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From Halloween costumes to bachelorette weekends and holiday celebrations, costume jewelry earrings are a great choice! Shop our selection to find Halloween earrings to perfect a pirate costume. Order Christmas earrings you know cousins will covet. While you're at it, grab a second set for their stocking! Or try our surprisingly versatile disco ball earrings to jazz up any party look! Here you'll find all the unique glitz and glam!
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1960s Mod Disco Ball Earrings Update Main
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Pirate Eye Patch and Earring Accessory Kit
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Iridescent Ghost Earrings
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Half Moon Earrings
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Glitter Snowflake Lucite Earring
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Bats and Moon Earrings
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White Rabbit Earrings
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Skeleton Dangle Earrings
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Spiderweb Coffin Earrings
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Anime Slayer Earrings
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Bloody Butcher Knife Earrings
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Snake Earrings
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Handcuff Earrings
Rhinestone Dollar Sign Earrings
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Black Cross Earrings
Steampunk Cameo Set
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Breakfast at Tiffanys Eye Mask Earrings Kit
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White Bone Earrings
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Disco Ball Earrings
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Women's 1960s Accessory Kit
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Frozen Anna Jewelry Set
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Frozen Elsa Jewelry Set
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Let's put it out there plain and simple, the most likely reason someone is shopping this selection is for a pair of earrings for their Halloween costume. Makes sense, without diving deep into details, it's easy to see that this page is a unique collection of costume earrings. Options ranging from pirate earrings to hippie earrings can be found to perfect a costume.

However, while perusing the steampunk earrings and flapper earrings, you'll see there's a variety of everyday and holiday novelty earrings to collect as well! Because—here's the thing—costume jewelry isn't just for wearing with costumes.

Costume jewelry is fashion jewelry that you might be wearing as you read! And while a set of costume pearl earrings make a great alternative to the precious hand-me-down pair you could wear with your 50s-inspired Halloween ensemble, they also make a great everyday choice!

So, whether you're here looking for something to complete a costume or expand your everyday collection, we can help! Read on to learn a bit more about everything we have to offer and why it might need to make its way into your jewelry box!

Let's start with Halloween costume earrings and options that would work for cosplay. The easiest to identify are costume jewelry sets and Halloween clip-on earrings. A set is going to be a super affordable way to get the earrings, necklace, and sometimes other accessories that really polish a classic costume.

We're a big fan of pirate costume earrings that anyone can use because who doesn't want to dress as a pirate at least once in their life? You'll find a couple of options here that clip onto ears instead of dangling from piercings, which means technically, any set of ears can hold them. But the universal style doesn't stop with pirates!

Channel Grandma's effortless style with clip-ons that they may have even bought for their own collection! Or get your little one ready for their own Halloween Woodstock with clip-on hippie earrings that pair with any wild floral print!

Maybe you're here for something more novel than steampunk cameos for your original character look or hanafuda earrings for your anime cosplay. We think both of those options make great everyday inclusions, but more novel probably means holiday themes! Or something you can't find at your favorite big-box store.

We've got you there too!

Pick up snowflake earrings to ring in the winter solstice in dazzling style! Stay on-season with glittering Christmas trees that'll look excellent in family photos next to your cousins' ugly sweaters and parents' crisp and clean cable knits. Or enjoy some of our very favorite options: planchet, skeleton, and spiderweb earrings! Shop killer styles for a Halloween horror movie marathon with friends. Grab ghost earrings that add spirit to any look. Or try a set of moon earrings that highlight your witchy vibes!

Before you submit that order, though! Consider a pair as a gift! From Irregular Choice designer earrings to sets of novelty fashion earrings that celebrate favorite fandoms and, of course, our wide selection of costume styles, this selection is a gift to any earring-wearer on your list! Monster