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Costume Diamond Ring

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Costume Diamond Ring Update Main
Costume Diamond Ring Update Main
Product Information

Items Included
  • Fake Diamond Ring
  • Costume Diamond Ring
  • Adjustable metal band
  • Features large, rectangular plastic jewel

Rings sure are cool, aren’t they? Every professional athlete wants one. One ring rules all the other ones. Kings, queens, and popes get flashy rings, and us norms line up to kiss them. Three of the Beatles have normal names, and then one of them is named after the fact that he wears rings. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and we ain’t talkin’ about no bracelets. Ring pops are delicious and fashionable. Wrestling rings are the centers of excitement. Phone ringing? Might be good news. Rings are small but important. So why don’t you add a ring to your costume? You won’t look as good, won’t be as interesting, and just plain won’t look as blinged-up if you don’t add one of these Toy Diamond Rings to your outfit. And hey, why stop at one? Go ahead, ring it up. Maybe they’ll call you Ringo now. Who even remembers that other one anymore? (Just kidding. Peace and love!)

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Two Stars
     By Current Customer / February 1, 2019
Diamond came off
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One Star
     By Current Customer / November 17, 2018
Fell apart
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