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Rosie the Riveter Costumes

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Channel the ultimate can-do attitude when you dress in a Rosie the Riveter costume! Whether gearing up for Halloween, an immersive history lesson, or celebrating International Women's Day, our selection of Rosie the Riveter costumes has what you need! Shop everything from our talented designers' original Rosie the Riveter costumes to Rosie the Riveter accessories perfect for finishing a last-minute Rosie the Riveter costume DIY!
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WWII Icon Women's Costume
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Child Hardworking Lady Costume
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Infant Rosie the Riveter Costume
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Hardworking Lady Costume
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Rosie the Riveter Costume for Toddlers
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Plus Size Hardworking Lady Costume
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Women's Plus Size WWII Icon Costume-update
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Newborn Rosie the Riveter Costume
Rosie the Riveter Costume Kit
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Adult Black Combat Boots
Women's Red Baby Doll Heels
Child Red Tights
Sale - 40%
Red Lipstick
40s Rosie Wig
Red Tights
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As far as iconic images go, the original Rosie the Riveter might be one of the most recognizable. Since the 1940s, her strong arm, stern look, and sturdy outfit have been employed to rally the troops to various causes. And from what we can tell, she's going nowhere soon! In fact, Rosie transforms to keep up with the world growing around her empowering image. If nothing else, that makes a Rosie the Riveter costume a perfect and versatile choice for countless celebrations and events!

Since you're here, we assume you're looking to find a ready-to-wear Rosie costume or the final touches for your Rosie the Riveter costume DIY. You've come to the right place! Our selection has you covered with everything from Rosie the Riveter accessories to a sweet Rosie the Riveter baby costume for your inspiring little one! Continue reading to learn more about our selection and find the perfect Rosie the Riveter Halloween costume for you or yours!

Let's start with a Rosie the Riveter jumpsuit! It's the classic choice for a Rosie ensemble, and while you'll be dressed like one of the hardest working feminist symbols around, our selection makes the transformation easy. In a range of sizes from infant and toddler Rosie, the Riveter costumes to plus size Rosie the Riveter jumpsuits, no one is left out of our Rosie selection. Choose a poplin fabric jumpsuit or denim-blend option from our exclusive selection. Both are accompanied by Rosie's classic red bandana, making each a quick We Can Do It costume!

Putting together a Rosie costume with garments you already have at home? That's the attitude! Polish that DIY look with Rosie accessories! Try a Rosie the Riveter accessory kit featuring a nametag, pin, and bandana headband complete with Rosie's signature We Can Do It speech bubble. The separate pieces offer versatility for your Rosie ensemble while also bringing authenticity to your costume. Of course, they can also be worn with your everyday wardrobe, just like the other accessories in this selection!

Whether building a Rosie Halloween costume from scratch or looking to become the icon with an effortless, ready-to-wear ensemble, our selection has what you're looking for! Pair red tights with blue jeans and combat boots to boost the power of your Rosie outfit. Ace the 1940s look with a Rosie-inspired wig. Even find the perfect bold red lipstick when you shop right here!

Didn't find the exact accessory or garment to make your classic or modern Rosie costume come to life? Explore our full selection of accessories and historical costumes to discover what you might need! Or check back again to see what we've added to this collection of costume ideas! Monster