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Kid Friendly Halloween Decor

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Kid-friendly Halloween decorations aren't only for limiting how scary the holiday can get. They're about keeping Halloween and its decorations approachable for all ages! Offering everything from jack-o-lantern kits to prop skeletons that look cute enough to cuddle, our selection provides an abundance of kid-friendly Halloween decorating ideas. So, we're confident you'll find the fun Halloween decorations for you and yours shopping here!
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1 - 60 of 284
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Black 14" Cauldron
5FT Poseable Crazy Bones Skeleton in Pink Decoration
Made By Us Exclusive
8 Inch Skeleton Turtle new
8" Skeleton Frog
Sale - 20%
Crazy Cat Car Cling
Clearance  - 80%
Ghostbusters Terror Dog Inflatable Decoration-update
Made By Us Exclusive
Hocus Pocus Glitter Glass Tumbler Set
Sale - 35% Exclusive
Bunny Bonez Skeleton Décor
Oversized Skull Lantern Decoration
Sale - 75% Made By Us
Hanging Bat Fuzzy
Made By Us Exclusive
Star Wars Fur Wampa Rug main1-update
Orange Light Bulb
Made By Us Exclusive
Black Bat Wreath Decoration
Clearance Made By Us
Made By Us Exclusive
Hanging bat new
Made By Us Exclusive
Halloween Succulent Planter Set
Purple Spider Web Decoration
Made By Us Exclusive
Green Spider Web Decoration
Made By Us Exclusive

There is no way to hide every spooky, scary, or terrifying thing Halloween has to offer from kids. One, they're too curious. Two, people around the entire globe (ourselves included) find it incredibly fun to lean into the spine-chilling costumes and décor. But the holiday isn't for brave adults and the boldest kiddos you know only. Toddlers on up want to participate, and they deserve to feel happy and safe during one of the most festive times of the year.

So, we've compiled a selection of kid-friendly Halloween decorations that let any concerned parent, self-proclaimed scaredy cat, and anyone looking to keep the holiday light create a display that's only scary because it's so sweet!

Let's start by scrapping the word "kid!" This isn't just about tiny tots and candy-hunting children. Anyone can feel a bit nervous around towering animatronics, low-hanging cotton spider webs, or gruesome Halloween masks. No, the following guide addresses more than kid-friendly décor. It's about a selection filled with friendly Halloween decorations for all ages!

Sparkling pumpkins, silly singing jack-o-lanterns, and easy pumpkin decorating kits are a great place to look if you want to ensure Halloween is nothing but happy in your home. Glittering stickers in place of crooked smiles promise there's no horror on the front step, while a jack-o-lantern light cover will add a friendly glow for trick-or-treaters to follow!

Speaking of trick-or-treaters! Keep trunk-or-treat a family affair with crowd-pleasing kits that transform your car into a scene out of you, yours, or everyone's favorite fandom! Or pick out a few flashlights printed with familiar characters that'll help any fan feel safe while walking the neighborhood after sunset.

Don't want to ignore the spirit of Halloween completely? Include friendly ghosts, ghouls, and skeletons from this selection! Zero from The Nightmare Before Christmas, a color-change Casper or doe-eyed Halloween monster gives more spooky-cute than classically scary and may be exactly what you need to create an all-ages display at home, office, or school!

Hoping to convince kiddo or petrified pal that Halloween is more about magic than fear? Create some! From animated props to figurines with tiny glowing windows and liquid fog that transforms any container into a cauldron full of enchantment, you'll find something to help!

Whatever has brought you to our selection of friendly Halloween décor, we're confident we can answer the need. Didn't find exactly what you'd hoped in the catalog? Check back often! We're continually updating inventory to make Halloween the very best for all our customers. And whether in these short pages or nestled among our full Halloween décor collection, the friendly piece is likely here! Monster