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Add interest, polish, or unease to your costume with necklaces that suit your needs! Pair your princess or sock hop costume with cute necklaces. Discover men’s necklaces like dollar signs and Dracula medallions. Or accessorize your one-of-a-kind look with the costume jewelry necklace that you didn’t know you needed! With everything from gold necklaces to bone necklaces that you'll dig, we have the Halloween necklace for you and yours!
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Oversized Clock Costume Necklace
Made By Us Exclusive
Black Flapper Beads
Beaded Silver Necklace
Alice Potion Bottle Necklace
Made By Us Exclusive
Yu Gi Oh Millenium Puzzle Necklace
Sale - 41% Made By Us
Ornate Cross Pendant
Black Wood Monk Cross Prop
Made By Us Exclusive
Faux Ivory Necklace W/ Skull Pendant
Sale - 14% Made By Us
Classic Flapper Pearl Costume Necklace
Made By Us Exclusive
Gothic Cross Necklace
Made By Us Exclusive
Cockroach Necklace
Clearance  - 75%
Silver Monk Cross
Made By Us Exclusive
Rosary Beads
Made By Us Exclusive
Coming to America King Jaffe Necklace
Sale - 50% Made By Us
Classic Bone Costume Necklace
Made By Us Exclusive
Seraphina Picquery Wand Necklace
Sale - 70% Made By Us
Pearl and Brooch Necklace and Earring Set
Made By Us Exclusive
Birds of Prey Harley Quinn Necklace
Sale - 70% Exclusive
Vampire Medallion Necklace
Made By Us Exclusive
Inflatable Clock Costume Necklace
Made By Us Exclusive
Combat Hero Dog Tags Costume Necklace
Made By Us Exclusive
Black Studded Costume Choker
Made By Us Exclusive
Snake Necklace-update-new

Snake Necklace

Western Skies Bolo Tie
Sale - 20% Made By Us
Tina Goldstein Wand Necklace Main
Sale - 70% Made By Us
Large Brass Winged Horus
Male Gender Pendant Costume Necklace
Made By Us Exclusive
Percival Graves Wand Necklace
Sale - 70% Made By Us
Adult Gold Body Chain
Mermaid Necklace Update 1
Queenie Goldstein Wand Necklace
Sale - 70% Made By Us
You Died! Necklace
Sale - 50% Made By Us
Blood Drip Necklace
Bricky Blocks Pendant with Blocks
Sale - 67% Made By Us
Large Gear Propeller Necklace Main UPD
Sale - 50% Made By Us
Witch Choker Set
Sailor Moon Necklace
Sale - 33%
Newt Scamander Monogram Pendant Pin
Sale - 72% Made By Us
Pirate Kraken Emblem Necklace
Made By Us Exclusive

It may not seem necessary to have a costume necklace for your Halloween look. But, what if you forgot to add a time turner to your Prisoner of Azkaban Hermione costume? And how would your Egyptian god costume look without Horus hanging around your neck? Does a Neanderthal have an intimidation factor without a necklace of bones? Simply put, you can’t underestimate the power of necklaces.

Luckily, you’re here! Which means either you’re already on the hunt for a perfect necklace to pair with your Halloween costume, or you’re looking for some inspiration on which choker, amulet, or statement piece you could add to your ensemble. We’re more than excited to help you select what you need! So, stick with us and see how we’d style that pirate, Disney character, mermaid, or even supervillain with Halloween necklaces available in our catalog!

Let’s start somewhere pretty simple: well-known characters! We already mentioned Hermione needing a delicate time turner to perfect one of her most recognizable outfits. But what about someone like Moana or Raya? We’ve got the Moana costume necklace or dragon flower necklace for both characters, so your Disney costume will look just right. Pair Alice with a “Drink Me” potion bottle necklace. Complete your Witcher costume with a wolf’s head medallion. When you shop here, you’ll find officially licensed replicas or suitable substitutions to get your Halloween costume finished.

Are you putting together a classic costume instead of a famous character? We’re confident we can help! Put together a peaceful hippie ensemble with a peace pendant to really sends the message home. Make sure your religious costume is adequately supported with cross necklaces. Go completely different directions and create a perfectly gothic vampire costume with lace chokers and blood-red amulets.

Drape impressive gold chains, snakes, and skulls over your pirate costume. Stick with the glitz and glam but pick a different era with strands of beads or pearl necklaces that any flapper gal would adore! Or switch it up again and go with layers for your treasure-obsessed mermaid or trophy-loving villain.

Are you hoping to find something you could use outside of Halloween? There are options for that too! Collect marvelous tiered necklace and earring sets or wonderous charm necklaces that celebrate your favorite superheroes. Treat yourself to one of our exclusive pieces to give your costumes and everyday outfits a unique twist. Or pick up plenty of inexpensive options to fill your kiddo’s games of dress-up with tons of playful glamor.

With options ranging from simple beads to elaborate chains of shells, you’re sure to find a Halloween necklace you love! Monster