These 75 Christmas Costumes Will Help You Sleigh This Holiday Season

These 75 Christmas Costumes Will Help You Sleigh This Holiday Season

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas is one of the most popular holidays to celebrate. You can give and receive presents, share a family meal, make memorable greeting cards and family photos, and celebrate several other traditions too. There are also plenty of ways to include Christmas costumes with the rest of your holiday cheer, whether you're keeping the Santa tradition alive for another year or you're planning to do a live nativity. Check out these 75 Xmas costumes and you just might find something for a new family tradition!

Classic Christmas Costumes

Santa Costumes for the Entire Family

Santa costumes

Premiere Santa SuitSanta Baby CostumePlus Size Jolly Ole St. Nick
Child Santa ClausRide a Reindeer SantaToddler Deluxe Santa Claus

Whether or not you and your family believe in Santa Claus, he is certainly one of the most visible characters of the holiday! So if you're looking for a mall Santa costume or you or your kids want Santa costumes to wear at home, there is a huge amount of variety. Jolly ol' St. Nick costumes come in sizes for infants all the way to children and adults! These costumes are great photo ops both at home or if you're planning on a mall or retail Santa gig.

Mrs. Claus Costumes for the Entire Family

Mrs Claus costumes

Hooded Deluxe Mrs. ClausToddler Mrs. ClausClassic Plus Size Mrs. Claus
Child Mrs. ClausAdult Santa Claus SweetieClassic Child Mrs. Claus

As iconic as Santa Claus is, It's hard to forget Mrs. Claus. (Honestly, he wouldn't be able to do what he does every year without his best helper!) The two of them have certainly gone through thick and thin as maintaining a seasonal business is tough work. If you're in the market for a Mrs. Claus costume, there are definitely a lot of choices from classic to cute.

Christmas Elf Costumes for all the Little Helpers

Christmas Elf Costume

Women's Deluxe Holiday ElfSanta's Little Helper Baby ElfCandy Cane Princess Elf
Adult Christmas ElfToddler Christmas ElfMyself on an Elf

Elf costumes are certainly a family favorite! Not only are they great for family photos, but they're often the costume of choice for the person handing out the presents at the family gathering. (Plus, they take great "elfies"!) Christmas elf costumes come in many shapes and sizes for all members of the family, but the one thing they have in common is the familiar green, red and white Christmas colors. Get ready to hand out some holiday cheer wearing your favorite Christmas elf costume!

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Costumes

Rudolph costumes

Adult Reindeer MascotReindeer Dog CostumeAdult Reindeer Union Suit
Child ReindeerBaby ReindeerAdult Reindeer

If you're looking to be comfy and cozy this Christmas, a Rudolph costume might be just the thing you need. Rudolph isn't just for the boys, either, because the jumpsuit costumes are unisex. Not only can you outfit all your family members in reindeer costumes, but there is even a reindeer costume for dogs! Get ready to have fun with man's (and Santa's) best friend.

Frosty the Snowman Costumes

Frosty the Snowman Costumes

Snowman MascotSnowman Dog CostumeAdult Olaf OnesieAdult Snowman

While he's technically not part of the Santa crew, Frosty the Snowman is another magical phenomenon that frequently shows up for Christmas. He may be made of cold snow, but these snowman costumes are nice and warm! (Sure we included an Olaf costume from Disney's Frozen, but he's still a snowman!) The best part about these Frosty costumes is that they won't melt once winter ends, so you can always re-use them again next Christmas.

Live Nativity Costumes

Mary Costumes and Joseph Costumes

Mary costumes and Joseph Costumes

Adult MaryAdult Virgin MaryChild Mary
Adult JosephChild JosephWhite and Blue Child Mary

If you hear the word "Christmas" and Santa isn't the first person to come to mind because it happens to be Jesus, you might be considering some live nativity costumes for Christmas. If so, you're definitely going to want a Mary costume. Pair these costumes with a pair of sandals and a swaddled baby doll and you'll practically be ready to go! You will also want a Joseph costume to pair with your Mary costume. Add a staff and some sandals, and your Joseph costume will feel complete.

Traditional Angel Costumes

classic angel costumes

Heavenly AngelToddler Angelic MissIvory Lace Angel
Adult Ivory AngelToddler Starlight AngelChild Guardian Angel

Leave your sexy angel costumes and dark angel costumes at home, because we're going completely classic here. (By all means, though, bring your voice if you're making an angel chorus!) These classic angel costumes are sure to bring a smile to everyone's faces as you sing or recite your lines. A live nativity scene certainly wouldn't be complete without a host of angels!

Magi Costumes and Shepherd Costumes

magi costumes and shepherd costumes

Child ShepherdAdult BalthasarChild Melchior
Adult MelchiorChild GasparAdult Gaspar

If the angels are at your live nativity, you're totally going to want some shepherd costumes and wise men costumes to flesh out the scene. Don't forget your shepherd crooks and some small containers for the wise men. Check out these beards and wigs if you're concerned about keeping your character's look on point.

Barn Animal Costumes

barn animal costumes

Adult CowChild HorseChild Mountain Goat
Child CowBaby LambAdult Female Sheep

If your live nativity group isn't planning on also trying to deal with having live animals on the scene, chances are high that you're going to need some people to dress in animal costumes. (Don't worry, as you'll certainly be some of the coziest characters on the set!) There are plenty of barn animal costumes to choose from, so there's absolutely something there for everyone. It's common to see sheep costumes and cow costumes, but perhaps you might want some horse costumes and goat costumes too!

Christmas Movie Costumes

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas Costumes

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas costumes

Deluxe Grinch SantaAdult Grinch KigurumiChild Christmas GirlAdult Christmas GirlDeluxe Grinch

If your family is looking to do something a little less traditional but certainly not less fun, wearing Grinch costumes will certainly make your extended family green with envy. Not only are Grinch costumes great for the silly family photos on your greeting cards, but they are also perfect for holiday parties. (Who wouldn't accept a present handed out by someone in a Grinch costume or Cindy Lou Who costume?) You can even make the family dog look like Max by equipping him (or her) with a pair of antlers!

Polar Express Costumes

Polar Express costumes

Polar Express SantaAdult Polar Express ElfChild Polar Express Elf
Adult Polar Express ConductorChild Polar Express ConductorToddler Polar Express Conductor

Get ready to break out the hot chocolate if you're planning to wear any Polar Express costumes. (FYI, that song is quite the earworm!) Also, yes we know we broke out the Santa costumes and elf costumes already, but these particular costumes are specific to the Polar Express movie. There are also Polar Express conductor costumes for toddlers to adults. Make sure that you're not late to the party as the conductor because he loves being on time!

Other Holiday Movie Costumes

Jovi ElfBuddy the ElfChild Show MonsterEbenezer Scrooge

There are a handful of other holiday movie costumes to wear if you're looking for more options. There are Buddy the Elf costumes and Jovi costumes which also make a great couples costume. (If you're really looking to be frugal for the holidays, perhaps you even got some Elf costumes for Halloween and plan to reuse them for the Christmas holiday season!) People that love the claymation Rudolph movie are undoubtedly familiar with the Yeti with a toothache. Yeti costumes aren't quite "Christmasy", but you may want one for your Rudolph movie group costume. However, if you're really excited to pull out all the stops on classic Christmas costumes, you might want some Ebenezer Scrooge costume pajamas for your A Christmas Carol movie marathon or if you're part of a holiday play.

Other Xmas Costumes That Show Your Holiday Spirit

other Xmas costumes

Gingerbread ManChild Christmas TreeElf on the ShelfChristmas Tree
Candy CaneKrampus Christmas DemonWomen's CarolerMen's Caroler

If you're not into all the Christmas media stuff and popular holiday figures, perhaps you'd prefer a more generic Xmas costume. There are Christmas costumes portraying Christmas staples like holiday cookie costumes, candy cane costumes, Christmas tree costumes and caroler costumes. You can also wear an Elf on the Shelf costume if you enjoy some of the newer Christmas traditions. However, if you're looking to dig into some of the older and more creepy Christmas tales, you can don a Krampus costume and really give the family a scare. (Be careful about scaring very young children if you don't want them having Christmas night nightmares.)

Is your family looking to don some holiday costumes this year? Do you already have a family tradition of wearing costumes for Christmas?  Are there any Christmas holiday costumes that you would like to see? (Sorry to say this but there probably will never be Die Hard Christmas costumes!) Feel free to let us know in the comments, and if you like sharing your silly Christmas greeting cards and family photos you can also tag us on any of our social accounts. Have a very merry holiday season!

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