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Play games. Win big cash. It seems like a good deal, right? Well, the players in the South Korean drama quickly found out it isn't that easy! Now, you can dress up like your favorite characters from the show when you wear our Squid Game Halloween costumes. We have Squid Game Masks and matching tracksuits so you can craft a group outfit based on the hit Netflix series from 2021.
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Adult Red Bank Robber Costume
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Squid Game Adult Triangle Guard Jumpsuit
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Adult Red Jumpsuit
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Squid Game Square Mask
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Squid Game Circle Mask
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Squid Game Triangle Mask main
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Red light. Green light. Are you ready to put your name in the hat for the next round of the Squid Game? If you've watched the amazing Netflix series, then you may not be so eager to join the games, but then again, maybe the immediate danger and chance to win big is exhilarating enough to make you want to take the plunge. Do you have a team you can trust? A group that can bring you successfully to the conclusion?

Or maybe there is a safer way to go about joining in this international fad. Instead of risking your skin, if you're feeling ready to join the game, how about you just team up with your group by picking up a few of these glorious Squid Game costumes, instead! That way you get all the look with none of the danger. And nobody says you can't play all the inspired kid games along the way. We're getting ahead of ourselves.

So, how do you put together your very own costume based on the series? It's easy! We have all of the pieces you need to start running for your life... or for your Squid Game group costume. For starters, we carry plenty of masks to suit your needs. In the series, they have a variety of different masks to denote the overseers of the game, so we have the Squid Game Square Mask, along with the matching triangle and circle counterparts.

The masks are just the start! If you plan on dressing up like one of the overseers from the series, then you're going to need an eye-catching tracksuit. In the show, they have a strict uniform that consists of a bring pinkish-red jumpsuit to make them easily discernable from the players. We have the Squid Game red suit for anyone looking to transform into one of the overseers! Just pair it up with a Squid Game black mask and you're ready to go!

Okay, but what if you're more into playing the game? Then you're going to need to dress up like one of the players. Our Squid Game Halloween costumes include outfits designed to turn anyone into a brand-new contestant for the twisted game show. If you plan on dressing up like then, then you'll need a Squid Game Track Suit, which comes in the light green hue seen in the series.

Of course, the best reason to buy one of our Squid Game costumes is to create a group costume with your friends. These outfits all lend quite well to customization and fit a number of different body types. That means you can gather together with a large group and recreate the cast of the series! Just make sure you don't actually try playing any of the dangerous games while wearing them! How To

Squid Game Halloween Costumes

Have you ever felt the eerie chill of Inspector Royale's gaze or pondered the meaning behind that giant glass pig (seriously, there's a metaphor in there, right?)? Well, now's your chance to step into the world of Squid Game, but with a lighthearted twist! Our Squid Game Halloween Costumes collection is inspired by TV/movie classics, with a hint of Bonsai for added flair. Let's make this Halloween memorable with less tension and more candy. Join the game—the fun one!

Squid Game Guard Costumes

Squid Game Guard Costumes

Did you wonder where the guards came from in Squid Game? We did, too! What are their true stories? That teen guard made us scratch our heads. Were former players donning those eerie masks? Guess we may never know. But hey, why not step into their mysterious shoes this season? Enter the world of Squid Game with our Squid Game Guard Costume. It's all good fun and a nod to one of the most captivating series ever. When it comes to adult costumes, this one's got the intrigue!

Squid Game Player Costumes

Squid Game Player Costumes

Squid Game doesn't just spotlight a wild competition; it's a raw reflection of our shared humanity. No matter where you come from or what you believe, the allure of that almighty dollar can't always pull us out from rock bottom. Parents, let's keep tabs on those kiddos' games, alright? Who knew a childhood game could take such a twist? Dive into the drama and don the Squid Game Player Costume. Whether you're exploring men's or women's costumes, this one's a game-changer!

Squid Game Front Man Costumes

Ah, the Front Man. Shadowed in enigma atop the hierarchy, the puppet master of the eerie Squid Game shenanigans. Whenever he steps on the scene, there's that nagging question: How many masked ringleaders are out there? Fingers crossed, no more oddball billionaires. If you've got that leader vibe and dig rocking uniform costumes, channel that commanding presence with the Squid Game Front Man Costume. Wear it and rule your Halloween party with the same enigmatic energy!

Red Light Green Light Costumes

Red Light, Green Light—the eerie password that led us into a twisted world of Squid Game's challenges. And remember, in this universe, cute often equates to deadly. Our Red Light Green Light Costume embodies this same charm. We mean, who knew that adorable mechanical girl could... Oops! No spoilers here, just promises of a fantastic Halloween. If you're scouting for funny women's costumes, this one might be your winner. Watch out, though, or we might say... "Red Light!"

Squid Game Accessories

While players couldn't smuggle outside items into the games, it's clear how certain accessories made a world of difference in their journey. Now's your chance to bring a piece of that suspenseful universe into your world! Slide into our collection of Squid Game Accessories. From iconic masks that stirred intrigue to other TV/movie accessories, this is the ultimate stash for fans. So, do you want a taste of the game without the stakes? Grab an accessory and join the fun!

Squid Game Accessories

Squid Game Masks

Hear us out. What if the Squid Game mask system is based on a shape hierarchy? Circles, no sides, are likely the newbie guards. Triangles, with 3 sides, maybe the mid-tier bosses. And the squares? Top dogs with their 4-sided dominance. But what's next? A pentagon mask for season 2? We're already practicing our backflips in anticipation! While we're all left guessing, you can level up your horror movie accessories game with our range of Squid Game Masks. What's your rank?

Front Man Mask

What's the deal with the Front Man? Who is he? Is he a shadowy billionaire? An ex-player with a grudge? A mysterious elite? Or maybe someone with a flair for theatrical entrances?? While we might not have all the answers, we can offer a piece of his enigma: our Front Man Mask. Slide it on, channel that suspenseful aura, and revel in the allure of scary accessories. And speculate away—just don't peek behind the mask! After all, some mysteries are best left unsolved... Monster