Take the Plunge in These Polar Plunge Costumes

by |January 11, 2019
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Polar Plunge Team Costumes

It’s about that time of the year again, Polar Bear Plunge season! So what is the Polar Bear Plunge (also known as the Polar Plunge)? Essentially, teams across the country will get together to jump into a body of freezing cold water, usually to raise money for a charitable cause. If you’re wondering what to wear for the Polar Plunge, rest assured that just about anything is fine. Though not a requirement, most teams will dress up in matching costumes and/or apparel. Since it can be tough to make decisions with a group, we picked out some of the best outfits for Polar Plunge.

Polar Bear Costumes

Polar Bear Costumes

Polar Bear CostumePolar Bear GlovesGraftobian White MakeupWomen's White BodysuitWhite Furry Boot Covers

If your team wants to take the Polar Bear Plunge quite literally, you could always dress up as actual polar bears. If you’re going to be doing the bodysuit version, we suggest you bring a robe with or some blankets to warm up in afterward, we don’t want you getting frostbite! Since everyone will most likely be dressing up in crazy costumes, sticking to this very straight-to-the-point costume is an easy choice and hilariously fitting.

Frozen Costumes

Frozen Adult Costumes

Olaf CostumeDeluxe Kristoff CostumePrestige Traveling Anna CostumePrestige Elsa Costume

Though it’s been a while since Frozen was released, the Frozen theme still makes for great and ironic Polar Plunge costumes. If you're planning on doing the plunge with your little ones as well, this is a perfect family theme. (We also have Frozen costumes in children's sizes as well!) While we can’t fact-check this, we’re sure Anna and Elsa already have experience with the Polar Plunge back home in Arendelle. We just hope Olaf doesn’t melt when he hits the water!

Avengers Costumes

Avengers Adult Costumes

Thanos CostumeIron Spider CostumeBlack Widow CostumeBlack Panther CostumeIron Man CostumeCaptain America Costume

With Avengers: End Game not far from release, the hype to see our favorite heroes on the silver screen again is rapidly growing. With some Polar Plunges, you have time to do a few poses or even a tiny skit before plunging into the icy waters. If you and your team are in the mood to go all out, you could act out a mini-skit of Thanos snapping his fingers before the rest of you jump into the freezing water. Or throw everyone for a loop and have the Avengers throw Thanos in. Whatever you decide to do, be sure to tag us on Instagram (@fundotcom_) so we can see! 

Inflatable Costumes

Inflatable Costumes

Inflatable SantaInflatable Han SoloInflatable BaymaxInflatable Pickle RickInflatable Jurassic World T-Rex

If you’re brave enough to jump into the water with an inflatable costume, more props to you! Who knows, you and your team might end up becoming the next viral video. To liken your chances of going viral, we’ve selected a few costumes from some of the most iconic characters in pop culture. Think of how wild the internet would go if they saw six Pickle Ricks jumping into the freezing cold water together? Or for the Disney fans, six Baymaxes? To make it even odder, if you have a team of five, just wear one of each of the costumes above. People will be whipping out their phones in amusement. Just be careful while jumping in an inflatable costume because although we have not personally tried putting one on and jumping in a freezing cold lake, we can imagine it could be easy to lose your balance.

Like we said previously, the water will be cold! You probably won't be keeping your costume on after getting out of the water, so please be sure to bring blankets and some dry clothes to change into to help keep you warm. If you’re in need of additional ideas for Polar Plunge team outfits, check out our full collection of group costumes.

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