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Women's Egyptian Queen Costume

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Women's Egyptain Queen Costume
Women's Egyptain Queen Costume
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Pharaoh is Fair

Want an unforgettable look for your next costumed event? How about a modern interpretation of Queen Nerfertiti's legendary look? If you looked this monarch up, you'd surely recognize the Queen's unforgettable statue. It features a carving of her noble face wearing full makeup and a tall hat like the one in this costume. While she ruled around 1350 B.C. she is still known for her breathtaking appearance that was carved thousands of years ago. In comparison, Cleopatra ruled more than a thousand years later. So we think it's pretty fair when we call this Queen's look iconic!

Product Details

If you're looking for a timeless, Egyptian look that's not only revolving around the glamorous yet well known Cleopatra, this elegant look is a great way to go! It features a halter dress that drapes down from a golden falcon neckpiece that's belted with an Ankh and tasseled panel. The sparkling dress is layered under a golden cape and topped off with a tall, stately headpiece that features the iconic cobra, an essential symbol for any Egyptian ruler's crown. Pair it with a pair of golden sandals and an Egyptian staff and you're sure to rule any occasion!

Turn Back Time

Ruling Egypt was always a grand affair. There was a lot on the line. Egypt was the breadbasket of ancient civilizations. The fertile soils of the Nile led to all the lands surrounding the kingdom looking to Egypt as a leader in everything from art to fashion and religion. With its oversized temples and polished palaces, Egypt had it going on for generation over generations. With all this pressure, it would be hard to convince an everyday citizen to take the throne. But when you're born for the throne, you just know it. So let your inner leader out when you drape yourself in this gorgeous Egyptian Queen costume!

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