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Maleficent Costumes

Malicious fairy queen or misrepresented protector of the forest? Whatever your opinion of Maleficent might be, she's got plenty of style! Choose from a classic Disney cartoon look or a dashing midnight colored costume. Whether you're wearing a full costume or you rely on Maleficient's show-stopping accessories, you're sure to enjoy the power and pride that comes with wearing Maleficient's costume.
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The horrifying Maleficent is making her return in a much anticipated live-action movie scheduled to hit theaters in the spring of 2014. Angelina Jolie is playing the self-proclaimed, "Mistress of All Evil," so the film is set to be a box-office success. Audiences are looking forward to watching her as a fire-breathing villainess whose evil swamp creatures clash with the warriors defending the king's realm. Fun fact: Jolie's daughter Vivienne makes an appearance as the young Aurora in the same film!

Now you can recreate Maleficent's rage and destruction with our collection of officially licensed Maleficent costumes. Add a staff and a horned headpiece for an especially realistic look! The world is finally going to know the real story behind this infamous Disney villain. What made her so cruel? What drives her to curse a young, innocent princess? How far will she go to keep Aurora from ushering in peace in the land? Or if you are feeling brave, put on an Aurora costume and defend your kingdom from darkness How To
Maleficent Costumes

Maleficent Poses for Adults and Children

No one will dare question your status as the Mistress of Evil when you learn how to behave just like Maleficent herself! The way to take your Maleficent costume to the next level is to learn all of the ways she moved and expressed herself. Whether it's learning how to talk to ravens or cast an unbreakable curse, these Maleficent poses are all essential to being in character when you are decked out in your costume from the movie. For extra drama, add a pair of large wings of the replica staff to emphasize that you're committed to being as authentic as possible.

Guardian of the Moors

Maleficent Costumes

Have a little pent up anger over losing your wings to the scheming King Stefan? It's nothing a little curse can't help. Crash the christening of his first born and show him what it means to lose something precious beyond measure. You might come to regret it years later when you realize that you are completely in love with that little girl, but for now it sure will feel great to let your wrath be felt!

Speaking to Ravens

Maleficent Halloween Costumes

Your closest friend and ally, Diaval, will help you stay one step ahead of King Stefan and his army. So it's important to acquaint yourself with a talent for talking to ravens. He will listen, advise and protect you as no one else can. Plus, when you walk around with a raven as your companion people tend to be intimidated by that and as Maleficent this is exactly what you want.

Pose Like Princess Aurora from Maleficent

Princess Aurora Poses

Princess Aurora Costume

Princess Aurora was the lovely girl born into a rivalry that she couldn't have prepared for. It resulted in her being sent away from her parents in a desperate attempt to shield her from harm. However rather than keep her safe, she would instead form a close and special bond with the one person she was supposed to be hiding from. Even when she discovered Maleficent's true identity she still remained kind and courageous, which is why she was eventually crowned Queen of the both human and faerie realms. Practice the poses that show her kindness as well as her royal status for a genuine Aurora look.

Aurora's Coronation Gown

Princess Aurora Corornation Gown

Remember, Aurora was born a princess so she was destined to one day attend a coronation of her own. What we didn't know was that she would not only be crowned as a ruler of the human realm, but as the faerie realm as well! This golden gown is fit for royalty and even includes a delicate golden crown adorned with leaves. No wonder Maleficent couldn't resist her sweetness, someone this kind can surely mend a broken heart like hers.

Maleficent and Aurora

Maleficent and Aurora Costumes

Get to know Maleficent and charm her as you do everyone else when you play the role of Princess Aurora. Although Maleficent initially resents the baby princess she cannot bring herself to let the baby be harmed by the fairies' negligence. From the time that Aurora is an infant until she grows into a beautiful, kind-hearted girl she is watched from a distance by her 'fairy godmother' and kept safe. In time she becomes the trusted friend of the person who has cursed her and eventually helps unite the human and fairy kingdoms.

Maleficent Costume for Girls

Maleficent Costume for Girls

If she wants to portray Maleficent in full-revenge mode then this Christening gown costume is the one she needs. This is what Maleficent wore when she crashed the party for baby Aurora and placed a curse on her that doomed her to fall into "a sleep like death" on her 16th birthday. Maleficent had her wings stolen, her heart broken and her kingdom attacked and she was convinced that the way to get her revenge was to threaten harm to the baby of the king who had wronged her.

Maleficent Variations

The 2014 Maleficent movie is the only place we've ever seen this awesomely evil character. There's the classic 1959 animated Disney classic Sleeping Beauty. And in between the two releases there've been many costumes inspired by her character. For more ways to be Maleficent, check out the costume options featured here. Whether you want to be as scary as the original or be stunning in a more form fitting black gown there's a look that matches your personal brand of being bad.

Sleek & Sexy Maleficent Costume

Sexy Maleficent Costume

Prove that it's possible to look good while being bad in this sleek black gown inspired by the Mistress of Evil's signature look. The sequin neckline and purple lining along the uneven hem of the skirt add a pop of color and sparkle. The attached sheer cape ensures that your evil intentions will remain obvious. Slip on the coordinating headpiece and you're sure to feel as mean as you look. All that's left is to call out your best curse at anyone who tries to stand in your way.

Animated Maleficent Costume from 1959

Animated Maleficent Costume

Maleficent's infamous character made her big screen debut decades ago as the villain of the Disney movie Sleeping Beauty. She came and went in a cloud of eerie green smoke. She spoke to a raven whose intentions seemed as devious as her own. Unlike the 2014 film, the original Maleficent was portrayed as all evil with no redeeming morals or positive traits. She was content to be bad to everyone she came into contact with. So if you like the idea of being unapologetically awful then this is the right look for you.

Maleficent Quotes

Maleficent Quotes

Maleficent Makeup Tutorial