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Parks and Recreation Costumes

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It's time to whip Pawnee, Indiana into shape! With our Parks and Recreation costumes, you can dress up as Leslie Knope, Ron Swanson, Burt Macklin, and even the mysterious Janet Snakehole. These costumes are great for fans of the show that want to cosplay as their favorite character! (No Eagletonians allowed in here)
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Parks and Recreation Adult Burt Macklin Costume
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Ron Swanson Costume Parks and Recreation
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Men's Eggo Waffle Costume
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Parks and Recreation Leslie Knope Costume
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Plus Size Parks and Recreation Burt Macklin Costume 2
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Leslie Knope Wig Parks and Recreation
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Let's talk Pawnee, Indiana! It might be the best city in the entire United States of America. Why, you might ask? Well, it's home to so much culture, so many different interesting people, and plenty of iconic establishments! Sure, there's a minor raccoon problem and you might not want to drink from any of the public water fountains in the community, but we still think it's number one on the list of best places in the U.S., or maybe the top 10! Well, alright, maybe it's not even the 10th best city in the U.S., but they're definitely better than Eagleton!

If Pawnee, from Parks and Recreation, has charmed you as much as it has us, then you may have wondered what it might be like to be a resident of the city. You may have wanted to head to the Snakehole for a drink or stopped by the Paunch Burger for a Double Bacon Grenade Deluxe. You may have wanted to stop by Tom's Bistro for a snack or visited Pawnee's smallest park. Well, there may just be a way for you to get a taste of Pawnee life without having to leave your own town! You just need one of our many Parks and Recreation costumes!

Our Parks and Recreation costumes are all inspired by the characters from the hit NBC show. We carry various styles for fans of the show! For Swansons out there, we carry the Ron Swanson costume. It comes complete with his "I just got lucky" red shirt and a fake mustache that's truly fitting for a Swanson. Wear it and you'll be ready to lock yourself in the office with your claymore mine and a bottle of Lagavulin 16.

We also carry Burt Macklin and Janet Snakehole costumes! You can recreate the mystery, the intrigue, and the excitement of their wild and scandalous relationship. He, the best agent that the FBI has ever known, and she, a widowed billionaire with terrible secrets. We suggest you leave Snake Juice out of the equation though, since things never end well when Snake Juice enters the picture.

Of course, we couldn't have a selection of Parks and Recreation costumes without the Leslie Knope! Her passion for binders and power suits is unlike anything the world has ever seen before, and our Leslie Knope costume provides you with the perfect way to cosplay as the best government worker that Pawnee could ever hope for!

Once you have a Parks and Recreation costume on, you can recreate scenes from the show, or head to the local diner to order up a batch of waffles or an endless supply of eggs and bacon (tell JJ that we said, "Hi!").