sure you don't actually try playing any of the dangerous games while wearing them!