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Like your Halloween costume? Put a ring on it! Make your costume uniquely yours with our costume rings and bracelets! Whether shopping to complete a Cleopatra costume with gold bangles or ensure your Pirates of the Caribbean costume looks authentic with Jack Sparrow rings, we're the place to look! But the fun doesn't stop at Halloween jewelry! Grab a fashion jewelry bracelet or costume ring to gift a friend and celebrate your favorite fandoms!
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Wrist Shackles

Wrist Shackles

Jack Sparrow Ring Set--2
Made By Us Exclusive
Studded Wristband
Dragon Armband
Cuff Antique Copper Main UPD
Made By Us
Gold Bangles Update Main
Gold Roman Cuffs
Casket Locket Ring
Jack Sparrow Accessory Kit
Coming Soon
Made By Us Exclusive
Stolen Jack Sparrow Ring Replica
Out of Stock
Bone Bracelet

Costume jewelry rings and bracelets may be the last thing considered for a Halloween look. But that doesn't make them the least important accessory in an ensemble. In fact, the right Halloween bracelet may just cement the costume contest win, while a clever Halloween ring might just perfect a cosplay.

So, shop our selection of Halloween costume rings and bracelets! Not sure what option would work best with your goddess costume or original character cosplay? Read on to learn a bit more about our ever-growing catalog!

If you're dressing up as a Roman God, ancient royalty, or even a fortune teller, go for the gold! A set of gold costume bangles works for all three looks, but you may find it useful for other ideas too! Like a 1920s socialite or modern pop diva! A similar option, if not a little less versatile, is gold costume cuffs. They're sheer perfection with a toga or kaftan, but we also find them useful when creating DIY superhero costumes!

Stick with a versatile costume bracelet style when you shop studded wristbands or multi-colored sets of plastic bangles! From 80s costumes to punk rock singer ensembles or even your everyday wardrobe, these options won't disappoint! Of course, if you're looking for something even easier to add to your day-to-day collection, a set of Harry Potter bracelets should do the trick. And they make magical gifts too!

Thinking a costume would benefit from playing up its clichés? Add a plastic bone bracelet to a cave-person ensemble! Let a dollar sign ring glisten on your hand while you grip a plain mic or costume cane. Or grab a licensed set of Jack Sparrow costume rings to complete your stunning Pirates of the Caribbean cosplay! You'll even find subtle skull rings to ramp up your classic goth vampire look.

Of course, we can't forget the importance of a steampunk bracelet! Every steampunk character needs a good metallic talisman, and our exclusive copper cuff is sure to inspire your completed look! Though, perhaps a golden snake bangle intrigues your steampunk character more. A tool and a pet? It writes a story on its own!

Didn't find what you were hoping for? Make sure to check out our full costume jewelry selection! Offering a variety of necklaces and earrings on top of this selection of rings and bracelets, it may just answer your need in a new way that's just as flashy or subtle! If that doesn't do it, don't forget to visit us again! We're always looking for more to add to our catalogs and our customer's costume experiences! Monster