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Halloween Decorations

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Halloween is a BIG deal around your house. The entire neighborhood looks to you for Halloween decoration ideas, because you’ve always got the best haunted house on the block. Your porch is filled with Halloween home décor, your yard’s filled with a whole poseable skeleton family… fog machines, Halloween lights, animatronics, you know how to create spooky fun for everyone. And makes it easy!
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It creeps up on us each year! One minute, we're sipping some lemonade in the sun, the next minute, pumpkin spice fills the air and orange leaves sneak onto the trees. Yep, that means that Halloween is just around the corner. You need to brainstorm some brand new Halloween decoration ideas to get the home ready for the season!

It can be tons of fun, but if you're trying to round up some decorations in a time crunch, it can get a little bit stressful. But don't worry. We've crafted one a selection of the best Halloween decorations on the web, so you'll be able to find everything you need right here.

First, you may want to narrow your ideas down to a single theme. That will make choosing your Halloween home decor selections much easier! One of the most common choices for your them is going full-on scary this year. You can fill your home with our life size posable skeleton decorations to add a touch of the macabre to your living room, or add one of our fog machines to your garage to turn it into a convincing haunted house.

Add some Halloween animatronics and some Halloween lights, and you might even be able to turn your home into a frightening experience that will freak out even the bravest of Halloween fans.

Of course, filling your home with scary Halloween decorations isn't the only them to choose. Another one of our favorite decor themes is to really embrace the fall themes of the season. If that sounds enticing, then you're going to want plenty of our pumpkin decor. You can go for the classic Jack-o-Lantern style pumpkins or use some of our more Autumn themed Halloween pumpkin decorations to turn your house into a harvest Halloween.

If you have young kids, they might be more excited by something with a cute aesthetic! They might not want to see Halloween skeletons around every corner, but that's not a problem at all! We carry a ton of options to create a cute Halloween theme this year. Our inflatable Halloween decorations add cute style to your home in a BIG way.

Many of our inflatables grow to some enormous sizes and are just one of our many great options for outdoor Halloween decorations. Pair that with some of our Halloween door decorations and you'll have a look extra inviting to all of the neighborhood trick-or-treaters.

Looking for some Halloween party decoration ideas? Well, our indoor Halloween decorations are a great place to start. Lighting, sculptures, and wall hangers can turn any room into an instant Halloween hangout spot!

It's easy to see why our selection of Halloween house decorations is one of the best on the web! All you have to do is peruse our selection with your own theme in mind, and we're sure you'll come up with a style that will turn your house into a memorable Halloween experience for all of your guests! How To

Halloween Home Ideas

Halloween Skeleton Home Decor Ideas

Standing on your front step, the sounds of leaves rolling down the sidewalk hit your ears. The breeze rustles your hair and sends a pleasant yet slightly unsettling chill down your spine. Spooky season has arrived!

As you take in the outdoor sounds, sights, and smells of October, anticipation swells. The giggles of children eagerly planning their witch costumes while predicting which candies will fill their trick-or-treat bags reach you. Halloween is just around the corner! And dreams of playing a major role in the festivities are hard to ignore when the shadows of bare skeletal trees cast their creepy shadows across your office windows.

Stop daydreaming and bring all that Halloween excitement indoors! As the best place to buy Halloween decorations, our impressive selection is here to help. Whether you're hoping to build a terrifying haunted house or sugary sweet display inspired by the treats you’ll share with the neighborhood, we'll show you how to decorate for Halloween. Read on to learn some of our Halloween decorating ideas and have those burning decoration questions answered by our Halloween experts!

Indoor Halloween Decoration Ideas

You don't hold back when it comes to decorating for the holidays. Christmas is a light show spectacular, Easter a bonanza of pastels, and St. Patrick's Day a wild explosion of green and gold. But before you go building a haunted house for Halloween, let us conjure up a few ideas on how to make Halloween scary or sweet and perfect for displaying all season. With our selection of indoor Halloween decorations, you'll create picture-perfect displays that carry the cozy or creepy moods the season deserves. Stick with us for the recipe that’s sure to balance your Halloween brew!

Cute Halloween Decor

Cute Halloween Decorations

Traditional Halloween décor may encourage a sense of fear, but it also lends itself nicely to kid-friendly Halloween decorations. Familiar pieces take a bit of the eerie feelings out and replace shadowy figures with sparkling options. Take on the whimsical side of Halloween and create a magical display for all ages. Modern Halloween décor options like this glittering broom or dancing ghosts are sure to keep your Halloween spirits light!

Cool Halloween Decorations

Scary Halloween Decorations

Transcend sweet but stay shy of scary Halloween decorations with pieces that can only be described as cool. Characters like this animated clown will get a rise out of anyone who passes. Whether sitting in the corner of your home or staring at neighbors through the window, you’ll be unable to miss the gasps, giggles, and gleeful exclamations. With a decoration that takes guests by surprise or looks unique from the rest, your home will be the hottest on the block!

Creepy Halloween Decoration Ideas

Creepy Halloween Decorations

Is there anything more unnerving than a deadly-still figure sitting in a dark corner? As Halloween experts, we say no. Sure, cobweb-filled rooms and red-glow eyes are nothing to laugh at, but an unknown, unmoving shape is nightmare-inducing. What is it? Do you want to know? Maybe you do know because you propped one of your scary animatronics there just waiting to jump. Either way, our scary Halloween decoration ideas can ensure your display is appropriately creepy.

Easy Halloween Decoration

Easy Halloween Decorations

Transforming your home décor for the season can feel tedious. When you don’t want to take hours for set-up and dread the longer takedown, easy Halloween decoration ideas are your best friend. Bags of mice scattered around your bookshelves or an orange lightbulb casting its eerie glow on the porch can keep Halloween feeling festive. Plus, it doesn't take up the time you'd rather spend planning your annual group costume! That's why you can decorate with ease in mind when you shop with us.

How to Make a Haunted House

With a steady understanding of the treasures waiting for you in our selection of indoor Halloween decorations, it’s time to create an unsteady feeling that sneaks under the doorjamb and into the neighborhood. But first, take a moment to remember that skin-crawl feeling you got as a child whenever you passed a graveyard. And the nervous chuckles the neighbor kids let slip as they dare each other to knock on the door of the dreary-looking house at the end of the road. The following is here to help you build that feeling with haunted house theme ideas for your humble abode.

Haunted House Decorations

Animated Halloween Decorations

Take your haunting interior design to the next level with scary animated Halloween decorations. Imagine a ghostly gentleman meeting trick-or-treaters as they stroll up your front walk. Or watch as he springs to life as haunted house visitors follow a path right into his line of sight. From candy bowls that grab to grim reapers ready to ride through the neighborhood, Halloween animatronics quickly turns your home and yard into terrifying territory.

Large Halloween Decorations

Tiny details can create the depth you want within your haunted house, but large outdoor Halloween decorations ensure no one misses your work. From scary outdoor Halloween decorations like this Ferris wheel to realistic skeletons, a collection of these decorations serve a purpose indoors and out. Make an impact on the neighborhood with 7-foot and taller options or guarantee your scary sitting room looks spirited with décor that fits comfortably on the couch.

Halloween Haunted House Ideas

Halloween Haunted House Ideas

If you’re starting at square one with your sinister homestead, you may be looking for unique haunted house themes. Let us light a lantern for you and suggest some Halloween haunted house decorations that create hair-raising displays suited to your style! Forget faux cemeteries. Try a lit pathway that sets a deceptively cheery tone for approaching visitors. Or create lighted Halloween window decorations to quickly announce there’s something scary waiting inside.

Halloween Wall Décor Ideas

Halloween Wall Décor Ideas

It's hard to deny the importance of great wall décor. In a happy home, family portraits and cherished art pieces fill a space with color and love. But cracking paint, dusty corners, or faded wall hangings turn a charming room into something eerie—perfect for a haunted house. Create your frightening foyer with signs, drapes, and even backdrops that make transforming your cozy castle simple!

How to Decorate for a Halloween Party

Halloween Party Decoration Ideas

When throwing a Halloween party, there’s a pretty specific mood to create. A step back from haunted houses but a step ahead of a casual fall gathering, it can be easy to over or under-do it. But since you’re here, we’ll help you curate the perfect vibe with our Halloween party decoration ideas. Whether costumes are a must, or the decorations will do the talking, our selection of Halloween party decorations and Halloween home décor make it happen. Purchase everything from labels for your refreshments to the dinnerware meant to hold them, to ensure your party raises more than the roof!

Halloween Party Supplies

Something about a streamer just screams party. But while orange, black, and lime green with purple streamers make an inviting display for a Halloween party, you may want something spooky and sophisticated instead. A garland of skulls or Halloween lights shaped like eyes strung from your ceiling can create a mood that's equal parts creepy and fun. Paired with a collection of glow sticks or spine-chilling Halloween door decorations, your party becomes the place to be!

Use Simple Halloween Decorations

A good thing to keep in mind when decorating for a party is to have fun while keeping it simple. But if you insist on going over the top—first off, we applaud you. And secondly, take time to think about the type of decorations you'll have. Bewitching bottles and ceramic cauldrons look incredible. But too much fun can lead to smashed glass or cauldrons unfit for your witch's brew. Try sturdy plastic or other materials that look great but can take a tumble, like LED candlesticks!

Halloween Kitchen Décor

Halloween Kitchen Décor

No matter how hard we try, guests find themselves in the kitchen. Your candy dish may be on the coffee table and a bubbling crock of dip might babble on a makeshift buffet, but mingling will happen in the heart of your home. Ensure it's ready for Halloween visitors with kitchen wares made with the spooky season in mind. Then, whether you set up a skeleton chef to stir up fun or leave it to the flatware to surprise, the party will follow all the way through your home!

Paper Halloween Decorations

Paper Halloween Decorations

Whether you want something more carefree than plastic or you want decorations that are easy to clean up at the end of the fun, paper Halloween decorations are where it’s at! Clever paper doilies can jazz up your Halloween table décor ideas and provide an on-theme coaster for guests to use. Then when the night wraps, you can toss the used paper goods away. And from luminaries found here to custom invites available in our blog, we’ll get your paper party started!

How to Decorate Outside for Halloween

With interior décor taken care of, it's time to take the fun outside! October weather holds a magic of its own. Its howling winds and skittering leaves swirl around outdoor Halloween decorations. Fall thunderstorms illuminate Halloween yard decorations planted in garden plots. And a do-it-yourself Halloween decoration looks expertly done at every eerie hour of the day. But with so many decorating options to choose from and a variety of ways to set them up, a list of favorite outdoor Halloween decoration ideas can make discovering the right choice for your home much easier!

Outdoor Halloween Decoration Ideas

Outdoor Halloween Decoration Ideas

Looking for graveyard ideas? We’re almost there. Let’s discuss alternatives first. Inflatable Halloween decorations can be easy to use and takedown. With lights and sounds in some, your lawn becomes a spooktacular event without much fuss. Or choose an extreme. Cloth ghosts floating from branches are classic, fun, and spooky but take up little space. But a carnival of terror with all the bells, whistles, and Halloween props is impossible to miss.

Halloween Porch Décor

Halloween Porch Décor

Whether you have a 3x3-foot concrete slab or full wrap-around porch, Halloween porch décor ideas make knowing how to decorate your porch for Halloween more doable. Wreaths for the door or walls can be an understated way to show your festive spirit. Piling jack-o-lanterns on the steps or haybales looks great all season long. And a skeleton paired with bats hanging from the roof above your steps ensures your home spreads the right amount of creepy cheer!

Halloween Graveyard Decorations

Halloween Graveyard Decorations

Memories of stinking leaves piled around faux tombstones lay restless in your mind. Plastic bones sticking out of the ground still send shivers down your back. And it’s your greatest wish to create a Halloween graveyard as terrifying as the one you remember avoiding as a kid. Pick out your favorite kit or build a boneyard full of crooked stones and skeletal creatures. Invite the grim reaper to lurk between the trees. Or become the reaper yourself to breathe life into the display!

Halloween Fog Machine

Halloween Fog Machine in a Cauldron

Low hanging fog might be the eeriest natural phenomenon. Whether hovering above overcrowded cemeteries or clouding innocent parks, its touch makes everything look alien. If you want a final detail to increase the fear factor on your Halloween yard work or you've decided to take a minimalist approach with your decorating, our fog machines are for you! Filled with fog liquid and set up in an empty or décor-laden yard, you’ll be the master of fall’s mysterious mist.

How to Decorate for Halloween on a Budget

How to Decorate for Halloween on a Budget

Halloween can be scary but paying for it doesn’t need to be. You want to shriek when clowns pop out from behind dark walls in a haunted house, not because your wallet grew thin. Sending shivers down your neighbors' spines should make you grin, not grimace, and it shouldn't feel like you’ve made a deal with the devil to afford your eerie Halloween displays. But we’re here to make the most of any budget. Follow along to learn a few of our favorite options for getting your place looking nightmarish in time for the holiday with cheap Halloween decoration ideas.

Halloween Ornaments

You’ve seen the price tag on some outstanding Christmas ornaments, so you’re probably reading this with an eyebrow raised. But consider this: an ornament does not need to be the sparkling blown-glass beauty hung on your Christmas tree. Ornaments can be small figurines, garlands, or strings of lights that easily fill a space with multiple flashing shapes. Take advantage of multi-packs and decorative strands for scary-good savings!

Halloween Window Décor

Window clings have always been quick, easy, and relatively inexpensive Halloween decorations. But stick-on bloody handprints, though thoroughly creepy, aren’t your only affordable window décor option. These simple boards hang from your usually bright windows to give your place an abandoned look, but they won’t break the bank. Choose from comparably priced curtains, exterior window decorations, and classic clings to fill your windows with spirit.

Discount Halloween Decorations

Cheap Halloween Decorations

Looking to save more than money when shopping for cheap Halloween decorations? Our sale section is the time-saver you need! Quick-click filters organize our available discounted items by type, price, and even theme. Score deals on Halloween party supplies or décor you may have missed at first look. Or discover a costume that would be great for trick-or-treating, playtime, or even creating a scarecrow. Our favorite way to save is with sale items that serve multiple uses!

Fall and Halloween Décor

Fall and Halloween Décor

Speaking of versatility, stretch your budget further with decorations that can stay up from September to December! Fall décor easily fits in with your Halloween decorations, after all. And when you shop with us, you'll find Halloween options that are ready for the entire season instead of just one night. Buy a collection of decorative pumpkins and pair them with bright candles or moody drapes and you’ll transition between cozy autumn and spooky season with ease!

How to Decorate a Cubicle for Halloween

Halloween Desk Décor

Here in the offices, you'll find decorations on most desks. Expressing our love for a particular holiday or fandom comes with the territory. But in some workspaces, it may not feel like you can do the same. We’re here to tell you, you definitely can! How, you ask? With décor like this Pennywise candy dish. Decorations like this, for Halloween or every day, can make your space the talk of the town. They put your personality on display and give your coworkers a treat to enjoy while completing their own paperwork. What’s not to love? Read on for more office decoration ideas!

Funny Halloween Decorations

Is Pennywise a bit too terrifying for your workplace? Try silly instead of spooky Halloween decorations. A skeletal yogi looks great on the front desk of a yoga studio or spa. Put guests in a good mood before they start their calming breaths. Or put our skeleton animals to work in your office. A quiet pup or dinosaur may just convince the boss to let you host a bring-your-pet-to-work day. Though a genuine chuckle at your Halloween humor would be just as nice.

Halloween Desk Décor

While any office would benefit from a good laugh, you may want decorations that don't distract you from work. Try replacing your paperweights with decorative pumpkins for a seasonal update that’s still useful. Or hang a festive garland on your cubicle walls to spread delight without taking up any desk space. Adding smaller table trinkets and lightweight wall décor to your office ensures the work week doesn't exorcise the holiday spirit.

Halloween Decoration Ideas FAQ

Halloween Decoration Ideas

You may have taken notes while reading and feel ready to fill your cart with all the decorations you need. If that's the case, we can’t wait to hear about the petrifying perfection you create! If you have a few more questions to address, however, we’re still here to ensure you have everything needed for a happy Halloween. Start with the following frequently asked questions to address common decorating concerns. Then give our friendly customer service team a call to get the answers to a wider variety of information.

DIY Halloween Decorations

DIY Halloween Decorations

Were you hoping to find DIY decoration ideas? Check out our blog post on the very topic! From making Halloween decorations out of paper to creating a spooky spectacle from old costumes, this crafting tutorial is a sure-fire idea generator!

How to decorate a car for Halloween

Trunk-or-Treat Decorating Ideas

Gearing up for your first trunk-or-treat? Don’t let other displays intimidate you. Start with these trunk-or-treat kits to turn your car trunk into a playful stop on the trunk-or-treat route. The easy-to-use sets make car decorating quick and are sure to inspire more elaborate designs for next time.

When to decorate for Halloween?

Worried about when to put up Halloween decorations? Afraid you’ll miss the mark or start too soon? The answer to when to start decorating for Halloween is easy. There’s no correct time! Just be sure to leave the pumpkin carving for 3 to 5 days before Halloween.

How to make Halloween crafts

Whether you’re trying to add some Halloween fun to playtime or into a classroom, a Halloween craft is an excellent option. Taking inspiration from our crafting tutorials, you'll discover a variety of options for all ages! Supplies and instructions are available with each!

How to decorate a pumpkin for Halloween

Pumpkin Décor

Bored with your pumpkin decorating? Take another trip to our blog to discover exciting ways to transform every gourd! From traditional jack-o-lantern grins to quirky quips that’ll have you adding mustaches to your shopping cart, pumpkin décor is fresh again!

How to hang Halloween decorations outdoors

How to hang Halloween decorations outdoors

When the supplies for hanging your decorations don't come with the purchase, it's time for a bit of DIY. Zip ties, light clips, and even duct tape can secure the décor where you want it to stay. And garden hooks or removable wall hooks can make hanging decorations quick work.